Here u can see how to jump over large walls (video)

(Siddhartagonzale) #1

Im in love with thorn and that is the hightlights of my 2 first games with my wooden princess. At 2 or 3rd frag u can see how i climb the wall in middle. Now i can say that im better than the video and maybe soon i will upload a video with all spots u can climb with that amazing carry. Hope to be ussefull. Thx for watching.

(CIII__) #2

Using the increased height you can easily do that…

(Siddhartagonzale) #3

Sure, usualy im gettieng the 2 things. Its a powerfull scape and chase combo. And increased height its not at 3rd level.

(wisecarver) #4

Very cool video.

There’s one place I haven’t been able to get to yet, if you want to try…
One the final area of The Experiment there’s one of those floating islands off to the side.
It’s got a big root leading to it, but the root goes uphill and as Thorn I haven’t been able to get there.
Appears to me the Devs wanted us to try.

Updated to include shot of spot…

(CIII__) #5

I play a top tier thorn and usually don’t get a lot of slaying done early on but cool trick none the less.

(Siddhartagonzale) #6

I think is so far 4 thorn… but i will try it :smiley: