Here's How We Could Use Eridium to Re-Roll Anointments!

Tannis, in her endless experiments with eridium, has discovered an intriguing new application!

Troy’s powers were able to imbue common items (and, seemingly, people) with interesting new properties. While Tannis isn’t able to fully replicate the effect - say, to annoint Evan, her favorite teacup (Don’t tell her other cups) - she might be able, with great effort and her mountainous intellect, to shift its manifestation in any given Anointed item.

Using a modified, streamlined, inverted, subverted, and maybe a little perverted (Who’s to say?) version of her Eridium Amplifier, she can convince the object to use its ill-gotten power differently. She just needs a few more parts, and some, uh… samples to get the job done.

Basically, the functionality could be this:

  1. Place up to X anointed items in Tannis’s Eridium Realigner.
  2. Tannis will provide you a “shopping list” of sorts for the samples she needs to coax these particular items to cooperate.
  3. While you are procuring these samples, she’ll get to work convincing them.
  4. Provide the items, and an appropriately substantial amount of eridium, and voila!, each item has a random new anointment!

The list would be randomized each time, sending you on a scavenger hunt, but it might include things like:

  • a few other anointed items
  • some fingers from Troy’s Anointed
  • a jabber tail, for its flexibility
  • that fancy backpack NOG’s wear
  • a saurian liver, for its viscosity
  • the voltage regulator from a bot (hers blew during testing)
  • an unperforated lung (requires melee kill)
  • some secretions from a ratch gland… for personal reasons
  • some parts and pieces from a rare spawn or crew challenge mob
  • etc.

This way, it requires some time investment, and is not easily super-farmable, but it gives us an opportunity to use all this Eridium, an alternate means of seeking out different anointments, a way to clear out some of those Terror anointments we might not want, and provides a reason to kick around different parts of the Borderlands. The side quest removes the need for a cooldown, especially since the character would be without those items during the process.

It’s also easily tunable to get the right balance of investment. You could change the number of items required, the amount of eridium per item, the drop rate of the quest items, etc. I wouldn’t make it too punitive, but it should be more engaging than a basic slot machine mechanic…


Granted, this would require additional voice work, so it would be easier to roll it into a DLC.


Additional ideas:

Marcus gets a workbench that allows a similar way to tinker with gun/grenade parts.

Zed comes back with a way to tinker with white-text bonuses on shields, artifacts, and class mods.

These would involve using money, rather than eridium, and would still have a randomized element… but it’s an alternative to endless low-drop-rate farming, and it provides yet another outlet for currency that is otherwise largely ignored.


I think this would be neat. The game needs more uses for Eridium-tech stuff and it would fit with the lore.


I’ve got over 10k just chilling and Earl is getting stingy with his guns I need something to do with it.

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why not ava? she is the owner of the phasegrasp power, give her eridium and she can annoint an item. makes perfect sense in lore.

Eh, I saw Troy’s ability as only possible through a combination of -Grasp and -Leech (at least, the portion of that power he had). It seems like -Grasp just gave him the abiilty to do it at a distance (in fact, he says “Here’s something your dead Siren friend couldn’t do…” before the Billy reveal).

Tannis, even before her Siren upgrade, was still the leading Eridium researcher. Couple that with her -Shift abilities, and I’m sure she could work out a way to at least manipulate the power – but not recreate it.

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I think about somthing pretty simular a long time now

I think this would be really great, because not only whould it be a way to use eridium, money in late game (i have buyd everything from marcus and earl, but still have a lot. And there are for shure people who have even more. And the game is not even 4 months old).

It would also be a way to have even more things to do after you finished all the play troughs, side quests, takedowns, …
(If we think that most bl games will be played for multiple years)

Plus one of the biggest complains i hear is that its too random to get specific gear with good anoints. This whould help out pretty nice.
You should be able to get what you want. But still need to do something with it.
Let gerbox decide if you choose the anoint but with even harder things to do for it.
Or get a random anoint for your character your playing with (maybe plus the un-specific anoints) but for a “lower price”

The question is:
Are there also a lot of other people who would like this idea?
And if yes, do we have a way to bring it to gearbox and tell them about it?

I mean if they dont want/or cant do a hole new story thing to it…
Just make it like a new slot machine for earl (already selling anointed weapons)
(Maybe also like you said, markus for wheapon parts and zed for white-text bonuses on the other things)
Or if they still want the rng in it:
Make it so markus or earl or both want a new idea to make money/eridium.
So they made a gamble-machine (like moxxi) but you could win anoints for your weapons or what ever
Im shure they (or the community) would find a lot better ways to do this then i am.

But i really think the idea has big potential to make a great game even better :heart_eyes:

A while ago I posted in another thread how they could add a new machine to Earl’s nook where you could spend eridium to anoint gear, or re-roll an anointment. Add your piece of gear to a slot like the grinder in TPS, spend your eridium, and out rolls your gear with a random anointment (appropriate for your character class) applied. (Just to be clear, it won’t be some random new item, but the same item you put in, just with a new anointment.) Make it rather expensive so you can’t, like, abuse it and anoint your entire bank inventory all at once heh.

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I agree with this being an Ava thing. I feel like that would make the most sense. Tannis got a bunch of attention in the game already so it’s time for someone else to shine. It would also give us a chance to get to learn more about Ava and Gearbox to expand her as a character.

