[Hero Concept] Elena the Ex-Dimension Jumper (LLC)


Elena Van Winkle


Last Light Consortium




Health: ■■□□□
Power: ■■■□□
Range: ■■□□□
Speed: ■■■■■


Elena Van Winkle was not born in the richest family in the LLC, Although she grew in the terror of the Varelsi, she developed a passion in will to fight the abominations. She joined an old science project ran by the LLC under Gunnar Kleese’s supervision. The goal of the project was to replicate the Portal the Varelsi used to travel to our dimension in the ultimate objective of bringing the fight to them. When the project reached somewhat of a stable portal status, Elena volunteered to go through the prototype, but when she did, her eyes and brain were not ready to witness what was between dimension and she had to pull back off the portal before more irreparable damage occured, but it was too late her eyes had already melted and portion of her brain was damaged. But luckily the LLC’s technology was able to give her her sight back. and, tried… to fix the damaged part of the brain, she still has trauma recorded, can have uncontrollable emotion jumps and no filter on what she says. She now dedicate her life to fight off the Varelsi and all what comes with it.


Elena is quite energetic in general, optimist, dynamic and over confident. Laughs at her own jokes and pretty much have no filter on what she says to others.
Although her emotional jumps shows that she has hate towards pretty much everything, like swearing at stuff for no apparent reasons whatsoever.
She also feels that the only things that can be trusted are Magnuses.


Acrobatic she is very flexible in term of moving around, unstable and looks like she always has to do something/move, she glides on her hover skates (cuz no sane human would ever step on dirty floor ergh)


Elena is Fast and mobile, you have an easier time when you don’t stop moving around with her, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Use her speed at advantage, she isn’t a tank but able to take somewhat of a beating, giving you plenty of time to unleash her energy whip all over her foes.


Passive - HoverSkates: When moving in a direction at a certain speed(normal or sprint), upon releasing the moving stick she will continue moving in this direction and her speed will slowly decrease, but she can still attack while moving at sprint speed and control her skating direction, keeping her speed stable but reduces her moving maniability, A speed meter is next to her Health and Shield with 4 bars, each bar is reached by a certain speed( the faster she goes the harder it’ll be to change the direction she’s going in) Her thrusters in her below back are animated when the passive is at full speed.

Weapon - Energy whip: when she holds her Baton in her right gauntlet, Elena channels a blue whip she can swing around to damage enemies at close-midrange. When she gets to the last hit of her basic combo she cracks the whip, if an enemy is touched by the tip of the whip at the crack, the hit deals True Damage.

Alternate - Energy bolts: Elena switches her Baton to her left hand, then she channels the energy from her Red Diamonds to fire red bolts of energy from her baton, the bolts can reach a somewhat range but have a little hit zone and no blast damage, she aims with her Right fingers like a kid…

Quick Melee - Gauntlets aren’t pointless: She straight up punches with the gauntlet that doesn’t have the Baton in it.

Skill 1 - Anchor: Elena cracks her whip at her target’s destination, whatever it hits first (Structure, minon, enemy or ally) she will grab unto it an pull herself in it’s direction, until she reaches her destination, anything she crosses path will receive 45 damage (if it’s an ally it will not receive damage) If the target anchored is an enemy, upon contact with Elena it will receive 80 Damage
Cooldown: 30

Skill 2 - Homing Bolts: Elena grabs her hands together and aims with her thumbs(really just aiming at the general direction in front of her, really not accurate) and her Red diamonds hovers above her gauntlet and shoots all of them one at a time at an automatic rate in front of her, they will slightly direct themselves toward enemy targets (but not much mobility, somewhat easy to avoid if you’re fast enough) Each bolt deals 15 damage upon impact. If three bolts hit the same target they will explode causing additional 50dmg. Cooldown: 30

Ultimate - Combined energy: Upon activation Elena aims at a zone in front of her with both hands and the baton defining the radius emplacement of her Ult. Upon reactivation by either the ult trigger or any basic attack trigger, Enemies in the blast zone are slowed, Elena’s lower back thrusters will launch her around 8 feet in the airs and hovering for 2 seconds while she cracks one hit with her whip on the center of the defined target with both hands on the baton, she then unleashes the energy of the other gauntlet to send a bolt down the whip and cause an explosion at the center of the activation target, at a maximum of 200 damage in the middle of the blast radius. Full time of attack between second activation and explosion, 3 seconds. Cooldown: 75 seconds.


