Hemsworth Sparkleshield [Legendary Gear] clarification please

The special ability on this item reads:
“Stack 0.98% Attack Damage for every 10 seconds you remain at full shield. Max 5 stacks.”

Does the stacking attack damage apply if your character has no shield at all? (Similarly would an item with an “…on shield depleted” effect work?)
Eg, Miko in Story Mode has no shield, so does the game register the character as having “full shield” or “depleted shield”?

Likely wouldn’t work for Eldrid unless you give them a shield with another item.

This much I know to be true. I have an item that grants health regen when shield is depleted, I answered two questions I had by testing that gear on Thorn - Gear effects that activate upon shield depletion are always active on Eldrid characters and health regen gear does stack with Eldrid passive regen.

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