Help with "White Gear Only" challenge run

So, I was curious, how white weapons scale, if even work post Normal Mode.
Surprisingly, I’ve ended up at UVHM at lvl 69 (playing Maya BTW) And the last quest left to complete in vanilla game is raid on terramorphous.
Now, it’s my first time actually being in UVHM and I’ve never fought Terra. I have a good grasp on mechanics and kind of can imagine how the fight is going to be, but I’ve yet to actually try.
It’ll be nice to hear some tips or just words of encouragement. Also, I’ve wanted to brag a little :stuck_out_tongue:
Feel free to ask me anything concerning the run.

Are you planning on resetting UVHM after you fight Terra and then doing a White Gear Only run? That is what is sounds like, anyway. White Gear can work, but you would want the best quality White Gear you can find. For obvious reasons, your run will be challenging. You could post some of the White Gear you already have (if any) or even the gear you are thinking about using. Also, it would help if you posted the Siren Build you plan on using for your WGO run. You can use the following link to fill in your skills for Maya and then post the resulting URL in this thread:

Also, I recommend putting 1 point in Kinetic Reflection and 1 point in Cloud Kill. Cloud Kill is now very very good, and 1 point in Kinetic Reflection is enough to proc Cloud Kill.

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Plan is to 100% complete the game or, at least, try to complete as much as I can. Maybe try getting to OP levels, but I have zero experience with them in the past. So it’s difficult to comprehend how hard this would be.
I’ll reset when 100% complete. I see no point in doing everything once again, just at top lvl. So upon reset I’ll just play her as normal char.

General mobbing
I’ve been using Cloud Kill since NVHM. It kicks everything into oblivion. Something tells me it carried a lot in TVHM/UVHM. Kinetic Reflection seems nice, but I don’t know it’s mechanics exactly, so I am not sure of it’s usefulness. Got to find out more about it.

Also, it feels like I shoud use another build for bosses. Something like this maybe?
Each boss seems to require specific approach and build needs to be tweaked. Yet the general idea is to not have kill-skills and use Phase Lock as a slugging tool.

Concerning gear
Guns: Maliwan SMGs and sniper rifles of all flavors, Vladof TMP, Jackobs Coach Gun, maybe a rocket launcher.
Other: Anshin and Vladof shields, Skill Cooldown relic, Singularity, Life Steal and Elemental Vladof grenades.
Mods: SMG mod seems to be the main tool. Fire Rate can be useful, but I struggle to remember when it was actually beneficial to replace SMG. I’m not sure about Elemental mods. Will they be better then SMG one?

So you’ve made it to UVHM Terra using white gear only and you’re about to start fighting him? If I’m understanding that correctly, then damn. The most important part of fighting Terra will be having a longbow or lobbed slag bouncing betty with as low a fuse time as you can get. But I’m really impressed that you made it that far.

If you made it from 1-69 with nothing but white gear than that’s quite an accomplishment

When you run out of SMG ammo! :smile:

That’s the only real issue that I see if you’re going to try bosses in OP levels. I think you’ll have a hard time in the Peak as well. But other than that, you should be fine. As long as you have a continuous supply of ammo, it’s just a matter of dodge and shoot. Be smart! Take your time, and plan your battles!

I tried OP 8 Pete with white gear only, and it took forever. But since you can refill your ammo, it’s just a matter of evading his novas. Terra drops enough ammo to make it doable, but Hyperius and Vora… Both are hard with best gear, and with white gear, I don’t think you have enough ammo.

But I sure hope you make it! It’s truly a badass challenge! :wink:

I know you said maya but if anyone is doing this Salvador use a slag and fire/corrosive launchers together for massive damage.

Use this for help