Here's my list of fixes I'd like to see in February

  • Pippie must die (or be removed/silenced/jettisoned into space)
  • Inventory lag needs to be fixed
  • Equipment icons need to be fixed. Most arrays start at 0, not 1.
  • FL4K’s pets need taming. I’m tired of them getting in the way of everything (in addition to the annoying noises they make, every 3 seconds. See Pippie must die).
  • All NPCs on Sanctuary need to stay away from my room. I’m getting tired of having to fast travel out of my room, or relog to get into my room (see Pippie must die). Better yet, remove all friendly NPC collision with players, especially near doors, stairs, and the Mayhem machine. Maurice just loves to walk directly in front of me, no matter my speed or direction. Why? (See Pippie must die)
  • Less talkative NPCs, I don’t need to hear the same NPC screaming the same line every 5 seconds (see Pippie must die).
  • Add filters for anointments by class (or key word searches).
  • Add more access to our vault. We should be able to hit it from the major locations on each planet.
  • Better filters for the Lost Loot Machine. I don’t want blues, or “It’s Poop” or any other cosmetic that I’ve gotten 100’s of already. They are worst than getting no loot, because they end up cluttering the LLM, and sell for nothing, so you’re just screwed if you leave them around. Stop with the Poop. Please?
  • Allow for the removal of skill points, at least until you exit the Echo. It’s not the money, it’s the annoyance of having to wipe everything because of a misclick. Ideally, we’d have full control, be able to see more data on our bonuses, and eventually have an armory-system that allows us to save builds.
  • Make ammo & health the lowest priority when trying to pick up stuff. Between their clutter and my pets, trying to get loot is a frustrating and annoying process (it should be fun, right?).

Any combination of these would make very happy and the game more enjoyable. Heck, if Gearbox had Hammerlock mount Pippie on his wall, I’d give them my BL4 preorder immediately.


only fix i wanna see is bonus elemental damage annihilated or recoded to never spawn extra projectiles and redistributors damage not going back and fourth between targets but only one way

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This! Wholeheartedly!


Dear GBX these are ones I would like to see implemented.

But ignore this one :grin:


I love Pippie

Also, it’s not that bonus elements accidentally spawn extra projectiles, it’s that extra elements are handled by creating another bullet. What you want is to make those impacts not share characteristics if the original bullet. But that’s probably less simple than “clone bullet at x percent and shift to elemental value b”.

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Since Gearbox is really good with nerfing stuff, I would like them to nerf OP characters with glitchy interactions with certain weapons, so that players aren’t always comparing their weaker VH to these OP characters/gear/builds/glitches.

Or better yet improved the weaker VH characters so that they are equally OP or broken like the other VHs.

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Also, citizens need to stop abusing the quick-change station…


A lot of very good points here. I will add mine too. Some might be already listed but I’m at work and quoting is harder than it looks during a meeting. If it happens so, credit to the original post. Withouth any particular order, here there are:

  • More divers content.
  • Regular hunt quests and additional ones, even if these are existing completed side quests but this will come with a twist.
  • Anointment assignment matrix to avoid rolling unusable ones.
  • Lag in menu and vault.
  • Add build (without weapons load) save/load. 3 per character.
  • Remove reset build cost. This should be done anywhere and anytime unless they implement restricted area where when started these are locked.
  • Buff most of the grenades and bouncing should have a semi tracking to try catching the foes into the blast area not bounce away from them.
  • Review / redesign the most of the shields to make more viable.
  • Remove the delay / lag of Iron Bear and Barrier drop / pickup. Especially when a lot of effects and full map, takes aegis.
  • Add instance reset to avoid save / load process and enjoy more farming.
  • Use the Captain Hunt map for daily / weekly / special events. Give us more to do and farm.
  • Gun-Gun is useless even with the increase drop-rate. As I said, add a quest that you can install it in a Eridium device and with it you can reroll anointments for a small eridiumfee. I state in a different post how many things you can let us do to this device to spice things up which includes perks reroll, new eridium anointment (only one can be on an item), adding these eridium (and the only way to do it) anointments to artefacts and mods. Etc. NB: If the player no longer have the gun-gun, a simple quest to get it will do to help them progress.
  • To improve the online matching and lag which is currently abysmal. It has lag even with friends team from same area with super strong internet.
  • To expand weapons (especially) viability by buffing it or redesigning it.
  • To allow us maintaining the party once created. Either like in Anthem and Diablo with Party lobby or something else.
  • Balance classes. The capability between combat healing vs. damage output must be similar with all classes and scale with the difficulty level.
  • Any patch and hotfix deployment to do only what is stated and not to mess anything else in the process.
  • More vault filters e.g. to show only some item types.
  • More space (as you promised) which includes backpack space.
  • Decrease chance to get anointments not for your class.

