Here's the problem with "backdooring" in Incursion

I’ve watched that clip and right from the start the shield for your senrty on the minimap is flashing. It stops briefly and then starts again (just before you arrive back at the sentry). It’s at this point (the break in flashing) that Oscar Mike stopped shooting and dropped his ult, which finished off your shields (you can see that the shields weren’t dropped completely by his ult, it had only just started before you arrived).

Do you have any footage prior to this? That would show whether or not the shield flashing occurred or not.

The icon at the top of the screen never flashes… and there was no audio warning (I was specifically listening for it, because he’d done this previously in the match, which is why my sentry was damaged in the first place) I noticed the map icon was flashing, but the sentry icon at the top only flashed once, just as I stepped around the corner and it was almost completely out of shield… And it only flashed once. I’ve got clips where nothing is even happening near the sentry and it flashes multiple times.

No, I took the screenshot the moment I could stop playing to hit record (30 second clips on XBOX)

I mean I’ve got tons of clips of the announcement not going off… it going off when no one is around it… it not flashing while clearly under fire. There’s no reliable announcement anywhere, the only way to really know what is happening with your sentry is to baby-sit it.

In that case there must be some sort of bug with that. TBH I’ve never really noticed the big sentry icon flashing much, I’ve always been paying more attention to the shield on the mini map.

If the main sentry icon above it’s health bar is supposed to flash at the same rate as the shield icon then yes, it’s broken and needs fixing. I’m not sure that it has been designed that way though? Looking at your footage, it seems to flash I think when the shield is about to come down and then it flashes when your sentry hits 60% health. Looking at the one for the opposition, that only flashes once and that’s just as the shield comes down (I think) as just afterwards the health starts to drop.

Maybe a developer like @Jythri can clarify how the main sentry indicator above the health bar is supposed to work?

Well, if you watch all of the clips up in the first post, you can see that it’s clearly flashing while under fire the rest of the time, in fact the enemy team’s icon was flashing in this clip while we were firing on it, there’s even (randomly) an exclamation point that accompanies it when your sentry is taking damage.

The icon on the mini-map was working, but how is that to help a team when they’re on offense and far enough away that they can’t see the mini-map icon?

It flashes just as I look at it, moments before the shield comes down also.

I’d love to have a dev comment on this issue, actually.

As I said in my last post, the enemy sentry icon in your last clip only flashes once whilst under fire (unlike the minimap icon which is flashing throughout).

There’s definitely something odd going on with the indicator, whether it’s buggy and not working properly or it’s flashing in a different way from the minimap icon.

In this clip, you can see that it’s not flashing throughout whilst firing is occurring, there are periods of a few seconds when it flashes and when it doesn’t.

There’s definitely inconsistencies in the other videos too.

So yes, some clarification from a develop as to if this is indeed broken and if it isn’t, how the main sentry indicator flashing differs from the one on the minimap would be helpful.

For the record I think that both should show the same indication. :slight_smile:

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lol, I hadn’t even noticed that their indicator got a little buggy during that clip.

It still was “flashing” but really slowly about half-way through the shields…

This thing is just a mess.

Honestly speaking I can’t understand why more people aren’t on board with Volume. Anyone who plays Battleborn for a sense of completion can tell this just feels wrong.

If your team is losing a basketball game you might as well bring your own basketball and just stand under the other team’s hoop making baskets and call it a “win”.

And of course, if you’re following the majority of the opinion of the people on this thread then it would be the other team’s fault for not realizing that some idiot brought his own ball and was “winning” for his team.

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I support fixing it. That’s gotta be a bug. However, OM backdooring and shooting it and gradually moving and nading it to death, or at least til shields are gone, is a very viable strategy. And fair.

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I completely agree, there’s no reason a team can’t co-ordinate a push against a sentry as a last-ditch emergency effort. This happens a lot in MOBA’s usually after a wipe of the enemy team to punish them for losing the last big team-fight. It makes for some really exciting last minute plays.

I really just think they need to fix it so that’s how it works and not with the cheap way it’s being used right now is all.

Oh god… who started a discussion about backdooring within earshot (eyeshot?) of @V0LUM3?? :joy:

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Would love to see a Devs opinion on this. I’d tag the community manager but can’t remember his username. Can anyone tag them?

I think backdooring is fine.

You have to keep an eye on your sentry’s health and if it’s health bar is blinking.

You might think you are chasing a false flag but most likely someone tried to backdoor and got chased off.

By level 5 or 6 a solo player can really burn down a sentry and that helps teams that are trying to come back after losing their first Sentry.

You wanna know how I know that you didn’t read the first post???

Let me re-word it then.

I have no problem noticing when the visual health bar of the sentry is blinking.

Let me re-word it then.

The visual health bar of the sentry doesn’t always blink.

You can’t notice something that doesn’t work.

There are multiple examples of this in the first post.

Therefore: You didn’t read the first post and you don’t understand the issue being discussed.

This. If this happened, problem solved. There should be no “safe spot” to attack the sentry from. Period.


You seem very hostile because I disagree with you. In the first video it looks like they had just started attacking the sentry cause it had full shields and it did blink a couple of times.

I also noticed the sentry icon blinked twice. Just not for every strike.

I wouldn’t mind a shield health indicator though.

Hostile? Nope, just frustrated that people continually make statements without taking the time to actually comprehend the entire issue and I have to constantly reiterate things I’ve already said… and in the first post no less.

Case in point: Video 4, our sentry lost its entire shield without blinking, it blinked once, in the middle of an OM ult, but you claim there’s “no problem” with it and you can just use it as an indication of when your sentry is under attack… yeah, that’s frustrating.

You’re not saying “it’s fine, even with the buggy UI you can still catch people doing it” you’re literally saying that the UI works… when it doesn’t, and after I’ve already gone to the trouble of uploading videos for all the people before you that claimed it works just fine…

Yeah, that’s frustrating.


Please keep saying backdoor.

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I like to backdoor people. I backdoor hard and fast. Sometimes you dont even know im backdooring you until its too late. When i backdoor, i go all the way. Some people dont like getting backdoored, some dont care about getting backdoored. Some people hate getting backdoored so much that they will just get up and leave.



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