Here is a new and improved Mayhem mode!

Before I begin, I’d like to point out that Mayhem mode has been discussed extensively in a different thread, so I’m not going to go into details here on why it’s so unpopular and why so many want it changed. Read up on that here on the link below, otherwise scroll down:


So instead of having Mayhem modifiers that ruin certain builds and creating unfair advantages/disadvantages for each player in multiplayer, along with forcing players to swap weapons every time they zone, the solution would be to change them to only affect enemies instead.

Basically, the Mayhem system should be all about creating mayhem through more enemies and interesting ways to spice them up, not about annoying mechanics, penalties and screwing your build over. Gearbox has been having a fundamentally wrong approach with this so far.

Here’s a list of new potential Mayhem modifiers:

Painful Experience: Enemies deal 25% more damage

Tough Stuff: Enemies have 25% more Health/Armor/Shields

Agile Targets: Enemies move 25% faster

Hordes of 'em: This area contains more enemies than usual

Wild World: This area contains more types of enemies

Badass Area: This area contains additional badasses

Unintended Anointed: This area contains additional anointed enemies

Double Trouble: Enemies have a chance to fire an extra bullet with a bonus element. Enemy melee attacks have doubled chance for the same effect.

Plentiful Grenades: Enemies throw more grenades

Regeneration: Enemies regenerate Health and Shields at an increased rate

Thick Skulls: Enemies take 20% less Critical Hit Damage

Ensnaring Blows: Enemy melee attacks will slow you down briefly. Enemy bullets have a 10% chance of the same effect.

Minefield: Mines that can only be triggered by Vault Hunters are scattered throughout the area

Fortified Territory: Additional turrets protect this area

Infestation: Spiderant eggs are spread throughout this area. Destroy them before the spiderants hatch.

Parasite: Enemies have a chance of being infested with a parasite. Upon death of its host, the Scythid parasite will be released, attaining the same rank as its host.

Skag Invasion: This area contains additional Skags

Frenzy: Enemies will attack 20% faster

Elemental Explosions - Incendiary: Enemies have a chance to explode on death dealing Incendiary damage around it, leaving behind burning ground that deals additional Incendiary damage.

Elemental Explosions - Shock: Enemies have a chance to explode on death dealing Shock damage around it, in addition to releasing a much larger shockwave dealing additional Shock damage.

Elemental Explosions - Corrosive: Enemies have a chance to explode on death dealing Corrosive damage around it, leaving behind a pool of acid on the ground dealing additional Corrosive damage.

Elemental Explosions - Cryo: Enemies have a chance to explode on death dealing Cryo damage around it, slowing down anyone hit for a short time.

Elemental Explosions - Radiation: Enemies have a chance to explode on death dealing Radiation damage around it, leaving behind a radioactive cloud dealing additional Radiation damage.

Others: Enemies have a chance to spawn with insert cool effect here (I’m sure Gearbox can come up with some neat stuff)

*The Elemental Explosions should be mutually exclusive to avoid too much devastation on kill.


Some interesting combinations would include:

Badass Area with Hordes of 'em and Parasite would allow for an area with a tremendous amount of badasses.

Put a twist on that and replace Badass Area with Elemental Explosions instead and you’d have a very different experience with a tremendous amount of death explosions, possibly leaving pools on the ground, limiting your ability to move.

Tough Stuff, Thick Skulls and Regeneration would give you really meaty opponents where you really need to focus fire your targets down due to the increased regeneration.

Skag Invasion with Agile Targets and Ensnaring Blows could prove deadly. You’d have to deal with extra Skags with bonus speed that will slow you down if they hit you.

Or why not Plentiful Grenades with Ensnaring Blows and Minefield? You would have to dodge the mines and avoid getting attacked in melee. Getting slowed would prove deadly with the extra grenades.

Painful Experience with Frenzy and Double Trouble. Get this trio and you better play carefully, because you have the potential of going down quickly.

Or how about Hordes of 'em combined with Forified Territory and Infestation? In addition to the extra enemies, you’d have to deal with extra turrets and spiderant eggs that need to be destroyed before they spawn more spiderants. Yes, this is what Mayhem mode should be about!


Anyway, you get the idea. There is the possibility for a lot of interesting combinations. I repeat: The Mayhem system should be all about creating mayhem through more enemies and interesting ways to spice them up, not about annoying mechanics, penalties and screwing your build over. Gearbox has been having a fundamentally wrong approach with this so far.


ice breaking concept which shouldve been thought by gearbox in the first place

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Very in-depth! I like it a lot, one thing I’d add though.

Rare spawn invasion! Enemies badasses are replaced by their rare spawn counter parts! Psychos with borman nates, goliaths with unstoppable, CoV badasses with mother of gorgans, ect.

And Legendary Bonanzas, enemies have a chance to spawn with a legendary weapon in hand that deals increased damage and effect to vault hunters. Upon death they drop an anointed version of the gun.