Level 1:

Just try to enjoy it: Enemies hit by Anchor gets Stunned during the whole ability until Elena reaches them.
What’s yours is mine: When Elena hits an Enemy with Anchor she steals 30% of her missing shield

Level 2:

Defense is the best offense: Adds 150 to Elena’s maximum shield.
Offense is the best defense: Adds 15%dmg to Her Primary and alternate attacks.

Level 3:

Whoops nvm D: When Hovering in a direction, Elena can jump in any direction changing the way she’s going, will remove two bars of speed.
Two’s better than one, duh…: Elena can use her thrusters to Double jump, but it will also consume two bars of speed.

Level 4:

Closer to the other side Augments Elena’s Energy whip’s range by +20%
It gets better Homing bolts homes better on target but have reduced speed.

Level 5:

Making it personnal: Changes Elena’s Secondary attacks to constant punches with her gauntlets punching with her Red Diamonds hovering at the same height as her fist for additionnal damage.
Or not so personal: Adds blast damage to Energy Bolts dealing +15% dmg on direct impact but same base hit damage if hit by radius.

Level 6:

Too fast too furious D: Adds one more speed bar, but becomes really hard to move/turn around at full speed.
Slow and Steady When at full speed, directly entering contact with an enemy will cause him 30 damage but removes one speed bar

Level 7:

Holy S%#t it worked When a homing bolt hits someone, Elena gains +25%health of the damage dealt
Help rewarded: Using Anchor on an Ally will heal him for the whole duration of the skill +25hp each 0.5second

Level 8:

I’M NOT PANICKING: Killing an enemy hero with any skill will give her 20% additional movement speed for 5 seconds
I BLINKED WHAT HAPPENED?? Killing an enemy hero restores Elena with 150 Shield.

Level 9:

ACTION: As long as she is at Full speed Elena have 12% chance of avoiding any attack.
CUT: If Elena receives Damage at full speed she gets a 15% damage boost for 5 seconds. but loses her last speed bar for the five seconds.

Level 10:

Crowd Control: Increases Combined Energy’s Blast radius by 50%
Personal Favor: Increases Combined Energy Damage by 25%


When selected

When killing an enemy
"AAAAAaaaa osh**t I did it"
“Oh damn man I hope you’re recording this…”
“I’ll be honest I didn’t thought that would hit you…”
“Look at me I’m doing stuff”

When seeing an enemy:

“Oh sh** motherf***** you better get your a** over here so I can get some FUUUN”
“Hey guys look, someone over there has a deathwish or something…”
“Ohohoh oh man I am going to enjoy this”
“Holy **** does he/she/it works out?”

When seeing Isic
"Ayyy Isiiiiiic I WANT YOUR BABIES, sorry forgot the pills this morning"

When seeing Benedict
"Hehe… heh… he… burd…"

When seeing Phoebe
“Heh what are you gonna do with that, Stab me?”

When seeing Miko
"That thing’s alive KILL IT WITH FIRE!!"

When seeing Ambra
"Using the sun eh? Well jokes on you I’m technically blind hehe… eh… f*** my life"

When receiving Shield damage
"Do you have any idea how much shields cost?!? Me neither snickers"
“I WILL GET YOU SO HARD YOU’LL ******* ****** ******** *** *****”

When receiving Health damage
"Cramp CRAMP, oh wait that’s a fleshwound"
“Meh I had worse”
“Niuuuu staaaaahp”

When Anchor-ing on someone

“Mind giving me a lift?”
unamused Weeeeee”
“Wait how do I pull myself ag-oh there it is!!”

When Activating Homing Shards:

“Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew”
“RELEASE THE… things… whatever sounds cooler in my head”
“Wait no I accidentally triggered the oh well just go with it”
“Hey CATCH!!!”

When using Combined Energy:
"eeeeEEEEEEEHHH. * impact * WAPOW”
“High five, Down low * impact * Too slow”

Upon Respawn
"I give myself an A for Effort… don’t judge me…"
“Thank god I’m not real… what?”
“AHAA What are you gonna do with that Kill me?? oh…”

"You guys will be fiiiiine without me… or not. GO TEAM"
“I would’ve die but I don’t feel like it”
“I am so not giving these guys a free kill”

Concept Art

I hope anyone likes her, I really like her…


That’s dope af. Could like add a mutation where she can pull herself towards an enemy with the whip and then bounce to another one and another kinda like a racquetball that increases damage with the next one she hits. Love the quotes too.

That was so detailed! A+

Thanks that means alot ^u^

Thanks, gonna need to think about the Mutations, more Quotes and probably change her helix a bit.

*Updated Quotes

Skills sound fun, but the dialogue and design are cringe-worthy. Personal taste, though, tumblr style humor doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever, nor does the ‘LOLSORANDOM’ kind of comedy.