GBX said that they will focus in adding skill-trees on current classes and there are no plans to add classes. Their reason is that the player will play that new class and then will go back to the favorite. Well, flash news GBX, same happens with a new tree. Especially without builds management (see above). For me, I prefer a new class as that will keep me busy more than a new build tree will. Besides, a new story to unfold comes with a new class and a new playstyle. Besides, we have balance issues with the current skill trees. Another one will only bring unnecessary complexity, something that might even lienate new plyers! But that’s me.

EDIT: I almost forgot. Please add players filter when sending e-mail. I’m sick to scroll to find my offline friends. Add a recently emailed or something… Only a few play B3 and find them in the huge friends list is a pain.


And I forgot! Vanity items… The unlocked one should no longer drop! This is in games generations back!

EDIT: I give it chance… Look, when the last boss of the game regularly drops vanity items that I already own, and no dedicated or specific drops in 10s of runs, the game is absolutely broken!

Is not enough that Tyreen is annoying with those brainlessly added immunity phases due to lack is imagination, when done to get three legendary and all vanity items it’s utterly broken. It’s sad but it’s also true that all comes from a shallow design of the loot pool management. And I’d a loot oriented game…

EDIT again: 50 runs of Tyreen. Runs with no drops at all, runs only with vanity items. Not even one specific drop. The chest are simply showing the same items over and over again. Infinity, baby maker, woodblocker, some class mods, some other 2-3 legendary so bad that I don’t even recall their name. 50 runs and the only thing I get is a The Champion from chest. I took it for a friend. I got another 6 of those like are multiplied with Xerox machine, being identical! I don’t get it… What’s the farm purpose and what the event try to achieve?


woodblocker is useless… infinity is the only weapon i have to use on my M4 zane… and babymaker is also a good weapon…

Look, I’m Not saying that all of these are bad. But when comes over and over again, when you have 3 hellshock or 2 AAA or 2 any other useless legendary in the same chest, is not good.

NB: I farmed the chest after Tyreen. I’m sick of same vanity items and no dedicated or specific drops. 1 Queen’s Call in 100 runs and not anointed… I’m out!

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I think King’s and Queen’s Call were indeed a bit strong Then. But now are barely viable, especially in M4. I think these need some love too. Either fire rate and reload to be increased a bit (which I think will do) or magazine size! These are Crit dependent to perform while other do not. Just saying…

EDIT: we all know that the way the map works is far from optimal. However I do not understand the decision not to mark all named bosses and mini-bosses! All these needs to be shown on the map. It’s not that hard but it helps a lot!

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have to agree on the damn cosmetics dropping every damn time (and getting stuck in your inventroy where the vendors don’t pick them up and you have to manualy drop them or throw them off a damn cliff)

but for the others… dedicated loot should be fixed… the DLC does this great (allthough nothing from it will drop outside it) some bosses have a good lootpool but i think half the items don’t even have a dedicated lootsource and that right there is some broken crap (especialy the crew chalange weapons wich you can only get once without cheating)

imho the devs tried to many crazy ■■■■… and now they are pumping out events (wich after they end get a popularity rating and based on that will go permanent or get scrapped) to fix the game.

game needs dedicated loot pool for every single legendary! and make crew chalange weapons a part of said lootpool


So true and so annoying. I don’t recall last game I played where cosmetics are not indexed and once learned not to drop anymore.

There are a few basic issues with the game that were removed by most generations back. Some carryovers from B2 or even B1. And if they don’t use the same engine, which they shouldn’t, it means that they repeat the same mistakes. I’m not sure which one is the worst. Anyway…,


BL2 dropped the runner skins but that was it (there weren’t so many skins so the dups where easy to ignore as they where white items)

and you hit the nail right on the head! so many things caried over that should be either improved or fixed… (looking at the slam mechanic wich actualy use is on skywell… because it worked in low grav TPS doesn’t mean it works in this game)

the start of the game and its lack of vault? (in BL2 you could use your vault literaly 1 minuit after entering a new game) so many SIMPLE things that they just ignored…

not going to rant about the story but i will say this… forcing you to watch every excruciating second of the doofus twins ranting on and on about their dady issues realy killed the fun for me… i have 0 intrest left actualy replaying the main story EVER AGAIN! where i played BL2 from start to finish so many damn times… (but then again… BL2 had a decent story and antagonist was actualy fun to hear)

Actually, it doesn’t work in B3 BECAUSE they changed it. If they’d copied it across from TPS exactly (only available with an oz kit, huge boost to slam damage with oz kit, adds elements to every oz kit, no pause after slam, etc), it would have worked fine. The biggest problem was they ditched oz kits and returned to relics, only a few of which act anything like oz kits, and really weak ones at that.

