Help with Toby's "killing on rails" lore challenge

Are there any groups of pre-mades out there that are willing to help me grind out Toby’s “killing on rails” lore challenge (get 10 double-kills with core discharge). I’m not usually one to ask for help, because i enjoy a challenge; but despite 100+ matches with Toby, i have yet to get a single double kill with his underwhelming ultimate, even with the workaround where you kill the first person with his railgun. I do not want to ruin this game for myself by actively trying to grind it out (i failed to get one double kill in roughly 25 matches when doing so already), but i pride myself on my skill with Toby, and the fact that i have yet to even make a dent in this lore challenge annoys me beyond words. So, if there are two groups of premades willing to set aside 30 minutes and help me, it would be appreciated. I am, of course, willing to return the favor; though i know that such pre-mades have usually already helped to complete any needed lore challenges amongst themselves.