Her damage isn't the problem

Galileas damage isn’t the main problem anymore it’s the fact that she has EVERY CC EFFECT and even one exclusive to her she needs to get an entire helix rework in my opinion way too many cc effects


It’s not that either of them are the main problem; it’s that she has access to both.

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She has a HUGE AOE silence pull DOT damage amp that can also heal and cover half of the entire lane plus more its dumb

That’s why I think she just needs a BIG rework. It doesn’t matter how much they nerf her damage if she still has like 4 ways to cc you she will wreck you every time and desecrate needs a big size decrease

Ok I understand you all get frustrated over a character that can cover a lot of situations. But reason here. The game has not been out for more than a month. NONE of us have learned the meta/counters for every team arrangement. So you cant be wanting a character to be reworked or nulled in this short time. Figure away around it. As a Gal/Miko/Kelvin/Marq player I have no issues against another Gal Player. I know how she works, what she needs to get in. Learn how to have you and your team shut her down. No one but yourself is to blame if you play with a whole team of randoms and then you complain you cant beat a Gal. She is a territorial Brawler. Dont fight in her area. Drag her away, stun, body, slow and 2 to 3 people commit to kill her. Its not hard at all. The game has not been around long enough to warrant so much hate on this character. There is plenty of ways to deal with Gal other than whining about nerfing her. If anyone wants to debate this then be my guest. Give me a situation on how gal is unbeatable or to good in and Ill give you my thoughts on how to deal with it. Seriously people the game is young, find ways to shut the player down. Dont complain till you get your way like a child just because gearbox wants the game to be highly praised.

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I have a problem with the fact she has more cc effects than any other character and can make her desecrate practically consume a lane make the desecrates aoe smaller and rework the helix to where she can’t get so many cc effects at once. I’m fine with her having multiple options but at the current state she can combo all her ccs and you will be destroyed

Man sooooo many characters can eat a wave of lane minions. I mean the majority of the cast can. When Gal does it it’s OP though? What about when Thorn drops a sigil and everything melts while she’s 100 yards away drinking a cup of herbal tea? What about when Oscar Mike carpet bombs the entirety of the universe while safely doing one handed push ups from the locker room?

I really don’t understand the driving force behind so much irrational disdain for one character. I mean I get it, she’s top tier. Haters gonna hate. But…can we try and be rational about it?

If you’re that worried about getting sucked in by Desecration and can’t survive Gal’s combo then stay outside of her range and harass until you force an advantage. It’s not all braindead button mashy hack and slash.


I also hate Oscar mikes grenades and thorns blight but again the cc combo with galilea is just plain ridiculous i don’t like the idea of her having more crowd control prowess than anyone else

She can do so much with one ability i understand she’s territorial and you shouldn’t fight her in it but I don’t agree with the fact that she has the ability to suck and stun you into it.

So you’re already over her ability to lane clear? Ok.

What makes you think she has more “crowd control prowess” than anyone else? What does that even mean? Just because there’s 3-4 soft control effects going off on a PBAoE patch? What about Caldarius’s Flashbang? That thing is super effective and it’s 1 CC effect. Ghalts Hook and Trap (that pulls and stuns) is 2 effects. Still super potent. I don’t get this fixation on the amount of soft CC’s like 4 is just this insane over the top number given what those CC’s do in the context of her skillset.

I mean please tell me your rationale isn’t 4 is > than 2 so it’s OP. That’s incredibly reductive and lacks the context in how the whole moveset plays out.

I haven’t played Galilea a whole bunch so I won’t really be able to input all too much, but from my perspective and on paper it does seem like her crowd control is a bit much.

Here’s my thinking: she has an aoe resistance debuff (that’s pretty cool, actually. I like those) which she can pull you into from the beginning of the game (eh…) and then immediately stun you in (…) and then past level 3 proceed to beat you with some insane dps from her ranged bolts. I know that’s not always how it plays out, and she doesn’t really do all too much even post level 3 over range, but just how much synergy her kit has with itself is pretty insane. That’s by no means a bad thing and is actually some great character design, but when her basic attack damage is also really high and she’s super tough to kill from her shield and ult, I feel like she just has too much to work with.

I haven’t played her too often and am actually really bad with her, so I might just be spouting gibberish about her from within a fog of ignorance, but that’s how her kit looks like from the outside to me.

You’re over reacting, in order to be pulled in you need to be within her Corruption bubble, which is easily avoidable. You people complained about her silencing for 3 seconds, and so they instead gave her Desecration AoE Silencing. She did too much damage, so now she does 18% less damage along with 33% damage reduction from throwing her shield.

People who don’t know how to play a strategic game such as this, shouldn’t be complaining, let alone be playing the game. I’ve been able to read her movements, analyze the situation, and properly conduct a counter attack with mostly every character.

She’s MEANT to be a powerhouse because she’s set to be “Territorial” and all these CC effects are supposed to be exclusively available to said character. Now some people want Desecration’s Silence to be PERMANANTLY REMOVED? Ya’ll are tripping.


Desecrate gets bigger, also it pulls you off of ledges with about the same vertical length as it is horizontal. People complained that its a persistent silence field, its a valid complaint that is already being addressed. Having a silence on such a large AoE that cast so quickly is still so powerful it puts many ultimate’s to shame, or cancels them out even AFTER use, i guess it literally rips the ammo magazine out of Whiskey’s gun. 18% less damage probably still leaves her in the “highest damage dealers in the game” category.
“i beat bad galileas” grats.
Oooh so i guess KLEESE is a power house and ambra is a power house and marquis is a power house? no? just her? okay. Shes probably got more CC than all three of those characters combined.

Ambra WAS a powerhouse pre-nerf, and if utilized correctly still can be. The same can be said of Kleese and Marquis as well. No need to mock me, I simply stated that I beat tons of Galilea, skillfull and non-skillfull. It’s mostly about how the player chooses to engage her in battle and how to counter her.

I made a list of characters I think do well against her if you guys wanted to look at it