Help with TVHM with Gaige

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I wouldn’t wait, because all of the Assassin’s loot pool will easily be outclassed by Level 50 (by which point you should either be ready to fight Jack and the Warrior or already beaten them both).

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Okay I’ll do the quest now then.

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The general rule of thumb that I use to choose what missions to do or save in TVHM is: Any mission whose reward is a non unique piece of gear or some combination of money/experience is a doer while levelling. I always research the mission before I make the decision because not every unique piece of gear is one I necessarily want at max level, but I want the experience to reach max level. I also think about this far less in TVHM because shortly after starting UVHM that level 50 gear starts being less effective and needs to be replaced anyway.
TL;DR I saved more missions for 72 than I did for 50, but I always researched the rewards before I made the decisions.

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1 stop shop for quest rewards

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Can’t you redo missions in UVHM so you don’t have to worry about which missions oh do?

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No. The only way is to reset the game - which many people do once they get to max level. This starts the story from scratch at level 72 ( unless you want to pursue the OP levels ).

Chuck’s guide will help you decide which ones to leave. For example the Fibber is definitely something you want to get at max level - so you’d leave Mal’s A Real Boy mission until the end.

An example of a piece of gear that is connected to a mission but is not actually a mission reward : the Slagga can be farmed at every subsequent level once you’ve finished the Clan Wars and sided with the Zafords.

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What @Jefe said, with a side of looking at the guide @Piemanlee posted. :grin::+1: Resetting can have other consequences. For example, the Grog Nozzle is a mission item, in order to have one you would need to keep the mission open. If you reset you will lose any mission items you might be carrying until you accept the mission again.

Another farmable tied to a mission: the KerBlaster, which you can farm Midgemong for after the Symbiosis sidequest in Blackburn cove.

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Okay. So, with the guide I should save the outstanding and good guns for until I’m level 50 and do the rest of the missions that reward average or bad unique weapons to level up to 50 right?

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Okay cool I just finished that mission. Is the weapon worth farming? And how are you able to get the best weapon variant of the Fibber if you can only do the mission once?

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Within reason. You don’t want to be more than level 52 when you start UVHM, and it would be easy to be higher than that if you tried for every piece of gear you want at 50. That list will help you decide which things are more important for you. An example might be the Teapot pistol. I like it, but you can get a Hornet (which is generally better) from the first boss in the game, which makes having a level 50 version kind of unnecessary. But, if you get it when you’re in Tundra Express the first time it can help with the Wilhelm fight.

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I don’t know if I would consider the Kerblaster a great fit for Gaige, but my Axton and Krieg both carry them. As for the Fibber, you can dashboard farm by exiting to the menu if the reward is not what you want. The options are more varied on PC, but I’m not well versed in PC. There are even ways to get multiples, but I’ve never bothered trying that.


Any gun you get in TVHM ( up to level 50 ) is going to get quickly underleveled once you start UVHM. I recommend getting a level 50 slag Fibber or a Slagga - but that’s about it. Worry about mission rewards when you get to 72.

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One more thing I have a question about. I know that this is a little off topic of what this thread is supposed to be about, but what are weapon parts? I know that they change the performance of the gun, but how do you know what type they are if the aren’t listed? Type meaning like Hyperion, Jakob’s etc.

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Here’s a great guide ( this is probably the 500th time I’ve posted this :rofl: )

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Thanks for the link. You won’t believe how much that helps me.

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It is easily the 500th time @Jefe has posted that. :grinning:

A note on quest rewards to save: I like to save the Deadly Bloom (the Overlooked: this is a test reward) and the Love Thumper (Best Mother’s Day Ever reward) for max level with my Gaige. With SiC those shields help DT put out more damage when he’s in play. Also the Flame of the Firehawk is a good one to save if you haven’t done the Cult Following missions yet, but I didn’t wait in TVHM because I wanted the exp.


Oh trust me I know :wink:

I still use it frequently after all this time.

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Slag Fibber, huh? Does the barrel type matter in that case?

Asking for a friend. (And again, that ‘friend’ is me. :stuck_out_tongue: )


The ricochet barrel makes it Gaige’s premier gun. Because of the post-bounce split, all pellets get full damage instead of Close Enough’s 50% nerf.

I say slag for level 50 because it stays useful for longer than other elements.

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How do you know which barrel you got?

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