Hero balancing and changes

Please buff Whiskey’s damage just a bit. He is fodder compared to Mike at this point.

Yeah, removing his speed would change his character too much, changing the whole playstyle. Just gotta be better at the ‘Gun’ part of 'Run and Gun"

Here is my ideas for balancing.

A. Whiskey needs a boost in damage. He is a joke even in PvE I can do 2x more damage then him on a Montana.

B. Galilea either needs a slight damage reduction or her stun not to last as long. Get 1 stun off on a squishy character and its as good as over. Her stun being so easy to hit and range just makes it powerful.

If they wanted to change mechanics I would say make it a shield bash so it is not ranged as well, but I know some of her Helix is about shield recovery so would need an overhaul.

C. Kleese in the right hands is actually to strong in my opinion, his barrage is worthless but he can do a lot of damage with his Tesla and his turrets are really strong especially on incursion. He also has a 120hp healed a second on his helix for anyone standing near him which is strong as well.

I think the main thing I would do with him his maybe drop the hp heal to 80 and make it so his turrets are easier to take out or have a longer cooldown. Sometimes it feels like I am taking down 1 just to see another in its place unless I can AOE blast them all.

D. Ghalt is my main, but I feel he needs to be toned back a bit now. 50% was probably to much. maybe more in the 30-35% range would have been better.

E. Deande at the moment feels useless compared to the other assassins. I am not saying she is horrible, but other characters can do the role much better then she can since most others like Rath, Shayne, Pheobe etc. have some form of knock up/stun/capture while she just has a stun on her ulti that leaves her vulnerable while casting, and the stun really only helps in team fights as they are basically unstuned once the animation is done.

F. Boulder needs a smiggin more base speed.

G. Kelvin I love, but needs a smiggin less base speed.

Their might be more characters that need some rework, but that is what I saw the most of.

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I Definately agree with pretty much all of this. Whiskey i haven’t played as, but his primary DPS should rival Oscar Mike’s, Galilea’s stun should increase with distance, from 1second min to 2sec max (i think it is at 2-3sec atm) to help her close the gap. Deande i havent played, but watching videos, i agree she needs a buff.

We need to wait Porix advice for miko :wink:

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( I wont quote everything for some obvious reason )

As a main Miko i don’t think there is much to change, as you said Miko is pretty balanced

I love this idea but it would also make him to OP for me, more you heal more you burst on Cloud of Spores ?

Else i think Miko doesn’t need more change expect some HUD change : Adding a Hud for Miko’s Alt fire (Target heal?)


I don’t think she needs a dmg reduction but having a silence plus a stun skill that is easy to deploy might be a bit too much. It should be like Rath, make it a helix skill and make you choose in either have a silence skill or a stun skill, not both.

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How dare you??? (and 30-40% is not slightly…)

Not only that she also gets a mutation that makes her AOE debuff pull enemies so she has Range AOE silence + Range stun + range AOE pull + invincible shield blocking + great damage + Wound enemy so they cannot heal + Ultimate is a great escape that heals her a lot + Other great self heals + Movement speed increase/ AOE decrees.

She basically has every type of great ability with 0 weakness. She is simply 1 of those characters that something needs to to be re balanced in some way by giving something up otherwise why even bother playing Rath really, when she can do everything and more then what he can by far. To top it off her mutations are much better.

I like her and Rath, but in a real competitive fight I would probably always choose her any day hands down.

I think a great fix personally would make it so her shield can only withstand about 300-400 points of damage that only gets regenerated after 5 seconds of not being used, then it breaks if the damage is over that limit and is gone for 7-10 seconds before it re spawns meaning she cannot shield stun or block during this time

Well is not because of his tmp that I could not get the kill. I use his tmp to whittle down their health and then finish them with a grenade or a gravity burst but that does not work if they get a over shield right when my skill lands. Getting kills with Caldarius not much of a problem since I just rely on my opponent not knowing when I am going to strike. Basically attack them to annoy them get away from them and allow them to forget me. Get distracted by some else and then BAM kill them when they least expected with a grenade, gravity burst or a Aerial Assault. He always says " they will not see me coming" hence if you play that way you can get a lot of kills that way. I can get plenty of kills getting people who try to run back to their base because I can easy dodge the turrets kill them and get back to safety.

Yes I’m aware of the tmps use, but it must do more damage to make him good at his role, as is he is the worst character in the game and it’s not even close. For the most part it doesn’t matter if they don’t know when you’re going to strike, there is no way you can dive anywhere close to their base(at least in meltdown) with Caldarius, you just simply don’t kill fast enough. The coolest part of Caldarius(which you have NO IDEA how much i love) is the exo like movement, like you said, but all it’s good for escaping. Escaping from poke and engagements isn’t going to help your team’s cause.

