{Hero Concept} Sendril, the Varelsi Shadow

(Mew826) #1


Nightmare Fuel


Health: 2/5
Power: 3/5
Range: 3/5
Speed: 4/5


“People seem to think that weaponry and brute strength give you the upper hand in combat, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want to walk away covered with the blood of others rather than your own, there’s only one thing you’ll need: strategy.”

Sendril is the result of immense biological mutation caused by the energy output of the Bliss portal bloom being destroyed. Originally a Varelsi Scaven, the mutation transformed him into a creature with a much stronger resemblance to a mantis than…whatever Scavens are supposed to be. He resided on Bliss without assistance from the Varelsi, despite countless distress calls, until Nova’s scanners detected him while performing a mass scan of the planet. A team of Battleborn was send out to kill him, since Kleese considered him a “massive f***ing threat”, but Sendril was able to defend himself and quickly convince the team that he could help in their war against the Varelsi. The fact that his own species refused to help him gradually caused him to resent the star-eating ■■■■■■■■, so he was more than happy to help the Battleborn eradicate their whole pathetic existence. He ended up joining the Rogues, mostly because he and Orendi were similar in appearance and, to an extent, personality. Translations of Varelsi archives show this: “It can only be described as ‘a shadow without a body to tether it’. Only one has witnessed it and lived long enough to give an idea of what it is, but even the little information that was given has no hint of motivations or appearance. Death comes to all, so we can only assume that this is its manifestation.”


Sendril is without remorse or guilt. The only emotions he has shown so far are amusement, enjoyment and anger. Funnily enough, he only tends to show these emotions when fighting or killing things. He has occasional murderous outbursts, in which he goes absolutely batsh*t crazy and destroys everything he deems “not an ally”. Most of the time, he is a controlled, eerily calm psychopath who gives no indication as to what he’ll do next. A massive danger to everyone, including his own species, and a wielder of dark energy itself, Sendril considers the nightmares of his witnesses a second home.


Despite having four legs, Sendril manages to scuttle like a bug rather than galloping like a horse or any other quadruped. When idle, he will rub his arms together, as if sharpening them, or find a small insect crawling across one of his arms and eat it.


Passive – Evolutionary Perfection: Sendril can jump a second time, thanks to wings that he can unfold from his body. If the jump button is held while touching a wall mid-air, he can stick to the wall for 5 seconds. During these 5 seconds, he can choose to jump off of the wall. Essentially, this gives him a triple jump.

Primary Attack – Biological Scythes: Sendril uses his four mantis arms to slice enemies in a rather quick combo that is slightly slower than Rath’s. This combo consists of a diagonal swipe from the top-right to the bottom-left, a horizontal swipe to the right, a downward slice with both upper arms, a scissor-like horizontal slice with both bottom arms, both slicing inwards, and a slice with all four arms that goes diagonally outward from a centre point (the crosshairs).

Secondary Attack – Varelsi Magic: Sendril’s front legs are essentially just arms with hands on the ends, and he can use them to cast beams of magic. This is not a combo, he just continuously shoots beams of magic very similarly to how Orendi continuously shoots bolts of magic with her primary attack. This is significantly faster than his primary combo, but it is also weaker. It has quite a lot of range, however.

Quick Melee: Sendril spins around, whacking one enemy in front of him with his spiked tail.

Skill 1 – Wave of Darkness: Sendril swipes one of his front leg-arms horizontally, launching a slicing wave of dark magic that can travel through 5 enemies before disappearing.

Skill 2 – Art of Imitation: Sendril can block the damage of any skill, besides Ultimates, and store/copy them. Upon a second activation, he will use the skill that he copied. It deals the same amount of damage that it would deal if it were used by the original hero. He can only store 1 skill at a time.

Ultimate – Psychopathic Rampage of Total Annihilation: Sendril goes into a murderous rage, turning his primary combo into an extremely fast frenzy of slices that can hit five enemies in front of him at once. This lasts for 20 seconds. He cannot use his secondary attack or Art of Imitation while this is active. Activating Wave of Darkness will shoot 8 waves in a circle around him that can travel through 3 enemies before disappearing. The waves will not deal any increased damage compared to if the normal skill were to be used. Activating this skill will end his ultimate and return him to normal.


When selected

  • “A decision…you will not regret.”

When seeing an enemy

  • “Time to add to my body count.”
  • “The shadows shall feed.”
  • “Mmmmmaybe just ONE more victim.”
  • humming the Jaws theme

After killing a Varelsi enemy

  • “Revenge… shudders is sweet…”
  • “Consider this a ‘thank you’ for leaving me to die.”
  • “Go ahead and make a distress call, I DARE YOU!”
  • chuckling “…That felt GOOD.”

When activating Wave of Darkness

  • “Slicey dicey, dicey slicey.” (singsong)
  • “…Would ‘surf’s up’ be a good one-liner right now…?”
  • “Don’t bother using a meat-shield. Not only can I just cut through it, but…come on, that’s messed up.”

When activating Art of Imitation

  • “I’m like Kirby, but with scythes for arms!”
  • humming the Megaman 2 theme
  • “Have a taste of your own medicine.”
  • “That’s a nice attack you got there! It would be a shame if someone were to…STEAL IT!”

When activating Psychopathic Rampage of Total Destruction

  • maniacal laughing

When left idle (in sequence every 15 seconds, stops after the final message)

  • “…Anyone home?”
  • “Can we keep moving?”
  • “I’m not sure the fourth wall is enjoying this.”
  • “Hellooooooo?”
  • “I’m getting impatient…”
  • annoyed growl

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So this thing could use Raths ultimate and then it’s own right after that?

(Mew826) #3

Probably should’ve mentioned that the wave thing won’t deal any increased damage than if he were to use it normally.