(Hero Concept) Creed the Drone Engineer(Edited)

Creed is a Rogue support that aids his ally’s with drones that help grant supportive fire.

Note: i will make the designs and lore for him soon. please feel free to give suggestions on improving him and his concept. also forgot to ad the actual drone ability lol.

Primary and secondary

Primary Attack - Rivet Gun: His rivet gun fires slow heavy rivets that deal medium damage also deal 5% bonus damage to minions and structures.

Secondary - Synthesizer: When he has heat he can turn on his repair beam that heals drones and structures by 35 health per second. This action while consume heat quickly.


**Passive - Hot like Fire:**Creed generates heat when firing his rivet gun and at full heat his attacks burn targets by 38 over 3 seconds.

First Skill - Supportive Drone: He summons a Drone to a target ally that has 350 health and assists in their attacks dealing 35 in 3 shots to the first target they hit. It then has a 4 second delay before it can attack again. He can have up to 2 active at a time.

Second Skill - Wind Up: His rivet gun shots in bursts (3 bullets) for 4 seconds. During this time drone attacks are reset and have their next attack slow targets by 25% for 3 seconds.

Ultimate - Protection Protocol: All active drones emit a shield around their attached ally that absorbs 300 damage for 5 seconds. During this time they also emit 3 pulses that increase nearby all movement speed by 20% for 1.5 seconds each.

Helix: (First)Engineer/(Second)Deconstruct


No licence, but…
The Synthesizer now heals ally health

Drone Rage:
Drones deal increased damage to Minions

10% increased damage.


Rally up!:
Upon sending a drone to an ally, it while heal nearby ally’s for a few seconds.

250 health over 3 seconds around them

Let’s Get Explosive
Destroying minions or structures creates an explosion damaging nearby enemy’s

50 AoE damage


When Creed heals a drone they grant movement speed to the ally they are attached to.

30% movement speed boost for 3 seconds

Drones deal more damage based on heat stored

+12% of heat stored


Creed Co.:
Supportive drones consume all heat on activation to reduce the cooldown. The more heat the less time to wait.

Max 60% cooldown reduction

Don’t Tase Me!:
Drones now stun instead of slow on Wind Up activation.

+2 second stun


Bulk Up:
Creed gains increased shield strength

+250 shield

Creeds attack speed increase the more heat he has

Max 30% attack speed


Double the Trouble:
Wind Ups duration is doubled, also Drones fire Rockets in the direction you are firing while active

+3 Wind Up duration + 2 rockets dealing 80 damage each

Creeds rivet gun shots now spread shrapnel behind the first target hit in a cone. This also applies on hit affects

+30% of total rivet gun damage


Cost Efficient:
Building costs are reduced and one extra drone can be active.

-25% building cost + 1 extra active Drone

Needs a Bit More
Creeds rivet gun and Drones deal increased damage

+12% damage


While wind up is active his shots heal structures

+20 heath per shot

Waiting Room Feels:
Destroying enemy structures disables them for a longer time for enemy’s

+8 second disable time


Creed and his drones health are increased

+150 health

Creeds primary attacks deal more bonus damage to minions and structures

+4% increased bonus damage


They grant an increased shield, more movement speed, and Pulses now deal damage also push back nearby enemy’s

+200 shield, +10% movement speed, 60 damage per pulse

Drones no longer grant shields and instead transform into mega drones that after 3 seconds of charging fire a massive laser in the direction the ally is facing for 3 seconds

Dealing 80 damage every 0.5 seconds

thank you for taking the time to read this fan creation. i also thought it be cool to see what anyone thinks would be cool mutation ideas.:grinning:

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I made my own Battleborn which is a little like this but has some different abilities.

Name: Shie’ala, Drone Specialist. Shie’ala is a member of the UPR and well renowned as a drone specialist to her peers. She fulfills a special function as an overwatch teammate in the military, always staying out of the fight, but providing tactical support whenever possible. She is skilled in the use of several drones, but she prefers to use an aerial reconnaissance drone. She joined the Battleborn because her superiors were too caught up in their own personal struggles to care about the last star in existence coming to an end.

