Hero Characteristics

Continuing the discussion from Penguin in a Mech Suit: Toby:

It looks like the official site finally got updated with the Hero Characteristics. Some of you might have noticed that they removed the Pip system (2 health / 3 power / 4 speeds / 2 range) a little while back. Some of you also might have noticed that on my website i provided Class & Skill Level info on the heroes for some time now.


The design team moved away from the PiP system, all heroes now have 3 Characteristics that describe them. Here is a note i got from @Jythri a while back.

Toby’s descriptors are:

  • ADORABLE - He actually just is cute. Not really a gameplay description, but definitely a draw for the character.
  • TERRITORIAL - Toby is good at area control. “Territorial” is our new descriptor for characters that are strong there. “Marquis” also has the Territorial descriptor.
  • ADVANCED - A classification of how difficult it is to learn / play the character. We have three levels here: Easy (very straightforward play), Advanced (Character has ability combos you need to pay attention to in order to use them well, and Complex (character requires use of combos, specialized skills, or technical play to use them well)

Other Announced characters and their classifications:

Ambra: Versatile, Healer, Complex
Benedict: Mobile, Pusher, Advanced
Boldur: Tank, Brawler, Complex
Caldarius: Mobile, Skirmisher, Advanced
ISIC: Tank, Disruptor, Complex
Marquis: Territorial, Sniper, Advanced
Mellka: Agile, Assassin, Easy
Miko: Combat, Healer, Easy
Montana: Controller, Initiator, Advanced
Orendi: Agile, Skirmisher, Easy
Oscar Mike: Versatile, Pusher, Easy
Phoebe: Brawler, Assassin, Advanced
Rath: Agile, Assassin, Easy
Reyna: Rescuer, Shielder, Advanced
Thorn: Agile, Sniper, Advanced
Toby: Adorable, Territorial, Advanced

Looking at some of the helix skill trees they haven’t been updated yet (02/27/2016). 2K Did send me some helix videos of the heroes a few weeks back. I analyst them and made a change log with all the new balance updates. This is a comparison between coming from the CTT and what i got 3 to 4 weeks ago. Since Battleborn is still heavy in development some things might already have changed a bit. But you can see some heroes got a make over since the CTT.

One other thing you might notice is that some status effects have changed. Stun was a very powerful tool to have, some of these got turned into slow. But there is also a new status effect called Silence and if you watched some of the new Lets Plays you can see that the Blind effect has a new VFX. So i also made a page on my website with “all” the status effects and which abilities/skills make use of them.

The Profile pages of the 3 new heroes, whiskey foxtrot, kelvin, and Shayne & Aurox are online at my site but yet at the official website. I pulled all the info i could get from the videos and made some profile pages from them. Wrote down their abilites and listed a few of there helix skills. There is also some Gameplay and screenshots of them on there and yes im working on getting wallpapers online for these guys.

Well i hoped this helps out with keeping up2date with the game.


wow mars, this is really neat, THANKS FOR GATHERING THE INFO FOR ME MAN

Much appreciated that you are keeping us updated so well, Mars!

[quote=“MentalMars, post:1, topic:1268351, full:true”]
The design team moved away from the PiP system, all heroes now have 3 Characteristics that describe them.[/quote]
It’s better that way than the previous one, yeah.
It’s good to get an idea of the general design of a Battleborn.

The new blind is much more effective. Now you can only see the things in your peripheral it seems. I like it.

Silence status effect is the scariest thing. I hope its distribution remains very VERY limited.

I laughed at Orendi’s nerfing, I was advocating her buffing during the CTT, so I found it humorous.

Also, I’m glad to see that Montana got buffed into a beefier tank, well deserved.

ALSO…with the new characteristics, it kinda denotes their roles but I will miss being told upfront how fast/strong/healthy/ranged/speedy a character is in relation to others.

And finally, this was pretty informative and convenient to see these changes listed here. I noticed them but didn’t feel like finding them all (nor could I if I tried), so thanks.

Except she isn’t in need for a buff? Her ability to mitigate cooldown to ridiculous low levels makes her a DPS monster already.

I was advocating her survival-power to be buffed, instead her life-steal was nerfed. Very sweet irony.


20 percent life steal, coupled with the damage she dishes out made her hard to take out unless the person playing Orendi missed a target.

Well, she is pretty much a glass canon, i don’t expect her to survive much if she take damage.
Plus she got a Blind and a Dodge ability.

Also, she might have had her base stats changed (Health points and shield)

Good. As slow as he moved, he needed something: either more health or a faster movement speed.

This is very well possible. It was mentioned that these stats would get buffed for some heroes, but i don’t have access to those numbers yet. The most important thing to take from the balance list is that some skills completely changed. The tweaks with skill-X now does 2 points less damage isn’t that shocking.

Silence is a powerful skill and i have only encountered 2 heroes having it. We don’t know the full helix skill trees of Kelvin, Whiskey Foxtrot, and Shayne yet, so they are still up for consideration and there are 2 more heroes coming. I could also throw in the mutators, 5 additional skills for every hero… so everything is possible :wink: