Here's my main Gaige build not that survivable but overpowered

My other build was just my elemental + BFF gaige build. Can you guyz tell em if my main Gaige build is ok this is my very first gaige I built 2015

  1. Bee Shield
  2. Corrosive Practicable Conference call
  3. Shock gentelmen’s pimpernel
  4. Deputy badge
  5. patient prodigy class mod blue
  6. fire Practicable Conference call
  7. Hyperion Shock Proactive Plasma Caster
  8. Fastball used for grenade jumps

It looks Decent, mainly depends on what you are wanting that build to do.
The gear Looks good, was going to suggest the Sheriffs badge, but then remembered that the "Deputy’s Badge works real good with shotguns.

Just my preference, but with Gaige I never touch the “ordered chaos” tree, in BFF tree I have points (most may be maxed, can’t remember) in all except “Buck UP”, the rest of the points (and may not have used them all) go into the middle tree, except for “Make it Sparkle” and “Interspaced Outburst”

The main problem most seem to have with the third tree is when / if they use an infinity, with “Smaller, Lighter, Faster” Speced infinities will not fire, because their magazine size is reduced to zero. this may be worked around by equipping something that increases magazine size, if the person wants to use that tree and use an infinity now and again.

Mine, I see no advantages in having the first two choices of that tree, so I have not touched it. Others may (and do) disagree with me,

Back then, Death from Above didn’t hit as hard, and I’ve also never seen anyone with enough points to “spare” not put 5/5 in Close Enough (but it’s not like that won’t work). Also: Bee shield with no points in Best Friends Forever? That’s my kind of unorthodox.

[quote=“Jmababa, post:1, topic:1294420”]Fastball used for grenade jumps[/quote]Really? Does that work better than a naked grenade?

It’s interesting but if you don’t mind my suggestions?
Not sure which skills your class mod is boosting but w/o more of an investment into the more elemental aspects of the LBT tree the 2 points in More Pep are better spent getting DT out faster so I moved them to 20% Cooler along with 2 points from Typecast Iconoclast. You can make do w/o BSS but I also would take Unstoppable Force as well as Fancy Mathematics to help with maintaining your shields. If you do decide to get that skill give up the points in Potent As A Pony- DT will feel the loss more than Gaige will but with 4/5 in 20% Cooler he should be able to be summoned more quickly…

I spec into anarchy but I think your build is deathtrap is stronger than you. You should always shoot from cover. If your gonna spec into 20% cooler you shud’ve just gotten make it sparkle you’ll love explosive deathtrap

DT can’t turn explosive from MiS. Unless you mean explosive clap, which is nice for knockback, but not too great for damage.
Actually this is my current build- I used to have the points in BSS in Potent as a Pony but since I’m not fighting Hyperious at the moment I put them back there. I mainly use Fibbers, Lady Fists, DPUH and a Casual Swordsplosion with her along with a L. Anarchist class mod, although sometimes I’ll run the L. Mechromancer. DT can handle himself pretty well even on OP8 but sometimes you still need to get out there and help him out and while shooting from behind cover is always a good idea, there are those places where cover is hard to come by so it’s worth it to make sure DT can stand on his own- and get him out there as fast/often as possible…

That looks like my build, anyway, I wondered if the melee damage from strength of 5 gorillas and made of sterner stuff stack? I’m using a necromancer com that boosts MoSS.

(sorry for a slight derail)