Heres an idea that i think would help the game and everyone would support

To fix the crowded loot pool system bring back some of non responable bosses as respawning enemies with different drops. Thatd make it easier for people to farm one specific drop instead of 3. Theres plenty of extra bosses that dont have drops but just dont respawn so fitting them in really shouldnt be hard right?


Sounds great. Never understood why so many bosses aren’t respawnable.
If they spawn somewhere that isn’t suitable for making them respawnable, maybe they could introduce a location where you could refarm them. TPS added Flame Knuckle (a non-respawnable boss) to the holodome DLC, so you could farm him, for example.

Exactly. I dont wanna give up on the game but theres some small ground work things that could be fixed easily and really adjust the flow and feel of the game. Bl2 succeeded imo because of how much diversity and yet consistency. Getting a bunch of legendaries all the time was cool for a while until we wanted to find specific ones with specific parts and or annointments

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