We will have to see what they got planned for Mayhem 2.0, they may have revamped the whole mayhem system.

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Cut the Thick Skulls one. It’s already in the game and it’s obnoxious.


Plain and simple, i like this.

Path of Exile player detected :smirk:

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Fantastic ideas. Just increasing health bars on enemies has diminishing appeal. If MH5 just means that you need 5 mags to kill a boss vs 3 mags on MH4, GBX will have missed a big opportunity. I’m hopeful they get that.

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Eh, barely. I did play it a bit a year and a half ago. If there are any similarities then it’s purely coincidence.

Those are FANTASTIC ideas, well done!

Pssst @Noelle_GBX get GBX to hire them :wink:

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Some interesting ideas there but, apart from the elemental explosion modifier, I don’t see any VH supporting MM. Iirc conflicting modifiers cancelling any buff to the VH was a bugbear in the original discussion thread.

Global counters could be :-

Power Up: Abilities recharge at an increased rate.

Bullet Storm: Increased fire rate on all weapons.

Speed Freak: Movement and handling increased.


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I love these ideas, especially Minefield, Fortified Territory, Infestation and Parasite: I’d love some more diegetic modifiers like these! I’ve also been rewatching a Dark Souls Scorched Contract playthrough lately, and I think that some similar mechanics, if properly implemented, could be brilliant.

Here are a few ideas I thought of for some other possible modifiers (I don’t know much about coding, so most of them might be unfeasible, but I’d have liked to see something similar to this):

Gravity Doesn’t Hurt: Gravity is reduced.

Bureau Blessing: The Intergalactic Bureau of Bounty Hunting rewards every boss/miniboss kill by digistructing in a chest upon its death.

Rusty Syringes: Picking up health vials has a chance to corrode you.

Barrels Rolling: Barrels do much more damage, but also take more damage before blowing up.

Eridian Dreamcatcher: Vault hunters are haunted by elemental Eridian wisps that attack enemies (leaving a little health/ammo/money behind) but also alert them.

Like a Moth to a Flamethrower: New chests spawn in the area, but they’re actually traps: opening them gives you just enough time to run away before a devastating explosion.

Adrenaline Rush: Killing badass or stronger enemies grants you slightly increased movement speed, damage and reload speed for a short time.

Blinged Out - Shields/Grenades: Enemies spawn with rarer (even legendary) grenades/shields.

Walking Piñatas: Enemies can drop Boosters/Moxx-tails/Candies once defeated.

Grudge Music: Enemies can aggro you from further away, and they’ll keep chasing after you for longer.

Confusing Times: Enemies might turn on each other at random.

The Very Earth Curses: Elemental puddles in the water are much bigger and take much longer to disappear.

There could also be modifiers that only have a chance to activate on certain planets, for example:

(Pandora) Tentacle Day: A severed fragment of the Destroyer is loose in the area.

(Promethea and Athenas) Ratch King: Ratches that eat corpses of their brethren gain full health and become extremely stronger, with a chance of also becoming incendiary/shock/freezing/rad/corrosive.

(Promethea and Athenas) No Beacon Required: Maliwan will randomly send mortar strikes against you (signaled by audio cues/marks on the ground; this effect should obviously be on a cooldown).

(Athenas) Seventh Storm: There’s a storm in the area (such a radical change in the weather system would probably be impossible, but let’s imagine), so all floors are wet (susceptible to becoming elemental puddles) and lightning sometimes strikes down from the sky (signaled first by a light on the ground).

(Eden-6) Saurian Mating Season: Saurian eggs are scattered in the area: shattering them enrages nearby Saurians, making them faster, more aggressive and more durable.

(Nekrotafeyo) Eternals: Upon death, bosses/minibosses are rivitalized by dormant Eridian spirites, and come back to life with fully restored health, a purple aura and Eternal-like new attacks.

(Nekrotafeyo) The Sound of Progress: Necroquakes periodically disrupt shield recharge for both you and your enemies.

(Handsome Jackpot) Slag Off: Casino debtors turned slag experiment subjects roam the area.

(Hadsome Jackpot) Dirty Rats: Tink thieves (basically Rat Thieves) roam the area.

Just hoping Gearbox will take this kind of approach with Mayhem 2.0. It would make gameplay a lot more interesting.

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A lot of great and better ideas than the current system, but I dont think that GBX will do this. I wish, but I think they sadly wont…

Yeah I’m kinda disappointed with the new Mayhem 2.0. This solution would have been much better.

Community had ideas from the get-go… M2.0 shows gbx still thinks they know better…

Since there are rumors of more Mayhem makeovers, I updated the first post slightly and would like to give this a friendly bump instead of re-posting it. I still think that to make Mayhem modifiers FUN they should affect enemies in various ways and add more things to shoot at instead of screwing with people’s builds. Gearbox has been having the wrong approach so far.