[Hero Concept] The Avarice Dragon (Attacker)

I’m disappointed by the lack of Reptilian heroes in battleborn, we’ve got a bird, let’s get a lizard.

A greedy, fiery lizard with an over-sized sword. Maybe a sword with a laser edge that’s allegedly powered by shards, and is why he’s enhanced by having shards. How does he get so many? Iunno! But he likes shards, can get a lot of them, and gets bonuses for it!

Abilities: A Melee fighter with an inherent double jump, and a basic melee attack combo, with a hard hitting right click with a little more reach, maybe a surging energy sword stab perhaps, and the obligatory knock-back middle mouse click, an uppercut?

Passive: Dragon’s Hoard, This character gains additional shards, and bonus damage for the amount of shards he’s holding.

First Skill: Tail Whip: Spins to stun all nearby enemies and making them more vulnerable to damage.

Second Skill: Dragon Dive: Surges forward quickly, dealing damage to enemies in a line and rapidly positioning him for the assault, or to make a hasty retreat.

Ultimate: Dragon’s Rage; Enters a berserk state, gaining additional attack speed, damage, and regeneration.

Helix ideas: Soothing Hoard, grants additional health regeneration based on the amount of held shards. OR: Scornful Hoard: Dragons Hoard increases attack speed.

Chain Whip: Tail Whip gains additional Range, or Blade Whip: Tail Whip causes additional damage and deals damage over time.

Infernal Dive: Dragon Dive leaves a trail of fire, dealing damage over time. Ascending Dive: Dragon Dive knocks victims into the air.

Stolen Hoard: Dragon’s Hoard affects are amplified, but loses shards over time. Secured Hoard: gain a discount on various purchases.

Blackjack: Tail Whip gives additional shard on kills/for damage, Cut-purse: Dragon Dive gives additional shards on kill/for damage.

Tail Trip: Tail Whip slows enemies after the stun ends. Shrieking Tail Whip: Increases the damage amplification from Tail Whip.

Burning Rage: striking enemies during Dragon Rage ignites them, dealing bonus damage (And revealing them?) Berserking Rage, gain additional movespeed and jumps for the duration of Rage?

Generous Hoard, Allies gain additional shards, this character gains less bonus shards. Absolute Greed: This character gains a small bonus of shards from shards allies pick up.

Draconic Lift, gain an additional jump! Broad Cleaves, basic attacks gain additional range and damage, especially on the last strike of the combo.

Okay, so it’s not complete, but the idea is a bruiser melee fighter who really likes to go out of his way to get shards for various reasons, the only problem I ran into was a way to incorporate that into his skills outside of his passive, though I look at characters like Oscar and Whiskey and their passives aren’t entirely integral to their kits either, but still enough to affect a small part of their game play. Oscars tend to reload a lot, a Whiskey might poke some minions before initiating on an enemy battleborn, this would be someone who reeaallly likes going out of his way for shards, and is a solid bruiser otherwise. I’ve been musing on Tail Whip/Tripping Whip to be inversed, Tail whip slows by default, and Trip is then the stun, which, probably makes more sense overall, but I loathe the idea of giving a melee character no hard CC in this game. Oh well, here’s a thing!

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im 99.9278% sure the guy with the bird schyte-staff-thing is a lizard

Or a snake. Or some kind of Verelsi hybrid. Or something.

Neat idea, but as suggested I think he’d be horribly unbalanced.

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I’m going to assume in the swing of ‘Over powered’ rather than ‘Under’ which is a common enough premise when designing upfront, it also, as is currently suggested, not very unique it seems. I look at it and go ‘this is like a Rath that, instead of Lifesteal as a side thing, has money’ and that’s not entirely what I’m looking for, but hey, if designing characters was easy then anyone would do it. :stuck_out_tongue: