Help with Tiny Tina's DLC

I recently went back playing BL2, and bought my first DLC, Tiny Tina’s one.
I have a Siren level 49, and I’m in True Vault Hunter Mode. I noticed that there
are steep difficulty spikes, and now I’m stuck fighting some level 55/56 goblins,
with my 49 gear (I have a Bee and some decent 49 pearlescent guns), which is nothing but impossible. What am I doing wrong?

I realize this is a very noob question, but I’ve only played the standard campain
before this and never had problems of this kind. Hope I can get over this because
I’m really liking this DLC.

Thank you!

Have you finished the main story yet? Doing so will set quest reward loot to level 50 and most other gear found should be between levels 48-52. Are you using slag? A lot of enemies in the Tiny Tina dlc are bullet sponges- you really need to slag everything and learn where the crit spot is on most enemies (which for the mainly humanoid enemies in that dlc should be the head). Don’t forget to match elements with foes and if you’re going to insist on using a Bee farm the treants in the Forest for one. Always try to make sure your gear is at level- also, don’t get too attached to a weapon just because it’s a pearl/legendary. A lot of the best weapons in this game are the unique ones, and even some standard blue and purple weapons will do good for you if you have the right skills. Would you mind posting your build as well- maybe suggestions could be made to see if any tweaks will help…

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Yeah, heads up for this DLC: it’s wonderful in more ways than I can comfortably describe here, but the enemies can be a little tough. Right off the bat, I would bump up my gear to something more on-level, and with good splash damage (Torgue for their direct explosive/splash damage, then Maliwan for their elemental/splash damage). Did you do Mr. Torgue’s DLC yet? If so, go shopping at the Torgue vending machines for some of their finer armaments.

Almost every enemy in this DLC has some nasty/awesome quirk that makes it tricky to deal with. Vanishing crit spots, invulnerable shields, fake deaths, invisibility… without getting into every single critter at once here, start with some that you’re having problems with right off the bat, and we can give you some tips. Seriously, even the chump-level Skeletons are hard to deal with if you don’t know about their various game mechanics. Knowing how to handle these is the key to enjoying this DLC. If you get to the dungeon level (several maps in) without this knowledge, you’ll be descending into a special kind of hell.

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Thank you all for the suggestions. This is actually my first DLC, and I realize that Borderlands is really vast and hard to grasp for someone like me that played it only casually (but still having lots of fun).

So I’m in Camp Dwarf Torture inside the Mines of Avarice and I’m facing Warlord Turge. I don’t remember exactly,
but he’s 5 to 6 levels ahead of me. I remember I encountered a similarly unbalanced enermy somewhere in the forest, and the only way I survived was shooting the guy from a distance where he wouldn’t move or react. It took all my sniper, gun, and rocket launcher ammo to finish him, something which I couldn’t accomplish on a direct encounter. Unfortunately the same strategy isn’t working with the Warlord Turge as he rightfully charges me constantly.

So I guess my only hope is much better weapons. Truth is that I don’t use slag because 1) I don’t have good slag weapons 2) I find it annoying constantly changing weapons. If I really need to use slag then I need to get a good weapon.
I have the bee level 48, and some nice pink and purples at level 49. Still I am no match for the guy.

Honestly I think that a level difference of 6 is ridiculus. I just die with one hit, while the enemy takes a hundred to go down.
I cannot go back playing normal because I’m a level 49, and I would cut through the enemies like butter. In True Vault Hunter mode instead I get a couple of enemies which are far more powerful than me. There is no balance. I’d like a challenge, but not a Mission Impossible one. It would also be so easy, just level the enemies such that they are +/- 3 levels from the player.

Sorry for the rant guys, I like Borderlands 2 but I don’t have hundred of hours for finding a gun.

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Oh yes, the Duke of Orc - I remember him! That type has a ton of health and is always +5 levels. The biggest danger is that he can leap long distances and smash extremely hard. You’ll need to slag him then set him on fire repeatedly. It is possible to beat him, but it takes some time. Two basic strategies: (1) Keep running in circles around any obstacles available. There’s a large pit in the centre of the camp you can use; (2) get somewhere his attacks can’t hit you. On the second, there are a couple of spots where he can get stuck, although that’s easier in the forest camp than the mine. Alternatively, get him to follow you back along the mine cart track towards the fast travel station. Past the end of the bridge (as you head back to the FT) there’s a ledge just below the cliff on your left. You can drop down there, and none of his attacks will hit you. Difficult to get critical hits from there, but otherwise it’s just a matter of not running out of bullets.

yeah, with that duke you will generally have to run a lot - phaselock doesn’t work and you can’t take him out as he runs towards you. My technique there was to get him to chase me across the bridge back towards the start of the map, and keep an eye on how far his red dot was from mine - if it seems a reasonable distance then turn around and let him have a couple of volleys before turning back and continuing to run away. Back at the start of the map you can keep ahead of him by running around the rock there and back towards and then over the bridge. Each time you get some distance on him, turn around and let him have it. As I recall it took 3 or 4 round trips across the bridge and back to get him killed, but so long as you keep moving and get the timing of his movements, it can be done fairly safely

I was under the impression that Pearls were only available from level 50 and up, and only in UVHM.

Anyways… Your level and gear baffles me a bit. 56 sounds awfully high for TVHM, but Turge and the other Warlords level up as the fight progresses. Your best bet is to take them out ASAP. In any case… you have a Bee shield that should be more than enough to boost the damage needed to take out Turge. His attacks are still severe, so better keep distance. The Bee is great when it’s full, but it’s pretty crappy when you take damage all the time. A shield with a short recharge delay and fast recharge rate is often a better choice.

Slag & Fire are your best bets, as has already been pointed out. I’m curious to what your build looks like, and which guns and COM you’re using. If you really wanna up your damage, you should go for a Cat COM and use a good SMG. If you have access to a Sandhawk, it will cut him to bits. Miss Moxxi’s Good Touch is also a good alternative, since it also heals you.

I would build something like this. Inertia or more points in Sweet Release and Wreck is basically a question of which tree you’re going down next. Converge along with Ruin is a great combo, and even though Turge can’t be phaselocked, it will still slag him. So don’t leave home without it!

Pearls are only available in UVHM, I believe, as for your point on OP’s Level and Level of the enemies, I agree, reading his post makes me think he’s in UVHM, not TVHM, but will just have to run a toon through in TVHM tonight just to see

Pearlescents are available in Normal and TVHM but only as the Jackpot from Tiny Tina Slot machines. Only the first eight can be won that way, there’s absolutely no way the get the last four lower than 62.

As for the Warlord Orcs, they are indeed dangerous for unsuspecting players. They start out on 2 Levels higher than the area level and can level up themselves and nearby orcs three times. Each level increases their strength, health and damage resistance once they are three levels higher than you. Each level after that makes it even worse.
The general idea is to kill them ASAP. The more damage you cause them early the easier they become to kill once they’ve become Duke of Orcs. The others have given you plenty of tips.

Although it is better to just ignore them as they are simply not worth the effort. Temporarily speccing into Thoughtlock can make your escape much easier or trying to kill them will be much safer as they’ll be busy slamming their allies. This would give you plenty of time to heal with Elated and boost your damage with Wreck if you really want to kill them.

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@BlackHeartV gives good advice there…

Blackheart…sorry but you are wrong about the Pearls.

There is a set available before UVHM. And they are in the regular loot tables. I know this as the first pearl i ever saw (and only one i saw until a recent midget farm run) was while i was a lvl 42 and the pearl came from a trash pile.

Why are you guys harping on this guy saying he’s a 49 with a few pearls? Stop assuming everyone is lying, and just help them.

Lamar, i’d love to help you through, but alas, i have no 50’s anymore, and going in with a 61 would just be no fun for you.

You appear to overreact quite a bit. Nobody is harping on him as they are all trying to help, they are just confused about it.

I do give you the benefit of doubt. However, you have to consider that world drop Pearls are ridiculously rare even on UVHM. It is assumed that every 10th Legendary is a Pearl and that’s IF it is a gun. Without the drop rate increase the chance of getting a Pearl from a trash pile would be, theoretically, close to 1 in 1 Million.
Why? Trash Piles don’t always drop any gear and if they do they don’t have to be guns either (to be precise, 100 out of 207 “tickets” are gun drops giving them a drop rate of 48.3% or about 1:2.07). The original drop rate of Legendaries was 1:10000. As mentioned earlier, it is assumed that every 10th Legendary is a Pearl because that’s how it is for the original game. White = 9:10, Green = 1:10, Blue = 1:100, Purple and E-Tech = 1:1,000, Legendary = 1:10,000. With that we assume Pearls would be 1:100,000.
Less than half of all trash pile drops are actually gear and slightly less than half of those are guns. Even if we assume every 4th trash pile offers a gun we’d be looking at 1:828,000 (10000042.07) with some rounding down.

