Help with UVHM and Seraph weapons

Hey, I have a lvl 52 siren and I plan on starting UVHM but solo’in it might be very difficult, I am wondering if any higher levels could help me out by getting a higher lvl and seraph weapons? GT Messeduppancake

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UVHM isnt hard if you have the right guns etc. Firstly is you have Capt Scarlett DLC Oasis do that up to Whoops mission and save it before cashing it in and make sure you get the slag version, if not dashboard and reload it til you do. Also my advice would be to farm for storm front in bloodshot stronghold as thats best grenade.

If you dont have DLC then find a good slag weapon and take your time, you cant go run and gun like you can in other modes. In your siren build i would advice doing the right hand side slags everything you use your powers on.

As for seraph weapons personally i dont rate then, the game offers far better weapons than farming for seraph but if you are wanting them then i would farm pyro pete as he is by far easiest to kill and farm.

GT: matrixneo42

I can likely help.

I do have a sandhawk, a lvl 50 one, I also have a lvl 50 norfleet, lvl 50 lyuda, lvl tp double penetrating unkempt harold, and a lvl 50 bee, However when, I get the higher levels Id like to try out seraph weapons. ive always been one to use the best legendaries and it can get boring. Ty for the help