Her Silence nerf

I feel the change to Gal’s silence puts her in a much fairer spot. Well done devs. Those unaware, Old Silence = 3 seconds. New Silence = While you’re in the AoE.

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That sounds great! Don’t get in her zone, or you die! The way she should be.

Considering she can still pull you into the center and the field is insanely large, it needs more nerfs.


You have to choose between pull in and silence. Can’t do both. Actually is pretty fair.

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The tier with silence is “Damage” or “Heal”

Pull is on H1.

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Oh you’re right. Haven’t played her since beta. Guess I forgot.

I think she is fine the way she is now, to many Nerf this or that. Pretty well balanced class way they have redone things


Na no more nerfs


She is so balaned I haven’t even learnt her today or reach the Character level 7 mark for the AS steroid and I’m already sotmping everyone form just running in holding left click.

SHE IS NOT BALANCED. She is completely braindead powerful. Galiea has absolutely NO COUNTERPLAY as she is leveled, both in-match and out-of-match.

“Hey Galiea is a Zone control type! If I fight her out of her zone, I will win!”
-She shoots projectile at you better than most people and the only counterplay is completely destroyed by having a healer, which every team has. RIP shield pen.

“Hey maybe I will skill her and push her out of zone and…”
-Silence on field Enjoy.

“Actually, I will get outside of her range!”
-Shield stun. 100-0

-Super easy one button press pull Desecrate. If stun isn’t used, this is the best time to use it for almost guaranteed stun.

“Okay, nvm, she’s a tank. I can probably outdamage…”
-Highest DPS in the game atm thanks to super AS stacking super offensive bolt steroid that on spin pretty much does 600 health in one go

-Her sword swing is a complete spin so you can’t force her to miss by going to the side like Phoebe. She has the spin unlocked right away unlike Rath who has to Helix into it.

Everything you can do to defeat her, she destroy it by simply unlocking mutation.

This is result of having NO GAME PLAYED on her out of complete disgust in beta and until today. However, my friend wants to have easy win so I’m leveling her for the AS steroid so I can help him do lore stuffs later.

She needs MORE gutting. I’m playing a tank but I feel like I’m playing a bruise assassin support super range warrior melee control zone mage assassin healer sentry turret thumper valerasi queen of spider.


You can chose both the silence and the pull. What you can’t choose is both the anti-heal and the pull on her E.

Shes definitely the EASIEST class to face-roll with, her swings are rapid fast and harder to miss with than to hit with unless shes striking the ground, and even then shes probably still hitting. She clears waves as good as any other hero so shes going to level extremely fast even if you focus her.
Calls of OP will make many people flock towards her for easy wins, and many of them will be clueless and manage to find defeat regardless, and those that defeat clueless Galileas will believe her balanced. Such is the cycle.

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If a melee is solo-clearing lane they should probably die for it… Melee doesn’t clear well at all. Completely uncontested, with your friendly wave, sure, clear away. If not, it’s garbo clear. Now, if Gal is at full health and spec’d for ranged attack, then she can safely damage a wave from afar. I think she’s a beginner friendly class, her numbers may have seen some balancing as well. I’d say, overall, she’s in a very nice spot, I don’t think she’s past the point of balance atm, maybe I’m wrong thou. The silence nerf is really what needed to happen.

She clears fantastic, her spin hits all minions so shes going to get assists at the least, her fast attacks are good for scoring finishing blows and her corruption is constant damage to all enemy minions around her and desecrate can be helix’ed to basically clear the wave all by itself, just drop it and go. She’ll often clear a wave just by attempting to kill enemy characters and the wave dies in the process of her left clicking and passive AoE.

Nah, Galilea doesn’t scare me at all. She requires intelligent play to beat. Right now you are playing people who can’t work against her. She has never really given me much pause unless my team tries to rush right in her face. Bait her and she goes down and can’t hold up. Nerfing her would only make her weak and unplayable. Right now characters that are easy to play are being confused with over powered, and some of the best people in this game have massive learning curves. Give it time, it’s still the first week. In a month we will know if she is really over powered or not cause I think she is actually weak if you know how to fight her right and you don’t make stupid mistakes like getting out of position or trying to rush in and fight her head on.


“Nerfing her would make her weak and unplayable” why? That seems like an extreme conclusion that could be fixed later anyways. It was actually several weeks of beta testing and EA, shes still ridiculously good. Turns out easy and powerful characters are still easy and powerful with experience. But its just the first week i assume you’ve been running into bad/new galilleas.

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Even prenerf in beta I never had a problem with her. I actually think she is easy and not as strong as others, but currently fits in just perfect because she quickly gains power in an area of you are foolish enough to fight in her corruption. If you nerf her more to the point where whe is no longer monsterous in her zone then she becomes as weak as she is out of it and she IS weak outside of her zone. All she can do is her one stun and soak damage if you don’t play into her game and then she is opportunistic at best but right now very few people have the presence of head to play most of these people correctly. She is easy, but powerful is a questionable statement. She is powerful, but so is marquis until you are right up in his face. Any stealth assassin beats marquis, beating galilea is not so straight forward but just as easy. I know it’s not as easy as I make it sound but this game requires you play YOUR game and do not fall into THEIR game. And a good player will do everything they can to get you to play THEIR game and make you fight on THEIR terms. So don’t. Get in marquis face, bait galilea and make her chase you till she is out of position then capitalize on it, burst Ambra down, don’t prolong the fight if it takes to long run and try again next time. These tactics make them much less of an over powered force. But it requires tactics.

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Shes a beast outside of her zone, she doesnt need it to tank, cc, leech life and deal truckloads of damage. You sure you havnt been playing bots? Ignoring that they’re already going to nerf her unintentional strengths (her silence field is constant) and that she can make the thing HUGE, you cant expect an entire team to evacuate an area, thats more reasonable for an ultimate but not a basic skill. She has more DPS than any other character hands down no question, why are you ignoring that fact? I mean she flat out has an amazing kit, shes a character that is consistently played and carries for a reason.

Don’t pull the usual “Everyone I play against suck so Galiea isn’t really OP” and “Every Galiea I also have to deal with suck so Galiea isn’t OP” card.

Everything she does is easy mode death sentence. I’m continuing to get MORE wins as I play her to level 7. I guess everyone in this game is bad because I outpicked them.


I guess we will see as the game plays out. I still think another nerf would be a mistake. And when you say you expect an entire team to evacuate an area, yes, get her out of there, if there are other enemies focus them. Then, when she leaves, destroy her. I see how her kit is good but I still think she is controllable

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Someone mentioned here on one of the Galilea complaint threads and mentioned that the DEvs are already looking into reworking part of her kit, especially the “It’s dangerous to go alone”

You might feel like she is controllable simply because she doesn’t have the braindead pull at H1 mutator unlocked yet. The way I played her completely changed after I unlocked that. I went from being passive 1 to 3 to just running into people and pulling them into the team without trying. Stun chain after that is hilariously easy.