Hero coliseum mode!

5v5 teams
Best 2 out 3 round single death rounds
Maps similar to meltdown
All heroes start at level 10
Neutral mobs will be hostile to both sides
No gun placements
Specific shard spawns and few health stations
Cool downs reset beginning each round
(Maybe change characters between rounds)
Every so often one of 4 hazards will unleash upon the stage or 5 hazards if mobs become a hazard of their own

Pretty much an epic showdown where shards and health points can gain you an advantage but might also leave you vulnerable to to ambushes.


I like the sound of a mode where you spawn at level 10. Imagine spawning with all your gear activated too…

The issue with this kind of mode is that there would be a definative best group of heros to play in it. The reason there is no 1v1 or deathmatch in battleborn is because there would be heros who would dominate and heros who would be worthless in it, i.e playing a healer in a 1v1.

Additionally, late game characters would be king here. Phoebe and El Dragõn would rip through the rest.

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Boldur would literally kill everyone


I should have specified it was still a team based game 5v5. I’ll edit.

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Still boldur would decimate with that sweet sweet axe mastery

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