Well, the nice movement is good for escaping AND engaging, hence the Hit and Run of him. You gotta be able to get in, get some good shots in on the enemy, and by the time they notice you and are ready to fight you, you have zipped away or almost killed him. Like a really annoying mosquito. But at the moment, the damage is just not enough that it actually does anything, just attract enough attention to get you killed. A Run & Gun character should be the counter to assassin characters, damaging them, evading their high DPS attacks, and taking away their minimal health. That means that Caldarius doesn’t need great damage, because he isn’t killing tanks, but right now he doesn’t even have enough damage to guarantee him an advantage against Assassins.

I think Caldarius is a tough character to balance, i’ve seen my friends so extremely well with him, and mellka who are pretty similar. he has so much escape that buffing him more might break him. he’s already much better than in the Technical, just like Mellka. they’re in a good spot right now, they just require more skill, or different tactics than almost every other BattleBorn.

Ambra though, is very good against a team of beginners, or people without an understanding of the game’s mechanics, which is why she’s performing so well, sort of similarly to Galilea. I have no problem shutting down enemy Ambras when i’m playing with friends or competent players, same with Galilea. i don’t care one way or another if they get nerfed, but i wouldn’t want anyone nerfed into unplayability like Whiskey Foxtrot.

Also I’m not sure what Deande is meant to be but, she needs a large buff.

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I have expanded upon my Toxicity idea for Miko, and have linked to an expanded version that i posted in a separate forum post above. I encourage people to check it out and tell me what you think.


Ambra: I think the main change for Ambra would be to change the targeting on her base life steal attack, make it so that you have to actually target a character, instead of just hold down the button and run around near them. That would help alot with keeping her from just kiting opponents around endlessly like she did in the beta. Also reduce the movement speed helix option where she gains 60% movement speed once her flame shield activates, nothing was more annoying that having her about to die only to get that shield and turn and run all the way back to her base.

Caldarius: Yeah, something needs to be done here. He seems like he’s supposed to be a midrange skirmisher type but the damage really is to low to make good use of him. A base damage increase on his gun would do alot for him. Maybe some changes to his helix as well to give him so burst damage.

Deande: I played a decent amount as Deande, and while I would welcome a damage boost I fear that even a small boost might push her into overpowered range pretty easily. Both her Holotwin and Burst Dash are pretty good abilities for an assassin character and Blink Storm was usually a death sentence once I had an opponent isolated.

Phoebe: Only played a few matches with her but it does seem like she needs some changes. One random idea would be to give her base melee more of a range element, maybe have two of her sword puppets attack with each melee swing hitting for 50% damage 3 meters or so away from Phoebe. That might help with buffing her damage and making her more dangerous both to players and minions.

One thing to remember when talking about buffing any character is that there are 5 additonal helix options you can unlock, so keep that in mind before going crazy with the buffs. While some of those options aren’t great coughRathcough other’s can make a character a lot more dangerous and can cover up some of the flaws a character has.

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IMO caldarius needs a dmg boost to everything except his ult.

Maybe just a cooldown reduction for his abilities. They aren’t terrible for dmg, but a 20 sec cooldown is awful for his flashbangs. That’s pretty much once an engagement use. His dash has a long cooldown too, but it’s not as bad. A base dmg increase on both his primary and secondary would be nice considering as someone else said he doesn’t even pose a threat to assassins or snipers. Literally I found a Marquis on the sniper ledge in incursion more than once and when flashbang was on cooldown (all the time basically) I couldn’t push him away.

Deande isn’t bad. With some practice she’s pretty deadly. Plus her holotwin doubles for literally the best escape in the game.

Rath needs a nerf and I still don’t see how anyone argues otherwise. He has mad CC, crazy dmg, and great self sustain? how is that balance? He’s not the squishiest… There are other characters that nobody is calling UP and they have zero CC and less dmg.

I never found fighting Rath to be that bad, I guess cause I played with him alot at the start I knew his play style and abilities fairly well and was able to kill him alot. Honestly he was my favorite character to see in enemy lineups as it meant atleast 5 easy kills. Alot of people seem to have found him overpowered though, and I guess Dreadwind can be pretty devastating if you get caught up in it

Caldarius doesnt need any buff, he just needs to be played correctly. I’ve played against some Caldarius and they almost carried their respective teams, he isnt a assassin, you’re not supposed to go 1v1 with everyone and expect to win.
Not all characters are meant to be played aggressively ( although you can, thats why he has a sword).

Gali has better CC, she has silence, bleed AND stun, much higher dmg and can have powerfull ranged dmg, much better health regen and has an escape strategy which Rath lacks.
The same with Phoebe, only difference is that you can somewhat escape her ult but Rath ult can be easily canceled, and he is vulnerable while doing, Phoebe can cast her ult which cant be canceled and still fight you after casting it.

So no, dont think either char needs adjustment.