Here I Go Again a Different Approach This Time

I am making a different approach this time. Nerfs done are wrong they are higher then they should be by 50% everyone knows it and he will increase them later just like the maggie. Doing this is irritating and a blanket nerf of grenade mods is well just wrong and lazy.

To start when divider is added to a grenade it should decrease the grenade mods max damage by an additional 10% (added to what is already reduced) a mirv mod should reduce by 15%. This way a double divider -20% a double mirv -30% a divder + mirv 25% making divider + mirv best outcome. Not the insane 70% nerf. This is the correct way to do this.

Zanes drone has a 15 second delay in using a grenade therefore zanes drone should buff all grenade attributes it uses. In other words just have the drone drop a unnerfed version of the grenade unnerfed in time unnerfed in damage.

Zane needs a built in ice effectiveness boost and damage to frozen buff. You also need to make ice be able to damage annointed enemies seriously…

Zanes digiclone health should be fine. I don’t use it personally cause i like the drone plus bubble shield. The nerf done to luciens call should not effect zane really at all because of his handling buffs. With flak just use the jacobs assault rifles they are better on him anyway.

Damage buff to faisor pointless it was 1 of the strongest vladof ars you will just end up nerfing it later after people figure that out and you know it.

Flakker nerf seriously wtf with this one it was not even all that great ffs damage output was meh tbh I was using it to kill that killovolt guy it was just ok. Did not warrent what was done to it at all like a 10% 15% nerf tops no magazine change.

Iron bear and pet health buffs fine for both seriously. I have 0 complaints on that however iron bears machine guns need either a greatly reduced overheat or no overheat at all as the damage is underwelming and overheating 3 times in 10 seconds is stupid.

The 2 second delay originally put on moze grenades was fine the 2 seconds on flaks ammo return was not. Both were changed to .3 seconds moze grenades should not have been.

Flaks gitm should have it’s full 8 seconds back and just give a 10% crit instead of 25% the time is more important then the damage for positioning and survivability reasons.

Please stop doing the whole outlandish nerf followed by a buff thing to make people think it’s ok seriously. The big ask concept is played out it is just trivial and annoying.

Luciens call you increased recoil and decreased handling kind of annoying but if you are going to continue on that course you have to buff it’s damage as it is quite literally the weakest vladof ar.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT throw away your hex grenades or anything else because of these changes he is playing an annoying little game of overnerfing things then coming back and rebuffing it later to make people think oh hey this isn’t so bad atleast it’s not what it was.

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