Weapon: Tactical Repeating Crossbow. Much like how Thorn uses a bow, Shie’ala’s crossbow is a heavily modifiable semi-automatic weapon that is great at medium to close range encounters. It fires special bolts which mark enemies for 2 seconds upon getting hit, adding to her specialty as an overwatch support character.

Role: Support/Sniper/Survivor

Ability 1: Recon Drone: Shie’ala deploys a recon drone and takes control of it. While controlling it, it has a primary attack to mark enemies for a couple seconds. Enemies who are marked can be seen through the environment. Enemies can be repeatedly marked and take 45 damage per attack. The drone only remains active for fifteen seconds and only has 500 health making it very fragile.

Ability 2: Harmonic Armor: Shie’ala’s shield strength is increased by 500 points, recharge rate is increased by 35 per second and the recharge delay is cut by 2 seconds. These bonuses remain active until her shield breaks, if it breaks however, she emits a small explosion centered on her and damaging nearby enemies for 201 damage. Hitting the ability button detonate her shields, but consumes them in the process.

Ultimate: Screw You.exe: Shie’ala uploads a deadly virus into enemy systems causing them to take 30% increased shield damage for the duration of the ability and marking them. Requires you to hold down the button for the ability to be active, but flags you on the map.

Talent: On My Mark: Hitting enemies with crossbow bolts or recon drone attacks marks enemies for two seconds.

Augmentation Paths: Overwatch and Field Operator

Overwatch Level 1: Increases Recon Drone’s health and active time. +50% health and duration.

Level 2: ADS increases the damage your crossbow bolts deal. +25% to weapon damage.

Level 3: Harmonic Armor increases movement speed. +20% to movement speed.

Level 4: Recon Drone marks targets for longer. +2 seconds to target marking.

Level 5: When the duration of marking targets ends, half of that many seconds gets taken off your next ability cooldown timer.

Level 6: You gain the ability to double jump and you jump higher with your first jump.

Level 7: When Harmonic Armor’s explosion is triggered, you are cloaked for 5 seconds.

Level 8: If you miss with a crossbow bolt, enemies near the impact site of a bolt are now marked instead.

Level 9: Marked targets deal 10% less damage for as long as they remain marked.

Level 10: Screw You.exe no longer marks you on the map.

Field Operator Level 1: Recon Drone gains an explosive cannon which deals increased damage to enemies. +31 damage per shot.

Level 2: Some of Harmonic Armor’s shield bonuses extend to teammates for as long as it is active. 20% of bonuses given to teammates.

Level 3: Your tactical crossbow gets a match trigger.

Level 4: Increase the radius of the Recon Drone’s shots. +50% to area radius.

Level 5: When the Recon Drone runs out of health, it dive bombs the nearest enemy for 200 damage.

Level 6: If you lose your shields while Harmonic Armor is active, there is a chance for some of your health to be restored. 30% chance to restore 310 health.

Level 7: Increase the reload speed of the tactical crossbow. +35% reload speed.

Level 8: Recon Drone gains a concussion grenade secondary weapon which deals the drone’s base damage and slows enemies. +3 second slow duration.

Level 9: If your shield breaks while Harmonic Armor is active, your shield immediately starts recharging.

Level 10: Activating Screw You.exe disables enemy skills usage, except for ultimates, for the remainder of its active time.

Pretty cool if this became reality I would love to play the creation.

Quick question: how exactly do I make one of these? I don’t know if there’s somewhere I go to make a post. I have a Hero Concept, but I don’t know where or how to post it.

You go to the Fan Creations section under the forums, where this post is posted, and click “Create new topic”.


I can’t remember where the button is located on PC, but it’s in the top right on mobile devices.

A mod will soon lock this thread for being a necro thread, hopefully that mod can re-direct you better than I can :sweat_smile:

Yeah I got it, thanks!

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Glad to help!