[Hero Concept] Clarissa, Healer/Dps

Name: Clarissa Angelica Tetracarth IV
Faction: LLC

Born and raised in a medical clinic run by her father. She loves to tinker with healing tech and robots often messing with Toby’s rig when he’s not looking. Spunky, saucy, and less sophisticated than some of the other LLC members, but clearly smart, capable, and mature for her young age. After her dad never came back from medical duty on Panarch, Clarissa decided to join up with Ghalt and the Battleborn to help keep the last star safe from the Varelsi and Jennerit forces.

Clarissa wields a large hammer which she uses quite swiftly due to her strength. She fights in an aggressive manner, but doesn’t like to hurt people; often opting to heal her allies with her healing tech. She wears a modified jumpsuit with thin metal armor thrown on that houses healing devices she developed for battlefield use. She implanted healing tech in her left glove, belt, and hammer. She has shoulder length dreadlocks which she ties back into a ponytail and is roughly 1.8 meters (6 feet) tall. Clarissa is in her late teens and looks older than she really is, but demonstrates a certain maturity for her age.

-Primary Attack: Three hammer swings and a finishing slam that deals a small amount of AoE splash damage (and maybe some healing to nearby allies)
-Secondary Attack: Shoots blasts from her left hand that heal allies that are hit
-Passive: Clarissa’s belt houses healing tech that projects an aura field around her which heals nearby allies (aka increases nearby allies health regen)
-Skill 1: Clarissa places a small turret down which heals up to 2 nearby allies and attacks enemies
-Skill 2: Clarissa smashes her hammer into the ground causing a small cone of damage in front of her
-Ultimate: Clarissa charges her hammer to unleash a beam that heals allies and damages enemies (she is slowed dramatically while casting)

Please feel free to add anything or comment with suggestions. I’d love some feedback and thank you for taking the time to check this out! :slight_smile:



doesn’t fit perfectly but it made me think of her :3

She is from RWBY if your wondering.

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People keep telling me to watch that… apparently so is my brain.

You should!!!

If this isnt reason enough then idk what is.

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Actually I should correct myself, if this isn’t reason enough, I have MUCH more to show you :smiley:

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