Helping with op10 loot!

Hello there! I can help with some op10 loot! I can trade some items if you want them! If you want to know what I have please message me on XBox, message me on here, or reply here and I can figure out what I have as I haven’t played on XBOX in quite some time. Thank you!

In looking to trade or help farm for norfleets and a twister. I have most everything else (some perfect and some not so much lol) let me know if there is anything you need to possibly make this happen

Hey there. I have what you need and let me tell you. You’ll be really ecstatic with what I have to offer! If you are interested in having perfect borfleets and a perfect twister, message me on XBOX with this gamertag: LeBronGaines23


Hey man can you still help with this?

Sure I can!

Omg. Xbox? HeavenlyOrphan6 here. Just finally reached OP10 after months of slogging from lvl 80.

Going to reset UVHM for one last playthrough hopefully with all my favourite toys - Sandhawks, Pimps, Interfacers, Norfleets, a DPUH and a Fire Conference Call for Haderax. Then I can farm him for Lyudas etc. Oh and MMx4 and Slag Transfusion

If you have even any of the above you are able to help with that would be hugely appreciated!

Most urgent: Fire (Flying) SH and Fire CC for Haderax bashing in 6 seconds…

I’ll add ya now. Mine is LeBronGaines23. I think I got what you need.

Added you