Help with TVHM with Gaige

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I’m looking for some tips on how to get through TVHM on my Mechromancer. I just started playing the game a week ago, but I am finding it very hard to get through the main story quests even if I am properly leveled. I am currently on a Dam Fine Rescue and I can’t get through it. Thanks for your help!

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I am level 34 right now.

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Level 34 sounds pretty low for that mission in TVHM. When you check the mission card in your inventory, what level does it indicate? What level are the enemies you’re facing?

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I am doing side missions and I stopped attempting to get through the mission, but even with the last mission, where I was the level of the mission, I died multiple times before I completed it. Also, thanks for the tip.

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Check the level and type of your shield and other gear. Unless you’re being extremely aggressive in you play style, you shouldn’t be struggling too badly this early.

Well, unless your skill tree assignments are all over the place. Are you going with an elemental or anarchy build?

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I am going with an anarchy build, although I could use some help with the build too. My gear isn’t too bad, all my guns are 33 or higher and my shield is 32, but I can’t seem to find any good class mods, artifacts, and grenades.

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You can use to fill out your current build, then copy-paste the link into a post so we can see what you have.

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Okay. Here is my current build -

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(Punnery Sgt Cthulhu, reporting Sir.) #9

This is what I was rocking around level 34. In the early stages I found that it helped to use Deathtrap to draw aggro and do damage at the same time. I usually wore Roboteer coms that buffed Potent as a Pony and Made of Sterner Stuff. Sharing is Caring was clutch because once DT had an offensive shield (spike or roid) he did most of the heavy lifting when it came to mobs, and all I really needed to do was distribute slag (I tend to use grenades such as bouncing betties or transfusions for this even though it’s not strictly necessary in NVHM). I usually used low mag Jakobs shotties to keep Cooking up Trouble active more often and stack Anarchy. My next skill points went into Blood Soaked Shields and discord. Grab a Lascaux in Frostburn and that’ll help you put put some damage while DT is rolling. It’s a little tedious, but if you’re playing solo you can summon DT wearing the shield you want on him (Flame of the Firehawk is a good choice at this point in the game, he’ll be sporting fiery halos most of the time he’s out) and then switch to something tankier (turtle, adaptive) for yourself (you can do it coop too, but the game won’t pause while you’re in the menu), or you can find a shield that works for both of you. This gave me a level of survivability that I was comfortable with until I started UVHM, when I specced heavy into the OC tree and started to flesh out BFF again. If you want to try something entirely different look at the “Resources of the Mechromancer Variety” thread, there’s a lot of cool stuff you can do beyond my suggestions.

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Thanks for the advice, but where do you get all of the class mods, grenades, and shields? I don’t seem to find a lot and even less that are worth picking up or buying from a machine.

(Punnery Sgt Cthulhu, reporting Sir.) #11

Unfortunately there is no easy method. The gear you find is all at the mercy of RNG. You keep an eye on the vending machines, look at every piece of gear that drops and pick it up (even if you’re only going to sell it, you’ll want the extra cash if you see a nice item of the day), open every chest you find, and hope that something useful pops up. If you’re really strapped you can spend some golden keys at the chest by the fast travel in Sanctuary. You could do the Mercenary Day headhunter for a shot at the train, but then it would be locked at your level. Have you done the Cult Following? The Flame of the Firehawk shield is a reward for the final step in that quest line, and most of that is in Frostburn Canyon so you can grab a Lascaux and hit a few chests while you’re there. While levelling I usually run the area closest to my level over and over until I feel like I’m carrying good enough gear to push forward.

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Okay I’ll do that. Thanks for the tips.

(Punnery Sgt Cthulhu, reporting Sir.) #13

Have you done Assassinate the Assassins yet? There are a bunch of enemies there in Southpaw Steam and Power, the Assassins themselves drop some decent blue loot (a Thre Dog shotgun would put in some work for you), as well as as fair amount of chests. It can be a little rough when you’re not geared up and/or familiar with the map, but you could probably get some decent gear while you’re there. Just take your time and don’t sweat a few respawns. It’s easy to get frustrated, and frustration will only make it harder. Once Gaige gets geared up and rolling she steamrolls. Good luck.

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Thanks. I just picked up that quest but I haven’t done it yet.

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@paulothead build suggestion is a good one, the only thing I might add or change is investing a few points into either Fancy Mathematics or Unstoppable Force. Gaige has the strongest shield skills in the game and if you’re having issues with surviving then getting and keeping your shields up will help with that. Also be aware that loot midgets can spawn even in normal and TVHM and drop legendary gear- when you reach WEP you might want to keep the Doctor’s Orders mission from Tannis open so you can farm the 4 boxes near the Bloodwing cage for LM…

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Okay I’ll make sure to try those changes and the Doctors Orders mission. Thank you for all of the advice!

(Hyperion Numba Wan - Accept No Substitute!) #17

Judge is a decent unique pistol as well (drops from the second Assassin, Oney). I would think that of the unique weapons the Assassins drop, the only one not really compatible with Gaige would be Fremington’s Edge, if only because at about 100 stacks of Anarchy sniping from long range gets dicey – using them as BL1-style combat rifles (that is, mid-range weaponry) shouldn’t be too problematic however.

Edit: There’s also the Commerce, which while it’s not amazing certainly has its uses (strips shields).

(Punnery Sgt Cthulhu, reporting Sir.) #18

Agreed. I only mentioned the Dog because anarchy and close enough make accuracy less of a consideration, high pellet count is a good thing, and element matching possibilities exist. But Gaige can absolutely use all of them to good effect.

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Do you guys think that I should wait until I am level 50 to do this quest(Assasinate the Assasins) in order to get the higher level gun or do it at my current level so I can use it to get through more missions?

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If the quest is at or close to your level, do it now. The items folks mentioned are in the assassin’s designated drop pools (along with the legendary Emperor SMG). So once the game levels up to 50 after the Warrrior pt.2 you can farm them at that level.

I’d save things like the Sandhawk etc. - the mission reward items - for level 50. Lots of the blue uniques you can grab along the way, though, since they’ll help you out in the short term.