Here are the new **spoilers** class mods

Just grabbed these stills from a Joltzdude video. Didn’t listen to the audio/watch the video whatsoever apart from this because I didn’t want any possible story spoilers. Can’t yet tell how good they will be, but certainly interesting to speculate.


Muse com for Amara sounds really good. My Brawl Amara needs it for tests.
What’s interesting is +3 points into Illuminated Fist, thats the first time when COM can provide more points than skill has.

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Moxsy just made a video about the COMs and apparently the COMs may be acting that way because this was before release.

Being a bug make sense. So +3 Laid Bare and +1 Fist/Jab.

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Nice to see a legendary Zane mod with Brain freeze and the effect seems pretty solid, though I’m not sure if anything is ever gonna be able to outclass seeing Dead. Still, might have the potential to become the second best Zane mod in the game.
I guess Adrenaline can be pretty solid as well, though you are probably gonna be running this with a CCC build, so something damage based probably would’ve been better, maybe Synchronicity or Donnybrook. And Like a Ghost is kind of garbage, sadly.
Might be the Go-To COM for people who don’t want to use Seein’ Dead and I can see it synergizing well with shotguns or any multi-pellet weapon. With max points in Brainfreeze and something like a Monarch you are probably gonna insta-freeze a lot of stuff.

Edit: Welp… Nevermind. Apparently it uses the wrong kind of crit-bonus for it’s calculations which just makes it a whole lot worse.

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My FL4K is gettin’ a new class mod me thinks.

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Seems like a pretty weird skill set for the Peregrine IMO, I’m curious to see how it works.

I can see why IPS and ETI are on their, but Ambush Predator makes no sense whatsoever.


It would seem a lot better if grenades actually killed stuff. . .

Edit: unless it’s similar to the Mind Sweeper mocro’s

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I just wish there was some way to get away from Jab Cross! Every roll of the new mod will have at least one point invested.

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Do we know how long the “short cooldown” is for Fl4k and Amara?

According to Moxsy, the grenade dropped is a copy of your own. So people will probably be running CMTs, Fish Slaps and Miracle Bombs.


I guess you could run transfusions too, but yeah. There are only 5 grenades at most that do damage even after the grenade buffs, so it’s not like there will be tons of choices for this COM.

If they keep working on grenades, which they really should, then this COM will get better. I should also mention the It’s Piss.

If they continue working on them then yes. As of right now, singularities ragdoll enemies so that’s a no go, I haven’t seen an elemental cloud grenade in all my time playing and I don’t know how they scale, we don’t need Hunter Seekers proccing HC in Rakk builds, and most grenades don’t even do as much damage as a cast of min-maxed Rakk.

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Probably the best use will be to proc Groundbreaker with the Fish Slap. Beside that, I agree, limited use.

I mean, OGT may be an ASE with this COM so it isn’t going to be bad no matter the grenade. It’s just that the nade itself will be an anointment slot as always.

I could be wrong, but at first glance it falls short of the " supremely powerful " COM’s that we were promised.

Zane’s looks the most promising to me.

Zane’s is Go for the Eyes with a crit chance and slightly more damage.

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Amara’s COM seems to be the best from what I can tell, possibly far more powerful than intended.

I suspect there might be some good build possibilities with Moze’s as well.