Henry is a troll

10 Cradles, 400 Eridium, Commando, Assassin, and Psycho heads. BUT still no Mechromancer head.

Makes me feel lucky I got it after three hours >.>

Extremely jealous…

Henry Brofists BNK-3R

All hail the item trolls!

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Exactly!! Well i maxed out Eridium. I give up, i’m never going to Henry ever again.

I said that about BNK-3R… Then I farmed him last week…

True that

Wait, Henry had a desingated drop???

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Yep. The worthless Cradle and customization heads. Disregard seriousness if you were joking.

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Gotta say I rarely farm the sub bosses like Henry or Old Slappy but being a completionist at heart it looks like it’s time to start…

for a long time i farmed Henry for heads, got them all. Then Krieg came out and I tried and tried to get his head for forever, i spent way too much time farming it. I probably hadn’t played in a year when the Handsome Collection came out, and now that the legendary drop rates were up, I thought I’d give it another shot. Got it on like the 4th run.