Help with uploaded [ IMG ] tags within [ details ] tags please?

Can anyone please help me to figure out how to make an uploaded [ img ] tag appear within a [ details ] tag?

Thanks in advance!




Maybe just make sure you leave space either side of where you dropped the image link?

Edit: Actual post/code looks like this:



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Could you add some spaces between your tags so I can see how you did that please?

Just throw in a return after the ```details tag line, and another after the dropped image. I used the gear menu to drop the details start and end tags in

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Hmmm…more experimenting will commence!




I think you’re getting the hang of it now!

On A Roll:

(But apparently video embedding doesn’t quite work right.)

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Well no this is exactly what I was doing in the topic I was trying to create but it works here when it wasn’t in the topic I was trying to make, hence me creating this thread.