Here's something that should be in a new patch..."Intelligent Resource Gathering"

It would take a lot of the micromanagement out of the game if the collectors can follow the line of resources.

Also, when you have a ship captured, your forces should immediately STOP FIRING ON THE BLOODY THING!


Yes. Oh goodness, yes. Harvesters are a pain in the neck right now- they mine out everything within a certain radius, then call it quits even if there are more resources within their visual range. Yet, when you reissue the harvest command to them, they happily trundle off to go suck some more dust even if the next available RUs are in an unvisited patch is on the other side of the map! A little consistency would be much appreciated here- have them continue to harvest as long as they can draw a line of sight to more resources (keep the radius, just expand it to the ship’s full sensor range).

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Also, I captured a missile destroyer, but it just kept spinning around with the salvages attached when it was half way to the mothership.

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Uuuh. No, I wasn’t. I was agreeing with you. Harvesters don’t work the way they should work, and like a hundred other things they need fixing. I clarified why I agreed with you. I’m not entirely sure where you got that I was making fun, but I’m sorry I gave you that impression.

My bad. I was waiting for the flame war to begin. Nice to see this is a sensible forum and not prone to shooting people down ecause they have an opinion. Sorry about that.

I would like them to look into those problems, though.

that means it needs more salvettes to successfully recover. obvious, really.

I think that’s a feature. It stops them from collecting down a vein of asteroids right into the enemy fleet.

It works better when resources are in clumps. They’ll mine out the clump and then say something like “Local Resources exhausted” and then you tell them to go mine another clump.

I sent 10 of them to capture it and of the 7 that survived, 4 latched onto it and started bring it in…then it stopped moving and started spinning around in circles.

“Feature, not a bug”.

Haha just kidding. Yeah, i’ve noted that it happens sometimes. Hopefully it will be fixed the coming patch.

I’m not sure I would like the resource AI to change though. On one hand, you are right. It is a hassle at times, especially on large maps. But like @wearwolf pointed out, suddenly having resource collectors rushing of into space could be a bit problematic.

I think the ratio “micro macro” is really hard to balance in this game.

Why not solve the problem with a simple toggle then? Could even wrap things into the existing “tactics” system or whatever.

Aggressive: Harvester will eagerly mine the entire map.

Neutral / Passive: Harvester will only mine a single clump of resources, then stand by for further orders.


That’s not a bad idea actually.

+1 and mark of approval! ^^

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Haha, That’s not a bad idea. I’d always leave it on aggressive though-

This has to be the most frustrating thing to me re-playing through the SP campaign (I figured out how to make tactics work, kind of)

I’ll be mid-mission micromanaging my fleet and expecting my harvesters to continue plugging away, but instead they stop or in some cases park themselves right back at the Mothership as if they’re done and I’m like Wait, There’s more! Where are my RUs?!

Does this same issue pop up in Multiplayer? I haven’t had a chance to hop in yet. Nontheless, a tactical gathering system would be a bit more interesting. If there were bigger changes to the future HW3 for example, it’d be nice to be able to set resource waypoints, i.e. an overlay on the main map that lets you select which pockets to pull from and then stop. This would give more fine-grained control over where you’re gathering without alerting an enemy fleet.

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I wish this is made reality. I got into the habit of recycling my ships to recoup resources.

I think I’d prefer them to have a preference to mine down into an enemy fleet. That I can keep an eye out for; the harvesters are generally not shy about telling me when they’re under attack.

They are often a little closed mouthed about whether or not there are actually doing their job or have run out of stuff to mine. Some sort of visual indicator might be nice, but I would settle for a consistent vocal notification that I can distinguish. Otherwise, they can keep mining down into a dangerous situation that I can actually see on the overall space radar.

(Having your harvesters accidentally run into an enemy harvesting operation or even the heart of their fleet is actually one of the best ways to find the little buggers given the tight limits on probes and the fact that Scouts all seem to move under the power of snails, even with boosters on.)

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Or instead of intelligent resource gathering with an aggressive behavior selection, someone should mod the game to go Company of Heroes style and do away with harvesters. Use capture points around space as areas that if you control you gain more income like COH. Holding a Relic area works this way, so its there to be modded in. Just use resource injection as the default and place ‘relic’ areas around the map. Now instead of harvesters camping on these locations you would see actual combat ships guarding the resource location. This is what HW3 should be as a ground floor design plan. Use the idea that came up with for COH and import it back to HW which would make the game way better.

Can we get a fix for salvage corvettes while you’re at it? Right now they’ll NEVER bring a captured ship to a carrier, they’ll always go to the mothership.


I noticed that when salvages bring bits of ships into a carrier, they stop and don’t move. I lost resources because they wouldn’t bring them in.

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