Here comes the PAIN TRAIN! (WOO WOOO!)

I know I said the last topic was gonna be my last, but this idea was just too good to pass up lol.

So I’m planning on doing a playthrough on all 3 games :slight_smile: Borderlands 1 , Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2 in that order.

The characters I’m doing it with is as follow
Brick (Founding Father)
Wilhelm (Keeps that “Pain Train” moving)
and Salvador or Krieg (Either the gun’s or the Conductor. Don’t know which one is more importent lol)

The thing though with Borderlands 2 is…it sorta has 2 tanks in the game, that’s why I’m here. Does Salvador suit the “Pain Train” or would it be better to pick Krieg?

The reasons for these choices are because these characters are well known for dishing alot of damage, aswell as tanking alot of damage.

So that’s it! no more posting topic’s for me unless I REALLY need help on something. I’ve done it too many times this month and you guys are probably tired with seeing my face. xD


Salvador. Brick, I hear, is like a proto-krieg, with Wilhelm being a tanky pet class. Salvador is a gun-based tank, which is a niche not quite filled by Brick or Willy.

So I’d say Salvador.

A bit mix trains here lol, I might end up being Salvador. It mixes things up if you compare him to Brick and Wilhelm :slight_smile:

Alright just a quick question. My friend has been telling me I shouldn’t play Wilhelm, that he isn’t that good of a tank. That I should be using Claptrap…is that true? (how good of a tank is Claptrap?)

I’m only 10 levels in with Wilhelm atm, so if I restart it wouldn’t matter too much.

Athena is the tank. Clappy is the unstable firecracker that you never know when or even if he’s going to go off.

See I would use Athena cause well (Shield = Tank) lol it’s just I only just recently used her already. So using her again would be kinda boring, that’s why I thought of using Wilhelm. (cause of his self healing skills, would be wonders for a tank plus Brick pretty much has the same when you used Berserk.)

However now that I’m thinking about it, maybe Claptrap would do good on the Pain Train :confused: idk…he’s more of an explosion build, and I mainly used exposions when using Brick. Ah idk who fits in the Pain Train >.<

Krieg >>> Sal.
Krieg is the conductor after all.

Krieg (especially if you have a way to play all of his random speeches while you play- what, no one has made an Itunes download of this yet?).

Alright so I’m sticking with Salvador just due to the fact that I’m already using Krieg in a Co-op playthrough. It’s just really bad timing for starting up this Pain Train lol.

Now my problem is my friends have been telling me it’s better to use Claptrap in the Pre-Sequel. Saying since I used Brick in the last game, it’s better to use Claptrap. Since their both explosive and Claptrap heals fully everytime you use his skill.

So which one suits the pain train more?
Clap Trap or Wilhelm?

Neither. Athena then Jack.

Regarding BL2 I think it depends on it you want to dual wield Moxxi with Salvador. If yes, then Salvador wins easily. Krieg’s tanking ability is much more complicated and less consistent. But it also makes it a lot more interesting of a playthrough.

It’s just really hard I normally would agree with you there, maybe I should have said this in the past posts I did. In the Pre-Sequel I’ve already done a Athena/Jack playthrough solo…

I kinda want something new, that’s why I picked Claptrap or Wilhelm in this Pain Train run…

The way of the Pain Train (Brick)
Character’s that’s able to hit hard…why should I worry about DPS when I have raw power on myside. They not only hit hard, they’re able to recover their Health aswell and soak in loads of damage done to them. That’s the way of the Pain Train.

Alright an update on the Pain Train.

Brick (Finished the game with him.)
Wilhelm/Claptrap were replaced by Jack. Due to Wilhelm being very underwhelming, he’s just not that powerful and Claptrap due to being–Alright tbh Claptrap fits the Pain Train very well. He’s powerful and able to tank some hits quite well. It’s just his random A.S is too random for my taste…I can’t tell you how many times I got Krieg’s skill. I wouldn’t mind getting it if Claptrap was able to throw it just like Krieg.
And the choice between Krieg or Salvador is–Salvador. Krieg is good and probably fits the Pain Train very well. However I’ve said this before that I already have a Co-op playthrough as him, so playing him in solo would just be tiring. I’ve never played as Salvador so it will be a new experience for me, that’s why I’m picking him.

When I play TPS and get into the Meat Unicycle, I stil think that clappy will aim and throw the axe as K does xD

I haven’t been able to get him to do it. I click the same buttons that’s used to throw Krieg’s axe and it does nothing when Claptrap does it.

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He swings his ax vertically instead of horizontally. Little metal bastard. :dukeangry:

Hey Salvador lovers, think you can help me out? which tree should I level up first as Salvador?

Left is power, middle is well it helps me save ammo in a sort, and right is all tanks.

Rampage tree (middle) is more important for its effect on Gunzerking duration and cooldown. Pair it with a purple Berserker class mod and you’ll be able to Gunzerk indefinitely as long as there are enemies around. 5 Shots or 6, which is one of the skills that reduces ammo consumption along with Inconceivable, pairs well with a Hoarder com and weapons that have larger magazines or fire one round per shot. Consider getting that after you get the skills focusing on Gunzerk. Here is an example of a Level 31 build that you could work towards through Normal mode.
When I started with Sal I went this first, then Rampage,
and Brawn for the final points: