Help with U-Rad build

What’s up Fl4k’ers. Crazy fact, I’ve never tried a U-Rad build. I think I want to try a U-Rad build now. Could use some pointers. Any advice. Gear / Skill Tree / Action Skill / etc.

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Honestly you can use any of the action skills (though I would not recommend gravity snare). The only things I would absolutely recommend are an Atom Balm Deathless, and some skill or gear that taunt the enemies away from you.

If you have the last DLC, the Mesmer grenade works quite well. Of course there is Gamma Burst with the Red Fang Com, the Dominance skill (capstone in the Master tree), and Fade Away with the Not My Circus augment.

Getting splash Damage on the com and AOE damage on the artifact is recommended.

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Wow. Sounds good bro. Deathless artifact over Front Loader shield huh? Or both like a Moze / Bloodletter build?.. I’ll give it a go as soon as I find some choice gear. Thank you.

I use Gamma Burst, Red Fang, Deathless, Urad, and Shared Spirit. The combination of those basically allows you to never get shot, at least as long as GB is up (and because of the way the Red Fang works, as in this is a bug with the Red Fang, enemies actually keep shooting at the pet long after GB expires). When you do take damage, the pet takes most of it, and that actually heals the pet due to Shared Spirit. The self-damage from the Infernal Wish also heals the pet due to Shared Spirit, which is a really cool synergy too.

Here’s the basic build I use. There are about 12 points remaining I think, and you can kind of put those where you want. I suggest Pack Tactics, TTAR, and Hidden Machine, but it honestly does not matter that much. Most people will argue with Ambush Predator, but it seems to help me particularly with launcher spam damage, and launcher spam is amazing with this build. People also ask why only 1 point in Head Count, and the answer is that you don’t need the cooldown in this build because GB is almost always up and the cooldown returns between encounters in mobbing, and for bossing the issue is not really relevant except maybe for Hemovorous.

My typical gear loadout (all Urad of course on weapons):

Cryo Plagubearer
Free Radical or Light Show
Crit, Dark Army, OPQ, Plasma Coil (or other, your choice)

Infernal Wish with ASE (shield boosters is ideal) or Big Boom Blaster with double amp roll (or any amp shield). Infernal Wish is far and away the best shield with this build IMO.

Atom Balm Deathless (Atom Balm is kind of integral to the build, honestly, but any Deathless works) with the best passive rolls you can get

Red Fang with as many point in He Bites as you can get. The other skills don’t matter.

Hunter-Seeker (preferably Mitosis, preferably OGT anoint).

This build will clear all content in the game with ease. Guardian Takedown is almost a joke with it, honestly. Stand back and spam the Plaguebearer - everything dies. PB spam is really amazing with this build (I don’t employ the swap method because it is not needed, but if you have a Urad Guardian Angel, you can shoot the PB and swap to the GA and everything REALLY dies LOL). The Reflux? Everything dies. Light Show, OPQ, or Free Radical? Same. It makes things much easier when you don’t really have to be concerned with survival.

The worst thing about the build is farming, rolling, or otherwise obtaining Urad anointments on everything and also finding some of the other rare gear, like the Atom Balm Deathless, that really optimizes the build.


You can use either one. FrontLoader with Pearl/ Company man will let you deal more damage with guns, while Deathless will be best for non-gun builds.

Aside from the typical URad gamma build, you can do:
URad gun rakk (just using ASE anoints with URad)
URad Fade Away (can be with 3 shot or GITM, although this isn’t optimal now that revolter exists)
Grenade Rakk (LazyData’s endgame rush build, among the faster clearing in the game)
Gunless Rakk/No-u (using shields, hunter seekers, and other indirect damage sources)


I mean, you can use either one, but if you are going GB you should be using Deathless pretty much. If you are going FA or Rakks, then I think Front Loader is your choice for max damage because of the artifact slot flexibility.

I have even run a Deathless FA/Rakk build, which is kind of insane and suicidal, but it is fun and deals a ton of damage, especially because you get always-on bonus elements from shield and grenade and basically can never swap weapons if you don’t want to (you have “all the elements at your disposal”).