Um. No, you couldn’t. Maybe on later playthroughs, but not a new game. TVHM and UVHM modes added a vault to claptrap’s hideout, if I remember right. Starting a new game required you to get to sanctuary, which was further into the game, I think.

Yeah, should have had this happen on a loop, on TV screens, so you could stop and watch if you wanted. Or have it pop up as a voiceover while doing stuff. NOT force you to stand still and listen to them.
One of the best things about Jack was he had Angel to let him pop up on your echo, whenever he wanted, so he interrupted you at ideal moments, adding to the game without taking a pause. The twins put you in timeout most of the times they speak, only sometimes talking over action/empty areas. I think they should have leaned into the echonet star thing more, and had the twins drop podcasts/echocasts around the maps, or send them directly to your echo, to listen to when you wanted. Would have fit better.

I loathe Pippie. That’s a good list. I’d like to see the Lost Loot Machine inventory increase.

The annointment for IB “getting hit while in IB has a chance of 20% to spawn a grenade” needs a fix. It´s annoying to unequip and equip after every IB use.

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Some ideas, some fixes, mostly pipe dreams lol:

  • Other ways to earn mission rewards including Moxxi’s, hammerlock, and other npcs, maybe adding their loot to enemies or bosses without a dedicated pool of their own.

  • On the same topic individual mission resets so we can farm mission loot, a preview of the reward a la borderlands 2, a choice of multiple rewards like BL2, or just generally a way to farm items that only have one non repeatedly once and done source like Embers Purge or the radio tower skins.

  • Loot chance increases via either a number of kills or some kind of player agency. For instance, after you kill X enemy for Y item Z number of times, the chance for Y increases. Or loot knockout systems where after you get items A and B then the next time you kill the enemy you get item C. A practice example would be kill Borman 25 times and if you haven’t gotten a cutsman but you got his other items, a cutsman will drop.

  • Eridium and Cash sinks. Maybe pay 10 eridium to reset a boss so you don’t have to save quit. Have an additional Marcus SDU where you can pay for additional vending machines on certain areas or basically customize where you want vending machines to go. Pay eridium or cash to increase chances for drops before bosses or areas or stuff like that. Upgrade crazy earls shop to carry a lot more stuff, or have all vending machines have a chance at legendaries. A purchaseable item with eridium or cash that increases loot chances, like artifact drop chance boosters, or assault rifle boosters.

  • “Server browsers” - I used quotations because I’m not talking about true server browsers, but more like a minor description of who’s in what game and what class they are.

  • Speaking of class our class mods should be displayed under our health bar.

  • Allegiance Anything. Maybe a guardian rank that increases stats for manufacturers, or artifacts that do so as well. Or a new stat roll on existing items that boosts stats for manufacturers but compounded or expanded upon like 5% extra damage for all torgue weapons, basically bonuses for using manufacturers exclusively.

  • Group save quit inclusion. Barring a solution for save quit farming which I already proposed, keeping groups together during save quit would enable an entire new way to play and keep playing with friends and groups.

  • Color customization. There’s already a color editor for our character skins, how about one for guns? Or a skin that lets you change textures or colors on guns and gear. We have a fair amount of skins already, but I’d like to customize my gun myself, cosmetically at least.

  • More gambling options. We have the new dlc with a little bit more gambling involved, how about more gambling machines, with a greater variety of rewards or a way to have more control over them.

  • More loot midgets and more varieties of them. I can’t remember the last time I’ve even seen one, they are far too rare if you aren’t specifically farming them, and there’s no map indicator of them in game. There could be eridium midgets, smg midgets, artifact midgets, cosmetic midgets, etc.

  • This pure fantasy, a video editor like the Theatre in Halo. Let us save, edit, and share videos of our adventures. It was insanely fun to freeze frame exact moments of chaos in halo, and share videos with friends. We have photo mode which captures moments, but theatre mode captures EVERYTHING.

I now realized this is a list of fixes topic and I’m just posting my own ideas here so let me get back on topic:

  • No timers on red chests, or a fix for the bug where a chest is permanently empty until x amount of time has passed.

  • Solidified floors where loot doesn’t vanish into the abyss.

  • Clippable npcs so you can walk through them without them blocking you.

  • Enemies going out of bounds preventing progress in multiple areas of the game.

  • Matchmaking fix so you don’t have to cancel and restart matchmaking to get a group for an activity, or the game dropping / disconnecting players before the matchmaking is finished. Also backfilling players automatically so you don’t have to keep matchmaking, and you can just turn off matchmaking if you don’t want it to backfill.

Ok that’s all I can think of for now, thanks for reading or ignoring, stay golden vault hunters.