Hemivorous the Invincible, where are youuuu?!?!

They stayed tight lipped in the beginning about the potential varkid raid boss captured in the ign pre release game footage, but back during one of their panels when they announced the rest of the roadmap after dlc 2, they teased a Hemivorous the Invincible, varkid raid boss. Now that was months ago and I’m not letting this thing go. We need to not forget and to start asking questions, because I’m really hoping they didn’t scrap the thing altogether. I really want a Hemivorous the Invincible.

Paid Head Hunter, maybe. lol

Wouldn’t be a head hunter as the door to the boss lies in the base game. There is a giant arena behind a door in ascension bluffs.

She dead. Eista and Hammerlock talks about their hunts over the echo during one of the story missions in DLC2.

I managed to access the arena ages ago by using a vehicle to make that hill jump into the arena.

I easily spent an hour there wondering what the fight could have looked like.

I imagined the Invincible varkid to transform into a bigger one multiple times until he jumps down the cliff before rising once more as a GIANT turning the entire arena into a burning place at which point you have to keep running to avoid gigantic elemental projectiles.

It could have been so much fun.

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