Help with TVHM with Gaige

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #41

For that you’ll just have to resort to the classic trial and error method: shoot and see. Make sure you’re near a wall and shoot at the ground.

(dkf2003) #42

But then you can’t get a different barrel of the one you get isn’t the one you wanted.

(Captain Blade’s log day 6....) #43

The shotgun barrel will have a “x1” beside the card damage ( a “fib” )

The ricochet barrel will have the highest damage : ~50000-60000 at level 50

The third barrel will have extremely low card damage : ~500

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #44

I’m not sure if you’re on a console, but as an X360 player you can just exit out of the game without saving it (making sure to enter and exit Ore Chasm before that), and then re-enter the game. It was by this method that I got what I deemed the perfect Fibber for the E-Techromancer (shock, and the ricochet variant).

(I will have to consider the slag ricochet variant for Gaigetrap though. Glad that was mentioned because I actually want a grenade mod that sinks teeth into health bars.)

(dkf2003) #45

Yeah I currently have the shotgun barrel and it’s hard to hit anything that is moving.

(Captain Blade’s log day 6....) #46

Also I forgot, the Redundant prefix will show x2 which is legit. It shoots two pellets at a time.
Just in case you might mistake a Redundant ricochet ( 50000 x2 ) for a shotgun ( 500 x1 ).

(dkf2003) #47

Would a redundant richocher fibber be good?

(Captain Blade’s log day 6....) #48

Sure thing. For this particular gun it would be, but for a Lady Fist, say, it wouldn’t ( as it makes crits harder to land which is mostly irrelevant with Gaige anyway ).

The chances of getting the element you want AND the prefix you want are minuscule. If I were picky ( and I am ) I’d prioritize a Hyperion grip over any given prefix but for a level 50, I’d take the first slag one I came across.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #49

I personally prefer my Fibbers in Win-Win Flavor. :slight_smile: Failing that (if elements and accessories can’t coexist), shock for E-Techromancer, slag for Gaigetrap.

(dkf2003) #50

I have a couple questions.

  1. What is E-techromancer
  2. What is Win Win Flavor

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #51

E-techromancer is the name given by @kawashiultimate on his Gaige with an E-tech weapons focused build.

Win Win is the prefix of Hyperion pistol with damage accessory.

(dkf2003) #52

Okay cool.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #53

yeah, they have cool name for their toons. As for me the names i used are bland, like Maya OP8, Melee Zero 72, Farmer Sal, Krieg 72 Raids etc.

(Carlton Slayer) #54

Shock Redundant Fibber with ricochet barrel would be my idea of perfection…

(dkf2003) #55

Thank you guys for all of the advice.