A similar idea has been discussed elsewhere, but seems to have little traction with Gearbox. That said, I am definitely not in support of another version of the Grinder from BL2 in any form. I’d much prefer a system that is much more reliable, even if it’s more expensive. I’m currently sitting on over 17k Eridium with nothing to spend it on.

I was imagining a re-roll for gear anointments with Ava for Eridium, glad I’m not the only one thinking along those lines.

Only reason I’m not on board with Ava is that so little has been done to develop her character that there’s no way to make it make sense without having to do a lot of Writer Fiat.

Is she good with technology? We haven’t see it. Just… locks, kinda? Is she good with Siren powers? She’s a quick study… but only has Maya’s power, which is not the power to Anoint. Making an anointment re-roll make sense with Ava would require some heavy retcons, and it would just feel like Gearbox overly insisting on her character… which they already kind of did.

Ava’s development still needs to happen before any particular role can “make sense” for her. We need content that gives her an arc, teaches her a lesson or two, and provides a chance for her to demonstrate whatever her strengths turn out to be. Then we can know where to go.

At best, for now, she’d be the one to use for salvaging parts. She was, after all, a scavenger. She had to be resourceful. And she has demonstrated an interest in weapons – she was intrigued by Maya’s “Cloud Kill,” and she had her little “stockpile” of them.

Maybe she gets hold of GenIVIV, wherever Marcus put her, and repurposes her into something that monkeys with weapon parts. Maybe, since she demonstrated the ability to use Phaselock as a shield bubble, she starts to take an interest in modifying shield technology.

But anointments? Doesn’t fit in the slightest, as her character is currently revealed to us.

I guess I’m the only one curious as to what an eridium bar would taste like if you ate it like a candy bar?

On another note in regards to the whole Ava being able to mess with anointments. I think it might be viable simply because it’s assumed Troy was only able to anoint CoV because of Maya’s Siren Powers.

I also wouldn’t mind a machine that allowed you to combine legendaries. So for example you have 2 infinity pistols put them in and select the parts of each that will go into the final product. Run that off eridium as well at maybe 500-1000 per use since people are complaining about having too much.

That was essentially the Grinder in BL2. It was awful RNG design. And anyone who’s experienced it wouldn’t want to see it back in BL3. There’s better ways to implement such a feature, and numerous (good) suggestions have been posted toward that end.

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I will eternally bump this thread( or until this is implemented)!

Just don’t forget about Tannis’s ability to also alter class mod variables using similar technique!

Love your idea! Please include idea for class mods as well. With so many possible variations of rolls on stats and secondaries there should be some form of control over it.

This would literally make me play this game again and the same way I played BL2 non-stop for years on end. The way things currently are, It just feels impossible to aquire the gear/annointments and class mod/variables that I want so I kinda gave up after realizing the futility of it.

Hurray for bacon! And Tannis!

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I get where you’re coming from and I disagree. The idea is basically reforging. Reforging never works because then people just farm the reforging currency instead of playing the game.

Why not use the anointed gear you get to it’s fullest potential?

Yeah, Earl could do Annointments, Tannis could do class mods and Marcus could change a weapon part out.

Borderlands hasn’t tradionally been this way but then again we have never experienced this vast amount of variables in individual peices of gear. It only makes sense to include now.

Given the choice between repeatedly farming for the piece of annointed gear you need or for the currency to obtain it, there is really no difference, except more options on how to play.

Because, for the first time in Borderlands history there are so many variables on loot that instead of being able to inplement my own particular playstyle, I now am forced into a playstyle dictated by random variables. Often the two don’t mix.


It is, at the barest level, reforging. But what do we mean when we say “They’ll do X instead of playing the game?”

What is the core gameplay loop of BL3?

  • Go to place
  • Push button
  • Shoot the baddies that show up because of button
  • Shoot the larger baddy that arrives next
  • Get loot, and see if it’s the loot you want
  • Repeat as necessary

Currently, though, the farming has a sense of futility to it because there are layers and layers of nested randomness. Hope something drops, hope it’s one of the rare somethings, hope it’s the correct one, hope it has good stats/skills, hope it’s anointed, hope it’s a useful anointment, hope it’s all or most of those…

(…and how does someone who doesn’t enjoy FL4K use a FL4K anointment to its fullest potential?)

A system like this addresses that concern while specifically preventing the one you claim.

Now, you still need to farm the item you’re looking for - it’s the Borderlands way - with some anointment. Then you can work on just fixing the anointment to something useful for your playstyle.

And, if you’ll note, there is a “mission” component. What does it involve? Going places and killing things to get looted items. The savvy among us will recognize that as “playing the game.” This ensures it is better to run bosses or something to get eridium rather than loading into an eridium-rich area, because you’ll be accomplishing two tasks at once (getting the quest done and getting more eridium).


It’s still reforging and leads to the same place, harvesting currency instead of playing the game.

The savvy among us also note that your idea of adding random mission elements is just as much of a time sink, if not more of one, than trading for the item you want.

But either way, I’m sure gearbox won’t state what their position is on any of this until they’re ready to implement a change.

I’m thinking they’ll implement a grinder just like bl2, eventually. We’ll see.