Helping grow this amazing community!

Hey guys,

I fell inlove with Battleborn the first day I played it. To me it’s the perfect mix of all the games I like. I’ve met some really cool people playing Battleborn, on the forums, Reddit and Twitch. I want to show other people who might be misinformed how great this game and it’s community are. Also want to help this game grow to its full potential.

I’ve signed up for a bunch of tournaments and I stream Battleborn daily. I’m working on making YouTube videos also. If anyone wants to group up and play some games together, I play on Xbone. I love me some El Dragon!

Feel free to come check out my Stream on Twitch at I stream Monday-Friday 4:30pm-7:00pm EST. you can also follow me on Twitter for other random times I’ll be streaming. @theRealKenespo

Battleborn is great and I’ve already helped a bunch of people decide to get the game. Hope to see you guys in game or on the stream!


Keep up the good work if you can convince as many people to get this game as possible and show off what a great game this is it will only help everybody in the long run…wish I could stream it but slowish internet speeds and time constraints dont allow me to

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Good work! I’ll make sure to watch your stream at some point!
I thought about streaming it too, once I finally get the game… And maybe a cam for my PS4 (maybe tits will attract more players lmao, I’d do whatever it takes to draw in more people).

I’ve been trying to advertise on FB and tumblr but sadly, to no avail. People rather got OW, Uncharted 4 or whatever. Only one of my friends wants to get the game, but then again only when it’s much cheaper so that’s that.

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Ill check out your stream as well. Was never into streaming at all but Im enjoying this game so much Im actually considering it.

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The great thing about multiplayer games like this is, you don’t really need to stream to broaden the community or make someone’s time more enjoyable…

Even when I’m not streaming I still make sure to be active in chat and not rage quit or tell someone how to play the game. By just making someone else game experience more enjoyable your doing a service to the game and the community!

Hahaha that funny because I have my girlfriend pop up on the camera every now and then to give the viewers some eye candy besides my ugly bearded mug!

Yea come check it out! Maybe you’ll enjoy it and get some idea or strats for certain characters or maps.

I try to help new players when using a mic is possible and always try to make sure I’m a good team mate just make at least do my part to make sure everybody is havin fun

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