Helping you level, OP etc [PS4]

I was helped once and I would like to repay the favour :smiley:

Happy to help when I’m on!

Do you do pre sequel as well? I’ve got a few max level characters on it, but I need to get a level 54 to level 70.

I would love some help with the OP levels. I had OP8 on multiple characters, but they were all on Xbox. Id repay however I can.

PSN - AccusationsFly

Could I get help getting from 59 to 72 I’m a gunzerker and would happily repay the favour my psn is Aj_158

Any way some one could help me get from 55 to 72? I’d greatly appreciate it and I’m sure theirs some way of repaying it thanks ahead

Ps4: juggaloelliff

Can anyone help me get from lvl 57 to lvl 72 or really anything higher I’ll repay the favour

I’ve had quite a few friend adds already so I guess it depends who’s on first! I’ll be doing almost only OP and DLC’s. I’m in the UK for reference. I’ll drop you some messages with my PSN :smile:

hey i need help getting from op 3 - 8 my psn is brandon314ce add me if you want to play :blush: any help would be very appreciated

I am OP lvl 3 and would like to get to 8.

My PSN is BenCarra

Thank you very much in advance!

Plz ADD PSN denan_the_dragon need help reaching op 8 With me and a freind

It would be awesome if you could help me out.

I have power levelled my friend to 72 and now I want to get him the OP levels. However some help with the OP levels would be awesome.

PSN: xkaos-syco

PSN: A_Farewell_Fix

I’m OP 4, looking to get to 8, would definitely pay it forward with others that need help as well when I get there.

I could use some help leveling on Borderlands 2… I was OP 8 on xbox 360 and now having to start from scratch. My PSN is AmazingOcelot…I’m in the USA EST and generally online around 9-10pm

i will help you xoxo

I am op 3 and trying to get to Op 8 any help is helpful Psn - harryb2k10

I’ve helped quite a few people already. I’m not accepting all friend requests because I got 20 yesterday alone! Lol

I’ll message on here as and when :smile:

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Can you help me too ?

If anyone can spare the time to lvl me I will return the fav I have an over powered 6 infinity pistol to give to someone

Could use some help leveling please. PSN -THEN1NJAGUY

Any one able to help me I’m a level 61 siren trying to hit 72
Psn: juggaloelliff