Help with vip on

I just became a vip member on and i have already pre-ordered borderlands 3 however the site will not let me go to the survey. I pre-ordered the game 3 weeks ago through gamestop.

I had it ordered through Gamestop also and the survey didn’t show for me either. Not because of that I decided to get the digital version and did it through the Xbox and then it showed. I don’t need the physical copy as I’ll never get rid of it.

I actually took the survey before I had pre-ordered the game. It doesn’t ask for any kind of confirmation or anything. Since the survey comes up in a sort of popup, do you have those disabled? There are a few things on the site that probably needs them enabled (like inputting vault codes).

I’ll note I did pre-order the super deluxe edition a day or so after taking the survey.

As mentioned, popup/ad blockers interfere with most of the site activiteis. Chrome also does not work well with the site, so I you are using that try a different browser.

For me Chrome works fine, the preorder step is not linked to the survey so indeed, try disabling popups or use another browser.

Also a hard refresh might solve after you disabled popups (ctrl + f5 in Chrome)