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Here’s an idea, I’ve said the same thing on Twitter and face book and it’s got some mixed responses, the positive response said I should post it here, never done this before so bear with me. While going through my campaign in Borderlands 3 I began to run into an issue. My level was far above the loot I was finding, the completionist in me wouldn’t let me leave an area with finding everything it just “the way I play”. As a result when I continued the main campaign the loot that I would find would be a good 5-10 levels below me, and would become useless to me later on. Now I know that the idea is to go out and find better loot, thats the idea of a looter shooter, but it was really painfull to find a legendary that I couldn’t use. So I said on Twitter that a good quality of life dlc would be a vendor or a machine that would re-scale an item of your choice to your level at that cost of either eridium or cash. The response was mixed but all made valid points, some really like it and understood the concern I had and others thought it would destroy the whole concept of a looter shooter. However aren’t there already gameplay mechanics that break that concept, I mean to get a rifle at your level all you have to do is buy one at sanctuary, though the options are randomized at the time you load. Other people told me to just port over my items from a higher character. But isn’t the same, I mean the best weapons find we throw in the bank to hopefully use later but because we really liked that weapon, if you so choose you should be able to continue to use that item. Heres how I see it, you find a gun at you level or below, the functioning stats like clip capacity and fire rate are just what “you” like to work with, however a couple levels later the damage output becomes too low for you to use, the vendor/machine would upgrade that guns damage output to your level but leave the other stats alone, the same for shields. My point is we all find that one item that we love to use but quickly becomes useless, and it’s not to say that you wont happen upon an item that has better stats and effects the your prized item, but let’s be honest how often does that happen, you should be able to continue to use the items that fit your playstyle as long as long as possible, or maybe you just like the way that weapon looked and sounded, let me know what you guys think , I’m all for people playing the game how they like, this could just be a cool “feature” to use or ignore like a lot of things in borderlands.

This is basically the only thing TVHM is used for, getting higher level rewards.

Well go complete TVHM :wink:. That being said… I do like the idea of a VERY EXPENSIVE way to scale low level items.

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Right, it wouldn’t have to be cheap, like the pricing formula at crazy Earl’s machine or Marcus’s storage upgrades👍 something that people would have think about whether it was worth it.

Hard pass from me. Legendaries drop so often, I see no need to have a function that levels them up. It completely bypasses the only reason to play the game after level 50, all you would end up doing is farming eridium/cash to level up the stuff you already have. It’s simply too much for the game as it exists now.
That’s not to say something similar couldn’t work. I wouldn’t be opposed to the ability to combine parts from two of the same item, provided you have them, to upgrade a gun you like even further.


Admittedly I thought the game would have that before it released, and that thought was reinforced by all the empty areas on sanctuary and the fact that you can inspect your weapons parts and the stats they apply to your gun. I played through thinking Tiny Tiny would be a gun tinker on the ship to modify your gear.

Hmmm, I think a Grinder like in TPS would fix some bank/out leveled item problems.

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Personally i think lower lvl legendary are more valuable then lvl 50 ones. You mean to tell me you found a lvl 3 legendary “Bitch” SMG in the game? (Yeah a serious question i asked a my buddy) Sure enough he did and I own it now and it’s possibly my rarest gun I own lol.

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I remember I found a legendary vladolf assault rifle that shot like an automatic shotgun like 25×10 but it was a level 8 and the stats were so off kilter with its low rate of fire and small clip that it ended up getting me killed more than it killed.

Why is everyone so in love with crafting and things similar to crafting ? we play borderlands because we like to see the explosion of loot and pray for it to be the thing we want, its the whole reason why borderlands is unique and ppl want to take it that away from the game ?..

I can see how its tempting to have a crafting system but in the end it would make the game fall into the standarization of the genre, so yeah, its a super hard pass for me, if there is crafting, im leaving for sure.

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Fair point, your not wrong , maybe this stems from issues in the leveling system, my primary concern was going through the campaign and constantly having to buy items to use through sanctuary venders or golden keys, and we all know how often those come around, and before you say play tvh mode or mayhem mode, just remember that not everyone is all about grinding, in most of my play through’s in the other bl games I played normal because I preferred that feeling of progression from 0-50, still, good point👍.

Just realized I’ve been replying to my own forum, my reply to is in the forum, sorry I’m new to this.

Just realized I’ve been replying to my own forum, my reply to you is in the forum.

Yeah I remember that, it’d have to be better though