Help: Wrong Video Card Selected

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When I start GOTY Enhanced and look at settings, it says it has selected the Intel 4600 GPU. This is the GPU built in to my mobo but is NOT the GPU my monitors are connected to. I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST. There are three monitors hooked up to the NVIDIA and one aux monitor hooked up to the Intel, so both cards are active.

Is there any way to tell GOTY to use the GeForce GPU? I don’t seem to be able to change the “Selected GPU” from the interface.

Running on Windows 7. All the other BL games I have use the NVIDIA.

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You can go to the local files -> binaries and navigate to the application itself and choose the video card manually. Alternatively, you can go to your nvidia control panel -> program settings choose the bl goty application from the drop down menu and choose the preferred graphics processor.

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Tengo el mismo problema, cambie la configuración en la panel de nvidia, intente con geforcexperience, actualice los controladores, añadi los .EXE desde el panel, y no me detecta la tarjeta dedicada, solo la integrada, es el único juego que no detecta mi tarjeta, tengo un GTX 1050 en mi portatil.

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Hopefully Google translate didn’t mangle this too badly:

I think there was a post recently where the game still wasn’t displaying that it was using the correct card, but it was in fact doing so. You may want to check once the game is running to see which GPU is active.

Otherwise, I believe you will need to change your BIOS settings. This page may be appropriate:

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This turned out to be the right answer. I turned on my GPU monitor and found that even though the startup screen said it was using the mobo’s GPU, it was in fact using the NVIDIA card.

Thank you!

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Gracias por la información, aunque lo ejecutara, el juego seguía utilizando la tarjeta integrada, sin embargo lo que hice fue deshabilitar la tarjeta integrada desde la administración de dispositivos del sistema, quedando únicamente habilitada la GTX 1050, decidí ir a probar el juego, pero como lo indican aquí, efectivamente la pantalla de configuración seguía marcado la integrada pero al estar deshabilitada no tendría porque estar seleccionada, así que inicié el juego y listo estaba utilizando la tarjeta dedicada, mientras se ejecutaba minimize el juego y entonces habilité la integrada, y quedó solucionado, ahora aunque el panel de configuración de bordelands como lo mencionan no muestre la tarjeta dedicada, iniciando el juego la utiliza, saludos espero y les sirva de algo esta información.

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So I think that means it was working for you? Hope so!