Hero Balance Good? Bad?

(Tyler ) #1

So, I’ve now played with and against the hero Shane & Aurox and from my experience on both sides, this hero is far too strong, even without items. High Dps High Hp High Resistance to Damage. He man handled everyone with ease.

What’s everyone else’s experience with this hero? Or any other.

(Skelion) #2

Most people probably haven’t played more than 10-20 pvp matches. Might need a little more time before shouting nerf.

(Tyler ) #3

Just basing it off my experience from the CTT compared to now. Also just played against Shane & Aurox again, I think it’s more along the lines of him being too strong early game. He seems to level out late game

(devyn_stroud@yahoo.com) #4

Melee characters tend to be powerful early game and fall off from there unless they get super-fed. Make sure you aren’t overextending and punish melee when they do extend outwards.


My experience has been that Rath is the OP hero. High Speed and High Attack make him ridiculous early and late game unlike S&A whom do level off in late stage play.

(Jokerking9211) #6

Early game melee characters are good, but in incursion mode once you get close to turrets and such they lose alot of their power. Be mindful of your positions and try to stay behind your minions, if a melee character chases you into a group of your minions they are likely to get stuck and are pretty easy targets. Remember this isn’t COD this is more like a MOBA where position is very important.


I will agree with him, and I HAVE played a LOT of pvp. thats all i play. Shane&Aurox needs a slight looking-at. Also Attikus, and Rath. I have been able to 1v1 and group battle them in many different cases. Any player that has played at least 6-8 games pvp will be able to roll people with ease… far to much ease in fact. With a healer Shane%Aurox is nearly impossible to take down, with anything short of a half team. The characters in this game need more balancing. Anyone shouting that they’re fine at this point needs to play more and/or not be greedy. Having the game reduced to teams not running certain characters getting crushed over and over without anyway to win… thats really lame and a shame.

(ScrubBot) #9

Is it just me or is Toby horrible and needs some buffs?

(Link3895) #10

I’ll be honest, my time with Shayne seemed a bit underpowered, guess it just depends how the character is used, as with every character.

Also…Shayne is a girl.

(Sammy182) #11

I think before we start saying OP this and NERF that we should let the players skill level get better. I think what we are seeing are people who know how to play certain players go against new people who are still learning the game and saying that the characters are OP. I have been any many matches against S&A and Rath on the same team and my team wrecked their face. Right now it is a huge gap in player skill and we need to let that level out before Gearbox starts making changes.

(leobra2106) #12

El Dragón and Shayne and Aurox surpass Rath and Phoebe when we talk about melee characters. They have high damage and a large amout of shield and health, i think they need a little nerf. Don’t know about Deande, i did not have the opportunity to play with her yet.

(velvet.hammer71685@gmail.com) #13

i agree dragoon ■■■■■ on rath starting from level 1… that 30% damage debuff for 8 seconds out the gate detroys any melee character that early

(Sammy182) #14

You counter that with Oscar Mike and shield pen. With the right helix and load out I can get him to destroy your life when you have full shield. Add the debuff of Reyna to that and I just owned your El dragon and A&S. That’s my point before you say they need a debuff/nerf learn to counter first.


Any objective look at balance is going to be hard this early on. Everyone will have a character they will lean towards that suits their playstyle but we also need to not shout OP every time someone is on a hot streak.

Obviously there are some toons that seem super buff at the moment but individual skill is also a pretty big factor.

Eg. I love the look and feel of Rath, see him high on the scoreboard fairly regularly and do a bit of brown when he comes running at me. However, i’m terrible at playing him. Can’t get the timing, tactic, whatever. I suck. On the other hand, I have had great success with Oscar Mike. He also may have a couple of moves which maybe, sorta might be a tiny bit OP, but again, suits my playstyle for whatever reason. I also see some not so good OMs who do nothing for a whole match. Seen some cannon fodder Miko’s, but seen some who rock the Biosynthesis build and I opt to commit honorable Seppuku to save myself the trouble.

General balance is all well and good but character variety is what these games are built upon. If everyone is same same, it’s grey and boring.

(leobra2106) #16

Learn to counter… I remember that argument when some tried to defend Rath and Phoebe in CTT… Shield Penetration? This should not be something to be used against tanks instead of dps? And i’m making a comparative with other melee characters, not with long range characters.

(CR10s in advanced difficulty = :() #17

While I think it’s much too early to start talking about nerfs and buffs, certain characters can be considered strong- depending on things like game mode, skill level, etc. Galilea seems really strong in my opinion(That two second stun is a death sentence provided she times it correctly), but I also know that she can’t block nearly as much as any of the other brawlers, like Boldur for example, so by constantly applying pressure(and not turning and running as I see people do the moment their shield drops) she can be just as easily brought down as anyone else. People are quick to shout what is and isn’t OP without actually looking at someone’s skillset to see what counterplay they have.

(Rath137) #18

I never really had a problem going against Shane, so long as I ambushed with Rath, played smart with Miko, or just kept my distance with Ambra I always took Shane down and more often then not. :confused:
Now I will say Shane can take a hit and dish it out but on in CQC outside that never and issue.


Hordes of people crying “Nerf Galiea! Nerf Ambra!” will be echoed throughout these forums. Don’t listen to them. Every character has their strengths and weaknesses.

(Dwarfurious) #20

Some of them just have bigger strengths and less weaknesses :slight_smile:

(Tmcbron) #21

Most of the problems are characters being to underpowered than OP. They did a pretty good job putting ghalt in a much better spot, now they could do the same with whisky foxtrot by boosting damage, HP, and increasing scrap cannon damage by 500% and lowering the cooldown on his sticky nade. Making his rifle explosive would be cool too. Atticus needs his damage brought up by alot as well.