Here comes the Ban Hammer - What constitutes a ban?

So as seen in Icee’s Post we are now going to start seeing bans. What I want to know is what will constitute a ban and will there be an appeal process. I know for a fact I’ve pissed people off with my Montana by slamming them into walls and body blocking them until they’re dead (thanks for the salty mail). I also know some people have threatened that they have reported me for cheating due to back dooring the Sentries with Isic or Kleese.
Is there a thresh hold for “cheating” reports and once that number is hit your just gone? is there any department that will look into it or is it just like youtube where once a video is flagged then it’s automatically taken down and a pain in the ass to appeal.

I don’t condone cheating by any means. I hate Benny up on a high wall, Isic backdoors, and chain stuns galore - there for sure are some real dick strategies in this game that some may frivolously throw the word “cheating” at and report a skilled player.

What’s keeping me from being banned the next time I Lumberjack Dash a salty Miko into a wall?


Or hiding rifts creatively as Kleese, for example you can put the rifts higher up on the sniper perch on overgrowth and anyone who jumps up to you will get destroyed(this happened to a guy I played with and he called cheating until we noticed the rifts)


not gonna lie, I main Kleese and ■■■■■■■ LOVE doing this XD


Or the bouncy mortar barrage from across the map? I love those…


I love hiding them on the accelerators on Meltdown maps and watching players come charging down lane prepared for glory, then they go bye-bye.


Ahh, that fine grey area between exploit and cheat. It’s long since made me wonder why Gearbox would bother putting the option for “cheating” in the reporting section at all. Just seems like they’re asking for a 1000 salty cheating submissions from people who got wiped out by a cheap tactic.

If this was a perfect world, I’d imagine Gearbox just uses the option to investigate anyone who receives an unusually high number of reports. I can’t recall us ever getting a definitive reply as to how they use the information though. Just reports that they do use the data.

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Well, Icee was banned and now Beatrix is glitching out of the matrix and PC lost all its PvP queues.

A curse be upon us. Mayhaps we should avoid more bans lest we destabilize the game entirely.

(In seriousness I honestly never really thought much about the report system. At least for the PC players we all knew most of the regular players and it didn’t seem like anyone actually cheated so… it never really crossed my mind that bans would ever be a thing in BB.)


Was Icee using the Shard cheat app?
(Apparently it works in public PvP, gives you unlimited shards)

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IDK, he gave no explaination

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No, he has never cheated in any capacity, although many people have levied hackusations against him. We spoke with Roid last night and he made it sound like he would be talking to GBX folk about getting the issue fixed.

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I just want to leave this here so people are aware of HGL’s Policy on bans.

A reminder that if you are banned from the game by the game publisher or developer you are also banned from HGL Tournaments even if you are released from the games ban. To get your ban repealed from our tournaments please contact me (Winters). I will then go through an investigation on why you got banned from the game. If the reason for your ban violates our Code of Conduct your request for a repeal will be denied.

You are litterally clipping his shield generators into a wall that no one can see, and you don’t understand this is cheating? I don’t believe you. You know full well that is not how the shield generators are supposed to work. You know you are cheating by exploiting a glitch. You need to be banned because stupid cheaters who try to justify cheating are the worst. But i didnt know… bullsh!t.

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Exploiting an in-game feature, even an unintentional one, isn’t cheating. It’s exploiting. It makes you a dick, not a cheater.


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