Here is my God Queen Moze Build

Green Monster is highly underrated


I’d really like to see the build, but since this is a forum and not YouTube, I’d be thankful to have a write-up instead of a video.
Thanks in advance.


I’m not sure if I would describe it as such. Most players who use it will do so for heavy DPS in Iron Bear builds, but as long as you have a build where you can hold down the trigger with fully automatic weapons and never run out of ammo, then it’s your most consistent DPS build as you’re getting the hidden bonus splash damage as well as the corrosive damage. Depending on your choice of weapons, the only class mod that could potentially provide more damage is the Mind Sweeper. But I also use the Green Monster in my allegiance build for Maliwan SMGs and will use it in another build once I’ve procured more Vladof ARs.

Flipper can constantly rack up the corrosive damage from the Green Monster, additionally the shield I’m using Old God gives amps up corrosive damage. So I’m dealing massive amounts of elemental damage all at the same time: Incendiary (Skill Tree), Corrosive, and Radiation. Since Radiation causes an explosion on death and thanks to Fire in the Skag Den more elemental damage, and Short Fuse.

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You should add a Recursion with an elemental damage for next two mags anoint to that build. Projectile multiplication is incredibly powerful.

What dragon is saying is that it’s not underrated. We’ve known how strong the GM is for a long time and what it does, it’s been appropriately rated.

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That was fun to see. And yes Green Monster is known but it does not seem to used all that often, so I don’t think it is unfair to say that it is underrated.

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I should inform you that Skag Den Short Fuse is doing most of the lifting here, with the splash boost from GM tossing that lifting through the roof. Due to a current scaling dilemma. Short Fuse is scaling with Mayhem and Skag Den is Scaling with Mayhem so a short fuse Skag Den proc is gonna be wild, and GM is gonna add 100% splash boost at full tilt.

You might actually wanna consider a Fire Old God.

Not sure about that, I took a couple of screenshots corrosive damage was reaching up to 70k - 100k

Edit scratch that, 500k almost 600k

I would be curious if this is still as viable after the patch today (7/23/2020).

Should be – they didn’t touch the scaling of FITSD or SF.

They were rather coy about what was changed on Moze. FITSD had some hidden scaling issues so I would not be surprised if it was changed. Also GreenMonster might have been one the COMs affected, which is why I am curious.

I think they were referring to the Mind Sweeper as it was double-dipping on Mayhem damage modifiers. No other Moze class mod does that.

Nothing in this build was touched this patch/hotfix so the performance shouldn’t have been affected in anyway.

Edit: Just tested this build on Slaughter Shaft, it still shreds.

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This is what I had. This exact same setup with a recursion though. And It was just beautiful. So sad the projectile ricochets got nerfed.

I know. :frowning:

I just need another weapon that’s good for mobbing. I loved the ricochets. Sucks all the ricochet weapons got nerfed.

I mean, you already have Flippers. Those guns are a build unto themselves.

Actually, here’s a question — do you get Green Monster damage added to the Beacon’s nova?

Im not sure. Thats something I’d have to test.