Helping Players Getting to OP8

I’m an OP8 Gunzerker and looking to help others get to OP8 from any level. It would be preferable to have a group rather than one to save time.
Message and Friend me if you want the help
Gt: ZER01700

(Read comment I put below)

Hey I’m only on uvhm level 50? Or maybe 51 I’d really appreciate the help I’m a siren on the Xbox one

What’s your gamer tag?

Hey I have a level 52 uvhm gunzerker. But can you help with my assassin? He is OP level 2 on the Xbox One

I’m an op8 siren so can help level if you want and am looking for someone to start a new game with
GT:Brosef Moose

I’m a 72 commando, ive done one level, could use help with the rest gt is kennwoodd


I’m a lvl 13 assassin and looking for help on a dam fine rescue. my gt is hype matriix

I need some help getting a new character to level 50. Message me on Xbox One if you can help


I am an OP4 gunzerker looking for help getting to OP8!

Gamertag: Necryre

Any help is much appreciated and I will help others when I am able!

I’m an OP7 Mechromancer. Only OP8 left. Could really use some help. My gamertag is jelmerjt. Thanks for doing this by the way!

im op4 gunzerker i would appreciate the help gt: SFTA Drae

Could you help me with hyperius lvl 50? It would really boost me up gt: TDH Sasuke

Can anyone help me burn through normal mode? I’m staring a new character

My GT is FizzleBeef290

Sure shoot me a invite TacticalChingon

I have already unlocked to op4 need some help with last 4 greatly appreciated. GT is RangerVet 81 DV

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Could someone power lvl me and a friend it would be greatly appreciated! My gamertag is black hammer420

Sure, I have an OP 8 zeroes but my commando is stalled at OP 6. I’m looking for people to play with, seems a bit sparse. My GT is Assshatt (xbox one) hit me up if that works.

To everyone who has requested help and to anyone else who reads this comment, I’d like to give my most sincere apologies for not being up to date. My schedule is very unpredictable due to school and the homework, origami orders I must finish for “customers” (mostly friends) and just finding some personal time to relax. Hopefully I will have enough time to dedicate a long period to helping those who have requested help during the weekend as the school year is nearing its end and the exams are nearing closer and closer.
I did not expect so many people to be in need 7 and 8 months after the post publication back in June but I will try my best.

Again, my apologies for the lack of interaction but I’ll do what I can to help you all out.