Why though? Gamma is short on gun damage which CM and pearl provide, and your action skill duration doesn’t line up that well with revolter so it’s not like you don’t have the option to use Frontloader. Sure, you can use one shotter with URad gamma, but especially with company man providing gun damage, crit, fire rate, and AOE damage if need be, it provides a ton of great stats.


@boombumr In my opinion, the Atom Balm prefix is the reason you want the Deathless vs. other artifacts. You can add your damage via the Infernal Wish. I have tested and re-tested it, and I seem to kill much faster and have much better survival with the Atom Balm Deathless and Infernal Wish setup. That could be my personal playstyle preference talking though. It’s been a couple months since I tried the Front Loader and Pearl or Company Man setup, maybe I should try it again.

EDIT: To add that my personal playstyle preference is to have as much survival as possible. The Infernal Wish has an insane capacity (close to 300k with the Turtle and Absorb version I have) and recharge rate and delay with a Deathless is lower, plus the shield recharge GR perk, plus any other passive shield skills or damage reduction skills on your COM or artifact. You’re just never in any real danger between the Red Fang and Galactic Shadow plus the high shield capacity.

In my setup the Infernal Wish is definitely setting up a lot of the damage potential, so you are kind of locked into that shield unfortunately. But a One-Shotter or double amp roll BBB works almost as well.


Thanks for all the advice guys. I think I have an idea of how I’m going to go about this now. Appreciate it.


I just ran with my fl4k last night after finding a Rowan’s call… I found more damage with an element projector deathless (2x incind+ mag size) than with any other artifact

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Hey @boombumr So this evening, I tested what you and I were going back and forth on a day or two back.

You’re right, the actual gun damage by itself on a Front Loader and Company Man setup is probably slightly higher than it is with a Deathless. Maybe if I had a better-rolled CM, the difference would be more obvious. The best CM I have is a Dahl one with fire rate, damage, and crit on the main rolls, and shield skills and mag size on the passives, so it’s at least a decent one for my build.

The major drawbacks to the Front Loader - Company Man approach is (a) locked in on manufacturer; (b) the Infernal Wish really does add a crapton of damage; and (c) you don’t seem to get quite as many aura explosions, where enemies just blow up randomly, as you do with the Atom Balm Deathless.

So my personal opinion is that it is kinda down to preference on how you want to play. I like being able to use whatever weapons I want, and not having to worry about the manufacturer or health regen skills. If you want to lock yourself into a single manufacturer, the Company Man works very well for a Urad build though, that’s 100% certain. But for me, I’d rather use the best weapons for the slot and not be locked in to a manufacturer.

Whole rooms don’t randomly explode nearly as often with the CM as they do with the Atom Balm
Deathless. I really enjoy that LOL.

I don’t think the Front Loader and Pearl is really anywhere close to the Deathless or Company Man for a Urad build. It’s a distant third IMO, and the IW/Deathless vs. Front Loader and Company Man are pretty close on damage. You’re way more limited on artifact passive rolls with the Pearl (specifically no AOE) and the benefits of the artifact itself. Again, just my opinions though.

I wanted to follow up here to let you know what I thought after further testing. I thought others might benefit from my post as well.

Cheers! Sorry for the long post LOL.

P.S. - I forgot to say, with the Company Man you also get the ridiculous crit modifier on your grenades, especially if you use Dahl or Maliwan (Hail or Crit). I don’t have a level 72 Mitosis Hunter Seeker yet, but even just using a Roided Recurring Tracker (Atlas), I was killing enemies in a true MTD. That was cool and possibly could be made to be worth it by itself if you built around it. I was in no way building around it.


Fair enough. My thought process is that while Rad splosions and Atom Balm help with AOE clearing, you don’t really need that too much depending on what weapons you’re using so I tend to prefer more raw damage. Of course YMMV

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Yep… I’m hearing you. I also like variety, so I think I’ll lean more towards your approach. You’re right, it’s all up to preference and playstyles. Thanks again guys.

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Thanks for the thread. :wink: With 16 VH and 4 FL4K recently leveled up. I was ready to start a U-Rad build. Other info I found quickly were wayyyyy outdated.