So please understand our skepticism here. Do you have any screenshots of the gun in question? No matter how bad the quality is, it would certainly be helpful.

Or maaaaaaybe we are all just confusing Pearlescents for another rarity.

Actually, @BlackHeartV is correct. The first set of Pearlescents requires UVHM Upgrade Pack 1 and the Pearlescents from that will only appear in UVHM from any appropriate Loot Source. You can only get them below level 50, in Normal and TVHM, from the Slot Machines in the Tiny Tina DLC. The second set of Pearlescent weapons requires UVHM Upgrade Pack 2 and will only appear from lvl 61+ Tubby enemies. So, either the OP won them in TVHM from the Slot Machines in the Tiny Tina DLC or the OP is in UVHM and not TVHM. See the Borderlands 2 wiki page for Pearlescent Weapons .

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[quote=“BlackHeartV, post:9, topic:590984”]Although it is better to just ignore them as they are simply not worth the effort.[/quote]That’s crazy talk… I always take those dudes out when I see them. I mean, not that they don’t kill me more often than I like, but I enjoy the fight nonetheless. Is that because they don’t seem to have anything special in their loot pool?

I prefer avoiding unnecessary frustrations, even more so if they caused trouble for others. But yes, them not having anything special in their pools unlike Slog/King of Orcs contributes to that.

Thank you guys, you’re an amazing forum, as well as amazing players for sure.
About the guns, it was my mistake in the first post, which I corrected in the second one: I don’t have pearl guns, just pink and purple. I have some legendaries, but their level is low and now they’re useless. When I wrote the first post I didn’t know that pearl guns were higher than legendaries, sorry for my silly mistake.

About the Warlord Orc, I am level 49, and most the time I meet him he’s level 54. I levelled up to 50 and got some (blue) guns at the same level. I tried to use my last golden key but I didn’t get guns just class ability. :frowning:
Anyway, I was also trying to go in circles and kill him by rapidly turning the other side, but I didn’t have enough patience, and it didn’t look such an epic way to take him down. But at this point I will do anything to kill him. It’s a personal matter now. Thank you for the suggestions, I plan to take him down today.

On a general note. It is in this cases that Maya’s ability is useless, because phaselock or thoughtlock don’t work on this types of enemies. I like toughtlock myself because it distracts the bad guy, but in this particular encounter he spaws just with a few other low level enemies, and once they taken down I’m alone with the beast!

Thanks again!

I still remember the first Warlord Orc that trans’d into a Duke of York that I ever ran into. Kicked my ass into the next dimension and more than a few times. Went broke even trying to beat it. That being said, there is NO shame in not fighting these guys. If running is the best way to stay alive, do it.

Gear wise, since you have the DLC…see if you can trade for a level 50 Blockade shield.

Definitely use the right element for the right enemy and it’s really a good idea to have one of each available. You can get away with not slagging most common enemies at your level, but if you do feel like duking it out with a Duke…slag is your friend and it wants you to be happy.

If you can’t beat him the first 47 times, try at least running past and getting to the mission "The Beard Makes the Man mission from Clappy…and if you didn’t already know this, DON’T TURN IT IN!

The mission weapon it gives you, the Grog Nozzle will save your ever loving bacon. BEST SLAG WEAPON IN THE GAME!
Don’t even worry about the stats on the card or it’s level. You can solo Terra with Maya with that gun. Not kidding ( I do it all the time…on OP8 ). I suggest reading up on it’s uses and functions.

No time for farming? Get a shift account and use Golden Keys for decent purples.

I didn’t know about the Grob Nozzle, thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

The easiest way to take out the Duke in the orc camp is to stop in the large open area (the same area where you get a side mission to plant a treant sapling). Check your map to see if the Duke has spawned. If he has just stay there. Equip your best sniper rifle and the Bee and go to work- so long as you don’t leave that area the Duke will get stuck behind the fence and you can snipe him with ease. Just be aware that occasionally he WILL jump that fence he’s stuck behind but for the most part this is the easiest way to deal with him…

I just skipped that Warlord Turge. He was fighting trees and so I collected bloodfruits and got out of there before I got him on my ass.