Helping out other's

I’d like to help anyone I can lvl up GT: RealTrueHeart

Can you offer any help in TPS?

I would really like some help please bro.

Hey I’m down to help! Msg RealTrueHeart on the XBox1 and I’ll get right to you bud

If you got the time, I could use some help getting a character to level 40. Gt- TwistedxSniper5

I dunno if he asked u then that seems like a reasonable request. I mean it is his post and if u really like to help people often I don’t know y u wouldn’t just make ur own post and keep it updated like lunaticone does.

Well see I would like to help the people who msg me and I know you have your own post, please keep your business on your own post thanks!

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This man is awesome helped me get to a op8 no problem thanks again dude others should contact him for help

@Jasvrs We don’t approve of hijacking someone else’s thread. And don’t insult other forum users, please.

You’re welcome to start your own thread.

Anyone interested in getting power boosted??? If so msg RealTrueHeart

need help levelling and going through UVHM on BL2 please GT Sh4d0w W41k3r


Anyone wanna get level boosted? Then Boosted to OP8

Helping anyone Leveling and op Leveling! Msg RealTrueHeart

This guy is great he helped me and a buddy get to op 8 with no problem definitely would recommend him to anyone needing help.