[Hero Concept] Andani, Eldrid Supporter [Concept Art]

I made a guy. Let’s see how he do. I’m gonna use Svenny1313’s “model” for the text part, although my art isn’t good as his. Cheers.


Health: ■■□□□
Power: ■■□□□
Range: ■■■■□
Speed: ■■□□□


The Eldrid are a faction mostly known for their passiveness and one-ness with nature and each other. Andani is none of those things. Like most Eldrid, Andani is part of a dying species; something akin to a Pterasaur and the martians from that one Scooby-Doo movie. (you know the one.) He joins the Eldrid faction because 1) he hates everyone and 2) the rogues’ punkish and mechanical environment was bad for his complexion. Like most winged predators, Andani has excellent vision; shown prominantly with his skills with the crossbow.

Andani is a quirky dude, although, in this universe, who isn’t? He’s cocky and unpleasant, with a kind of screechy, grating voice. Andani would rather work alone than associate himself with anyone else, which is fine by everyone else, because he’s a d :flushed:k.

Constantly on the lookout for prey and predators alike. He seems to struggle with the weight of his crossbow, but handles it just fine. His wings are usually folded unless he’s flying or showing off.

Andani is a bit slow in terms of attacking and moving, and very frail, but has great utility and excellent range. Ironically, Andani should never really fight an opponent alone, but he works more like an environmental hazard than a teammate. When pushed into a corner, Andani has a few tricks to get out of range of the opponent and keep it that way.


  • Passive - WingMan: Andani’s wings have a use, believe it or not. His jumps are very slow and floaty, but he can jump up to 5 times in the air.

  • Weapon - Crossbow: Andani’s oversized crossbow can fire conventional bolts that deal a 50+2 per level damage. He has to reload after every shot, however, which takes a couple seconds. The bolts fired using Andani’s skills count as conventional bolts if they hit an enemy.

  • Talent - See ya, Suckers!: Andani’s alternate fire flaps his wings to blow a gust of wind forward, knocking enemies and himself back away from each other. He can use this in mid-air, but if he does he cannot jump again until he lands. This can be used to get to places quickly, but remember, he can’t see where he’s going.

  • Quick Melee - Andani raises his crossbow and smashes it downwards in an overhead blow. This deals 40+2 per level damage and makes the opponent stagger a bit, messing up their accuracy and slowing them for a second.

  • Skill 1 - Thundercap: Andani fires a bolt that contains spores of the deadly Thundercap toadstool. When the bolt lands (either on a surface or a unit) a Thundercap sprouts from the landing point, emitting electricity that shocks surrounding enemies for 30+3 per level damage every half second, lasting 10 seconds. Cooldown: 35

  • Skill 2 - Gas Shot: Andani fires a bolt that emits a noxious gas as it travels. Enemies that are in the gas take 10+1 damage every quarter second, and this effect stays on them until they are out of the gas for 7 seconds. When the bolt lands, it stays there for 5 seconds and emits the gas in an expanding area around it. Cooldown: 30

  • Ultimate - Bond Shot: Andani readies 2 bolts in his bow, allowing him to shoot twice without reloading. If each of the bolts hits a different unit, the units will fly toward each other, meeting at the middle. This effect ends if the units collide or if 2 seconds have passed. If the units collide, enemy units will take 60+3 per level damage. If Andani hits a unit and then does not fire his crossbow for 7 seconds, the effect is cancelled. Cooldown: 60

###Level 1:
Shock the Hand: If it lands in an enemy, Thundercap will damage the enemy hit along with all enemies in the radius.
Launchpad: Andani will jump upwards and backwards a good amount if he hits an enemy with his Melee attack.

###Level 2
Onslaughter: Reduces the time it takes to reload the crossbow by 33%
Good Medicine: Allies hit with skills heal for 20% of their max HP.
###Level 3

Tear Gas: Enemies affected by Gas Shot’s effect have their vision blurred. The effect worsens the longer they are affected.
Laughing Gas: Allies in Gas Shot’s area of effect take 20% less damage from all sources.
###Level 4:

Fight n’ Flight: Kicks up a cloud of gas while using “See Ya, Suckers!” that lasts 2 seconds.
Shock Therapy: Thundercap can now shock allies, increasing their movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds.
###Level 5:

Propogation: If an enemy dies within 3 seconds of taking damage from Thundercap, a Thundercap sprouts from their corpse that lasts 6 seconds.
Condensation: Enemies affected by Gas Shot for 8 seconds are stunned for an additional 2 seconds.
###Level 6:

The Spread: Increases the radius of Thundercap and Gas Shot by 150%
I’ll be right back!: Andani’s movement speed doubles for 4 seconds if his health goes below 75.
###Level 7:

The Rot: Enemies killed while under the effect of Andani’s skills emit Gas for 5 seconds.
Nice Gas: Allies in Gas Shot’s area of effect benefit from greatly increased health regen.
###Level 8
And another thing!: Successfully hitting an enemy with a conventional bolt reduces all cooldowns by 2.
How Embarrassing!: An enemy hit with Andani’s melee attack is stunned for .5 seconds before suffering the stagger.
###Level 9:

Medical License: All effects that come directly from Andani’s skills are doubled in efficiency.
Bigger Bags: All Gas and Thundercap effects last twice as long.
###Level 10:

Electrical Bond: Enemies hit by Bond Shot are stunned for 2 seconds if they collide.
Healthy Bond: Allies affected by Bond Shot gain rapid health regen for 10 seconds or until the other bonded unit dies.

###When selected

  • Finally! Where’s my bolts?”

###When seeing an enemy:

  • “Prey spotted!”
  • “Agh, this is the last thing I needed!”
  • “Ohoho… one of us is gonna have a really bad day.”
  • “Hey, don’t kill me! Kill that guy! He’s got more meat!”

###When Scoring a hit with a Bolt:

  • Arrow’d!
  • Ping!
  • Ouch! I almost feel bad! Almost.”
  • ‘obnoxious snickering’

###When hitting an enemy with “See ya, Suckers!”:

  • “See ya, suckers!”
  • “Smell ya later, losers!”
  • “Whoop! So close!”
  • “I-I’ll be right back, I promise!”

###When using Thundercap:

  • “Fly! Be free!”
  • And for my next trick…”
  • "And was it you who ordered the mushroom?”
  • "I’ve got your back! Hehehehehee…”

###When using Gas Shot:

  • “Deep breaths, now!”
  • “Hehehee! It wasn’t me, I swear!”
  • “Hoho! Haha!”
  • ‘deep breath’ "Haaah! I love the smell of rot in the morning!

###When using Bond Shot:

  • “Now, let’s all get along, boys!”
  • “Now, kiss!
  • Reeeel 'em in!”

###Conceptual Art:
Almost makes me embarrassed to post this art in lieu of Svenny’s but I opted to make it… simple, if a bit cartoonish and primitive.

And there he is, ladies and gentlemen.

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Can do. Sorry, I got confused when one of the single concept threads just popped into my attention and I didn’t check how recent it was.

Svenny1313’s “model” is actually mine. But I am flattered that you used it as well. :kissing_heart:

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