Her Rework: Did It Happen Yet?

Was it officially in the patch? I feel like making her have a one shot desecrate was not their goal for her territorial playstyle. Just a thing to keep her from being OP until they can fix her. Is there an official confirmation that the one use desecrate was it?

As far as I know, no. I do hope she gets a rework though, not because I think she needs to be nerfed, but because she doesn’t seem as territorial as the others with the same role. She’s plays more like an assassin right now.

This is just my opinion of course. Some of you probably feel like she’s perfect. If they don’t give her a rework, I at least hope they change her territorial label to something else.

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I agree, she doesn’t seem territorial enough. Really needs Desecrate to apply CC constantly and remove instantly when you leave (effectively shutting a zone down, instead of just targeting one person and then being a non-factor afterwards). In return, really kill ITDGA damage, since that’s responsible for most of her damage and other helix options are not viable in comparison.

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I honestly think ITDGA needs to be removed entirely, and replaced with something a little more sensible on a tanky character. It’s far too powerful, and doesn’t make sense on a melee character.

(even though I love instantly turning people into melted butter with it at close range)

As a Gally main, I have to say the crap she’s been through they might as well take her out of the game. Again, it’s just my opinion, the nerf on her AoE Silence was pretty much it for me playing as Galilea and now just shove her off to the side when it comes to Ghalt or Shayne&Aurox.

I totally agree, it should be removed altogether, but because it is just such a stupid thing. I mean, shooting laser beams from a sword by swinging it? Really? Whoever came up with that nonsense? Maybe they could replace it with something like a flaming sword that would set whoever she hits on fire, like Montana’s fire bullets.

If you could just eliminate the projectiles ability to stack with her standard melee strike I think it would be far more reasonable

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This post is kinda hilarious. “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone”? It’s a Zelda reference. An old man gives you the sword and says that. It shoots laser beams at full health. This has been around for decades now. Who came up with that “nonsense”? The saviors of video games

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I never played that, and I don’t seem to have missed anything. It’s a stupid idea.

Then personally I’d say you need to either change how you look at things, or I’d say you’re in the wrong franchise/with the wrong company. As Battleborn as well as Gearbox is known for making abnormal and wacky combat experiences extremely fun and effective. Changing the pace from your dime-a-dozen fps shooter. To bash that creativity is in bad taste when it comes to doing it in a game built around that fact.

I assume a sentient penguin in a mech suit of his design is more sensible to you?

P.S. Read the lore in this game, game design may make more sense then.

It’s a heavily iconic piece of VG history like @epicender584 said
But if you don’t get the reference that’s cool. It doesn’t really matter.
The idea behind her ranged seems to be to get people’s attention. That seems to be a big part of her character design, with the giant purple aura and whatnot. Doing just enough damage to either pull aggro or to scare off. What it’s not supposed to do is drastically increase her dps within melee range. That’s stupid.

There is silly but cool, and silly but stupid. I love this game and all of the silliness, especially Isic, El Dragon, and Toby. A sword is a melee weapon, and making it shoot laser beams by waving it is just plain stupid. Then again, throwing your shield is extremely stupid, too. Maybe Galilea just isn’t the character for me. A lot of other games have come up with ways to give a melee person a ranged attack that at least aren’t so completely ridiculous, like throwing axes or daggers.

I don’t really see what the big deal about it is, though. It works only when she has full health, and, being a melee character, she doesn’t maintain full health for very long. The only time that I recall it being an issue at all was in one game where there was a Miko that followed her around like a fungus on her ass, but that is a problem with any number of other characters, too.

Well if your stunned for 2 seconds it can be kind of an issue

I don’t really think so. Two seconds is barely long enough for her to close and use her desecrate. I don’t think that I have been completely wiped out by Galilea more than a handful of times.

It can very much be problematic. Getting critted by so much can kill you very quickly. You’re also taking extra damage from Desecrate. And although you say you have to be at full health, that’s nearly trivial for her. All of her skills and her passive give her extra healrh, meaning she can easily top herself off

I have never gotten this to work well, even with regeneration gear. I must really suck.

Your very fortunate. A prepared and skilled Galilea can pull you and do over 1k damage in those 2 seconds of entire immobility.

You must use desecrate first, and then throw the shield? I have never done it that way. I’ll have to try it out.

A lot of people use CCs to initiate but I find its a lot better to let people think it’s on cool down and either use it when I can fully take advantage of it or when they’re trying to flee.
It’s some scary stuff.
IDTGA is a 77% dps boost and that’s after it got changed from 5 projectiles to 3.

In the beta she was entirely untouchable.i