Sorry @RavenMocker, I know this is your thread but at this point since we have been talking about it here, I will make another weapon suggestion that I hadn’t really tried yet because I haven’t had one in Urad until @Mugsy1103 sent me one - the Needle Gun. So Infernal Wish and Needle Gun basically. I just destroyed the Maliwan Takedown on True Takedown mode with a fire Needle Gun in Urad. The Needle Gun just doesn’t care about element matching, it’s kinda like the Hellwalker in that way. But if I did have one in a matching element or, even better, cryo, I am pretty sure it would destroy everything. Really good weapon with the IW Urad build. I hadn’t even messed with it too much until just last night, it’s a really interesting weapon.


Been trying it out for the first time ever… Damn it’s fun. I’m having a blast with U-Rad.

But it’s not going to be easy finding U-Rad anointed gear. And that effin re-roll machine is about useless to me. I can blow through 10,000 eridium just trying to re-roll 1 piece.


@RavenMocker For. Real. Getting the ideal Urad gear is the most difficult thing about running this build.

I play on Xbone, so all my gear is legit stuff I have found. At least for the most part. I did have a good friend send me a level 65 Atom Balm Deathless that has AOE, mag size, and radiation damage. Arguably the “perfect” artifact for my build. Honestly, it’s so insanely good with the Atom Balm Deathless that the build is that much better for it. The biggest impediment to the Urad build (and probably also my biggest dislike of running Urad) is that it is so anointment-specific. You can also run the GB anoint as a fallback, but the GB radiation anoint is so much worse for the build because of the way it works (does not apply to basically all attacks, dependent on GB being up) that it is almost not fair to assess by comparison to Urad.

There is no question that my version of this build is super anointment-and-gear-specific. But if you can get a Plaguebearer, Reflux, Light Show or Free Radical, and a Needle Gun, Plasma Coil, Kaoson, or another powerful SMG, all in Urad, you scored. Also you really want a good Infernal Wish. Getting any type of Atom Balm Deathless also makes this build so much better that it is hard to properly assess the build without it.

So obviously the build is really gear-specific. But what it does, it does so well that it’s almost insane.

FYI, I have been farming gear and eridium to re-roll gear - specifically for this Urad GB Fl4k build, which is my main and favorite build, since level 72 released about 2 months ago. Still, it’s worth it. I just yesterday completed my gear set of Urad cryo PB, a Urad Reflux, a Urad Free Radical, and a Urad Needle Gun, OPQ, and Plasma Coil. The build works so well that I was using level 65 gear on level 72 and STILL destroying everything. Now that I have all level 72 Urad for my main gear, I destroy it even more.

Sorry, I’ll stop gushing about it LOL. But to me, this is the ultimately fun Fl4k build I have tried. It makes all the best and most fun things about Fl4k (at least to me) - even better. I think it is hilarious to watch enemies try to attack my pet and just die via He Bites. People talk about “the pets suck” and all, but clearly those folks have not used a Red Fang with +3 to He Bites. It’s actual crazy and can kill Wotan by itself. To me, that’s really cool. I like being able to do a ton of damage myself when I want, but also being able to watch the pet also kill everything by itself via the pet skills and He Bites.

Finally, if you enjoy the build, my version of the build is what I like to call my “Fl4k the World” build, which I think is both clever and kind of funny, so maybe it will catch on at some point amongst the GB crowd (which is admittedly limited at this point LOL).


Just FYI, that isn’t the case as of DLC 5. Since they fixed the swap bug for ASA anoints, Gamma anoint persists through swap AND remains after the skill is over. It is basically a 115% bonus ele that applies to all your guns for activating Gamma Burst once.


Whoa, I didn’t know that at all, thank you. I would assume that what you are saying above requires that all your weapons have the GB anoint? Or are you saying that what is required is that you have the GB anoint on one weapon and then it transfers to the others on swap? I would assume the former, but this IS Borderlands.

And also, did the change to the GB anoint change how it applies to grenades and other attacks? I would assume that GB anoint still applies only to weapon attacks?

The former sounds like a feature, but it staying after GB is over sure is a bug, no?

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