Help with Zane and Handsome Jack DLC Mod build

So I love the Mod from the Handsome Jack Casino DLC and how it activates all your kill skills at once.

I am still learning Zane and have just returned after playing on the Xbox at release, the game on PC now after all the patches just feels SO much better.

My question is, what skills do people take when using the new mod and how many points in each? What action skills do they take also?

I figure they try to take every kill skill they can, but do they max them all?

I read through the Zane builds in the build guide list, but none of them I found used this mod and they all seemed dated.

Is there a current guide that shows which skills to focus on and how many points to put into each and which action skills to pick? I was thinking barrier and clone since I here SNTL is useless at higher mayhem levels.

actually sntl is meta because of the anoint 100 cryo while sntl besides sntl gives useful perks of speed and shield

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Yeah, exactly what @olivier_shady said.
Idk where you read that SNTNL isnt viable for MH4, but it’s certainly not the case most of the time. Maybe for specific builds, but that 100 cryo anointment in conjunction with Seein’ Dead makes SNTNL almost mandatory.

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Sntnl and barrier are the way to go. You hit the nail on the head, at least 1 point in every killskill.

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I’m using this, you can move some points between Playing Dirty and Violent Violence (depends on skill on your COM). As posted above gear with SNTNL 100% Cryo is recommended.

Just try to go for as many kill skills as possible.
I’d say the really important skills to cover are:

  • Donnybrook (max it out all the way)
  • Violent Speed & Momentum (Maybe VS not to the max because whilst it gives you a lot of damage it can make Zane a little difficult to control and you don’t wanna accidentially run off cliffs)
  • Cool Hand (all of the reload really helps improve your dps)
  • Salvation (2-3 points and you are basically immortal)
  • Playing Dirty (depending on how many points you can afford)
  • Good Misfortune (2-3 points. Helps keep your action skill up all the time and is a tad more convenient than CCC)

Currently, SNTL is actually the one action skill that is consistently used across almost all builds, the reason being that the 100% bonus cryo anoint when SNTL is active is simply Zane’s best anoint overall and you’ll want it on most weapons.
The actual question is if you want the Barrier or the Clone. The Barrier is a little safer and more consistent but the Clone is (at least in my subjective opinion) more fun to use, has good synergie with the Seein’ Dead class mod and if you use Doppelbanger you can also significantly increase your damage output by using it to trigger ASE anoints. And you don’t actually need the barrier to stay alive with a Seein’ Dead build because you will have pretty much permanent lifesteal and quite a lot of it, too.

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put your points anywhere you want, you can not lose with seein dead just make sure to pick up a skill called salvation for 2 points at least and rest is irrelevant

Thanks guys, I am glad you informed me about SNTL. The posts I have read were talking about how weak it was and that is exactly what i meant about posts obviously being outdated =)

Any special weapons that stand out? I know the machine gun from the new raid but I don’t se myself being able to complete that any time soon, so what are some good options to farm? What shield to focus on?

Your best bet for builds is YouTube. Look for Moxsy’s Chain Zane build. Ki11erSix also has his Zane build on YT and it’s just slightly different from Moxsy’s.

Hyperfocus is good, Night Hawkin is still very decent, the Lob is insanely strong, the Star Helix is pretty solid, can’t go wrong with the Wedding Invitation, Kratakoa is currently super good, ION canon is still extremely good and if you’re going for a speed based build, Trogue Sticky launchers, particularily the Hedgehog and the Quickie are great.

Check out ThiccFiLA’s channel on YT as well. Posts a wide variety of Zane builds that suit a wide variety of play styles. He also has a lot of useful vids packed full of info related to Zane. All depends on if u want pure meta builds or just for the funsies kind of build. Action skill choices really depend on ur personal preference, myself I’ve ran sntl/barrier, stnl/clone, and clone/barrier. All were fun but the F u I’m outta here swap with the clan is just to fun for me to pass up, while using sntl to help proc See’in Dead at a pretty good rate. If ur using clone pick up the grenade kill skill and not the sntl nade skill. Sntl grenades can cause self damage while the clone’s grenades will not cause u any harm. Great thing with Zane is with sntl cryo anoint nearly any weapon can be made useful depending on ur skill level and what Mayhem level ur currently playing. Cruise the forums and ur bound to find something interesting.