Helping out the community

Looking to help give back to the Borderlands community. If you need help getting from any OP, or even non-OP, to OP8 reply with GT or message NickapotamosXB1. I try my best to check notifications regularly. I also have an OP8 gear set for both Maya and Salvador if you need gear.

Needing to lvl an Axton from 1 to op 8 i will start on my own but would love any help you can provide. bigtrav60 is my

Should be on in about 30 minutes. Helpin’ a friend fix his truck. Will be on prolly all day. I can do from 72-OP8. Some dude messed up my Shoplifter farm.

Well it is a fresh lvl 7 right now so that might be a problem.

Well, crap.

Sorry I played on PC for the longest time and have multiple OP8 characters but just got it for my xbox one and really dont feel like doing all that again.

I’m lvl 55 can you level me all the way up and show me how to get better legendaries bro??

Could you get me level72 and op8 please I’m on Xbox one and gamer tag is itsrussell65

a question do you have to host to due the shop lifter farm?

Can you help me level up and get better guns??

No. But it’ll have to be UVHM.

Nevermind then thanks for the offer though cause my other character is only in TVHM.

Hello doom could you help me out when your free thank you…gt- Ennvus Trying to get to 0p8 or to a higher op level

Sorry, man. I was busy helpin’ another dude out from 55-OP8 when you invited. I can definitely get you to OP8, but it’ll have to be tomorrow afternoon around 3PM Central. Just needa know when you’ll be on.

What lvl n playthrough are you on currently?

Level 1

I’ll be on about 5

Can you help me out bud when your free I’m lvl 52 uvhm need boost
GT: PlayaNaZty187

Doing terramorphus invincible op8 xb1 need help gt is karma ambushh