Hermivorus Mission

Have completed this once but cannot access it again, although I talk to Claptrap on Sanctuary the exclamation mark does not reappear , I have more than enough Eridium so what am I doing wrong? Help please it’s driving me nuts, am desperate for a Ringer Grenade.

You can do that mission only once. After you complete it, the Darkthirst Dominion map will appear on Pandora. You fast travel there like you would to any other map, make your way like you did on the mission and once you’re at the door, you’ll pay the 500 Eridium toll and you’re ready to go. That’s it.

Edit: lemme just… @tuck7216 :smiley:

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Off topic but …

After the election, I now hate the word Dominion

You have no need to.

Although I will admit that there are plenty of other things that I’m not exactly fond of after the last US election.

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