Help with Tyreen

Any kind soul out there who will join my game and help take down Tyreen, really struggling with her and desperate to get on to TVHM am on PS4 it’s andrewmarks1

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I’ll see if I can now. One second

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Cheers would be really grateful.

On it

Great have just sent you invite.

I’ll have to be unsociable because Mrs wants to use it so I’ll do it an go. But happy to game other times

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No worries am made up for help

Fantastic can’t thank you enough mate, enjoy the rest of your evening


No worries mate. Queens call with your invisible skill is still a really good weapon to use try it out :slight_smile:

Yes can’t wait, thanks again.

This post gave me an idea… I might ask for help with Slaughtershaft…
I can see I wont be able to complete it on my own… :frowning:
(Although… perhaps I could in normal instead of Mayhem 2, hahahha)
Though, since there is such good drop in Slaughtershaft, it’s still fun to try and fail! :open_mouth: :smiley:

Was extremely grateful mate, it’s always worth an ask, love the game but realise that some Bosses are just beyond my capabilities as a player and this has helped me move on and continue to enjoy playing. It’s a shame that unlike BL2, BL3 Boss arenas don’t seem to have any safe places to hide where you cannot be hit. (Katagowa Ball being the exception)

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Got this moved to the online play section, for future reference.

It’s very much knowing the mechanics mate.

Strafe the first bit when he stamps and creates lines.

I seen you were getting downed a few times on the fire beams. Run diagonal right towards the flames. You can side step just one an not be hit by any others.

When you have the spinning beams and the fire balls go towards the back of the map so you can clear it in one jump

I can help on salughter ld

Did you reply to me by accident?
I (unlike the OP) was talking about Slaughtershaft!
Hate when there are plenty of Rocket launching mobs! :frowning:

Ld yeah I solo slaughter so can do a run with you. They are fun but not rewarding completing them

The Cube is driving me nuts, any chance you could give me a hand with it ?

Of course mate. I’ll be on in a couple of hours if you are free?

Will be on tonight mate, will send you an invite, from 5 until about 8 if your about.

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